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You're getting ready, the night is young and you have no where to go, but every where to be. Relaxed, confident and dressed for adventure, you meet up with that special someone to see where the night takes you. A party, a show, walking beneath the stars, deep conversations to watching the sun rise to a new day. 

The Beacon Collection is inspired by these very moments, the ones that pass by in the blink of an eye, spur of the moment, unexpected 'catch me if you can' snapshots of life. 

A cool and confident eyewear collection that I feel is perfect for any time of the day and for any event, eyewear that will leave you looking sharp and sophisticated but at the same time relaxed and cool. I loved the colours and shapes of them, not too over the top, but eye catching enough. A perfect sidekick to anything you might wear or do.

For those that don't know, Warby Parker is an American company that specializes in stylish designer eyewear at affordable prices and for every pair sold, they send a pair of glasses to someone in need. I absolutely love when companies give back to society and make a positive impact on the world. They've partnered up with non-profits like VisionSpring to back up their belief that everyone has the right to see.

Today, right now, Warby Parker is launching this Beacon Collection to the world. Personally, for some reason I really love the last pair the most, the colour and shape shout hello to me. But, more importantly not only will you look awesome and stylish, you will be helping someone else in the world have the chance to see and that to me is most stylish of all! 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and will check out more of Warby Parker for yourself, they really have some amazing looking eyewear. Feel free to say hello to them as well, have a great day dolls.

Loves & Loves

Warby Parker | Beacon Collection 

p.s. This was not a sponsored post. I was contacted by a representative of Warby Parker & asked to share the new collection. I didn't receive anything to do this, sometimes just helping someone is enough ;-)

All Images Copyrighted to Warby Parker. Please do not use without Permission.


  1. Thanks for bring this brand to my attention K!

    So nice to know things like how and why each pair was designed and that they use Japanese titanium and cellulose acetate sourced from a family-run Italian factory. Also good to know about the tumbling process each pair goes through and that this collection helps others too. I wish I could figure out where they are actually made - don't suppose you know?

  2. I love Warby Parker's one for one policy as much as their stylish frames. I'll have to stop by their shop to check out this collection in person cause a few styles here have definitely caught my eye :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Great stuff, even greater is your new blog look! It looks so much fun!!!

  4. I love shopping for a good cause. I love this collection too. I will check them out.

  5. Hi Kizzy! This brand is really great, especially for their effort in social causes as that one, very remarkable. The collection is utterly stylish and cool, you are right, the last model is very lovely but my fav is the fifth!:) Have a nice evening Kizzy and stay cool, is super hot also here, hope you can get soon the chance to go to the pool! Many hugs and kisses my dear! xo

  6. These are great! The modeled larger plastic frames are quite a throwback to the 1980s when frames were big! It looks like it's time for the style to make a come back. I love huge frames for sunglasses.

  7. cool collection of eyewear! i actually quite enjoy looking geeky with a pair of big eye frame! heehee.


  8. Awesome Designs! I´m in love with the yellow one ,last Picture :)


  9. They all are so lovely! Love the ones that have that "leo print" touch! :)

  10. These frames are really stylish and cool :)


  11. I think it it is a really cool sunglasses design and the collection are beautiful.

  12. I like the new blog layout Kizzy and these glasses are awesome. Thanks for sharing with us. :)


  13. Really cool glasses! Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

  14. Great brand and lovely collection!!!
    Ciao bellissima!!!

    My Facebook

  15. Ive never heard of the brand but love the cause theyre supporting. I'll be checking them out.

  16. Lovely collection!

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  17. I love all of them and the inside of the publicity is amazing...
    kiss doll

  18. I bought Warby Parker eyeglasses a couple years ago before and still love them, they are such a great company too! Enjoy the weekend.

  19. beautiful collection!!! have a nice day doll!! kisses

  20. It is so generous of you, my dear Kizzy.
    Lovely glasses and always LOVELY YOU

  21. These glasses are all of beautiful! Im in love with the last two pairs ^^
    Thanks for introducing me to the brand :)


  22. Wow the collection looks amazing!! The last ones are my favorites. I'm really into yellow lately. Have a happy Friday doll!!

    xx Mira


  23. It seems like a real cool brand. So love the sunnies you've choosed esp the 7th.

    xx Lori

  24. Amazing collection of sunglasses!!
    I love them!

  25. so cool that you participated in this campaign! i think my favorite would have to be the 7th pair...even though all of them are quite stylish. have an amazing weekend;)

  26. Dear Kizzy! This brand is really great, especially for their effort in social causes as that one, very remarkable. The collection is really awesome! Happy Friday my dear, many hugs and kisses <3

  27. Stylish sunnies, such an amazing brand. Wish you a happy weekend!

  28. I love that the send a pair to someone in need when they sell one :) I don't need to wear glasses but I've always wanted to.

    Corinne x

  29. I like the relaxed vibe of this collection. Thanks for highlighting it dear!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  30. These are lovely :) Thanks for sharing this amazing brand with us :) xx Maja
    - http://modern-muffin.blogspot.com/

  31. Oooh--- I really like the grey sunglasses! Thanks for sharing!

  32. I love the yellow pair at the end. They are perfect, want them so much.

  33. these are lovely! very wearable for everyday and stylish too


  34. I'm loving this glasses! I've never heard of this brand before but I def need to check them out! Thanks for sharing (and very kind of you to help them out spreading the word)


  35. Oh great designs =) Happy weekend doll!

  36. I love their philosophy!! That's so cool they give a pair to a person in need. Definitely incentive to buy from them. Their frames are beautiful Kizzy. Excellent post!

  37. Gorgeous collection!


  38. I'm in love with this brand already for the good that they spread. I have full respect for organizations whose top priority isn't mere profits but to also have corporate social responsibility. I think that whatever Warby Parker is doing is great and I always believe that we should all play a part in giving back to society within our own means. It is also generous and kind of you to help spread the message for I'm sure there are many people like me out there who only hear about this brand through your post.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  39. Great review! I love the first one pair :)
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC?(Follow x follow)

  40. Hellooooooooo my dear!!!
    I am in love with all this glasses. I need the number 1 2 3456789....... I need all.
    Love this post.
    Enjoy your week.

  41. I loved the intro to this post, your words draw beautiful paintings into my mind! This project is noteworthy, thank you for sharing doll. My favourite pair of sunnies is the last one as well :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook


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