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Baby dolls, we survived the week and it seemed to be quite an eventful one with both Robin Williams & Lauren Bacall passing away - both were favourites of mine since childhood, such a shame, they'll be missed. I've been crazy busy since coming back from holiday, lots of things I've been making, getting my girls ready for school - yes my youngest will go to nursery for half a day now - my oldest went back to school today, my house will be quieter. So, I thought it the perfect time to leave you with glimpses of my life lately!! Some of you that follow me on instagram will have seen some of these & if you're not following me there - why ever not!?! Feel free to join me there too. Enjoy my dears & have a wonderful weekend. See you back here on Monday for more fun!

Loves & Loves

Me (yes with my glasses on & my tights of awesomeness on too. Don't be fooled by the coat, it was freaking hot, I took it off after) sitting on a tree stump watching my girls play on this amazing tree house below (they are obviously not in the picture because I don't put them on my blog to protect their privacy) We loved this little house (below) & decided one day when we have a big yard, we'll make one of these too, haha!! But, it will be a thousand times more awesome & be called 'The Dainty Dolls House' of course *wink*

My new friend and I!! This bear is sooooo cute, I love him. I gave him a giant hug. You can find him in York outside Stonegate Teddy Bears - York's Original Teddy Bear company - there is a tea room as well & you can have a teddy bear type tea party, I Looooooooooove it so <3

Bright and gorgeous flowers, Yorkshire is one place that is never without flowers of all kinds  everywhere, just beautiful!! 

Me standing at the ruin of Knaresborough Castle in Knaresborough overlooking the bridge and landscape. Sometimes looking across here reminds me of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at the end when he's flying in the glass elevator.

On some of the buildings in Knaresborough, there are these window murals of Harry Potter, William Shakespeare, Bono and others. I'm not sure who did them, but I will look into it. I thought they may have had something to do with the Tour de France as it passed through Yorkshire when it was on just before we got there. But, I shall see *wink* I took this one as one of my blog friends loves Harry Potter!

Me sitting in front of the jail entry door of Knaresborough Castle (all that's left is just a ruin of a castle really - will show me later) I'm laughing because my husband was trying to take the picture and the wind began to blow strongly and it was blowing my dress up. I was trying to keep it down but missed a time or two, haha! Always seems to happen to me!!

Fountains Abbey - one of the largest and best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England. I'll tell more about it soon in it's own post. It's such a stunning and tranquil place!!

R E C E N T  P U R C H A S E S

Above - 70's Vintage dress bought on Ebay. You can't see so well as it's not a close up, but what appears to be 'dots' is actually little velvet polka hearts!! Ahaha...I love it so much. This dress is amazing & it was meant to be, since I love hearts on my clothes and things. Will show on the blog soon.

1950's Pink Ruffle Bed Jacket - I have wanted one of these for ages now, but never found one that says 'me' & while in York, I found a vintage shop in the Shambles called 'The Antiques Centre York' & one step through the door to the clothes, I spotted this straight away and ran over to it, I didn't care how much it cost, it was mine. Thankfully, it was cheap as chips and fit perfectly. I also bought a sparkly gold handbag from the 60's along with it. Seriously this place I purchased it from is amazing, floors and floors of all kinds of Antiques and vintage. Most definitely going back there!

Vintage/retro Dresses (Above & Below) Bought these from ASOS Marketplace, never done so before, but I spotted them and loved the colours. One on the top left is from the 70's, Top right is from the 50's and the bottom is from the 80's.

M A D E  B Y  M E

Yes, this pompom head gear above was made by me, I have a load of things I am making at the moment, some I may sell, others made for me. I'll see. But, I love pompoms, so I made this. Think I'll make one with giant pom poms for a crown!! 

Have a great weekend dolls


  1. Adorable Outfits <3
    Love your new Purchases ,the pink Skirt looks gorgeous :)

    big Hugs

  2. What a wonderful post, I not only like your outfits and these fab stockings, I also love the pics of Britain's heritage buildings.

  3. Nice places and great finds!! i really like your floral print dress!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Love that tree house. Lovely photos as well, and those murals are wonderful! :)
    Insta-Style & Weekend Links!

  5. Hi Kizzy, such a rich post today! You look fantastic in all the pictures, the first one is my favourite! What a lovely tree house! Has the school already started in Scotland?? Quite soon I would say... I love your latest buys, especially the skirt with the little dog in a corner! I can't wait to see you rock all the cuties! Have a lovely weekend my darling friend!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  6. Ciao Kizzy
    A lot of interesting new clothes and places too!
    Love your floral dress

    Happy day

  7. My dearest kizzy i love the pic where you are laughing.It is nice to see your girls flying with strong wings into the world
    As you know I have the whole family staying for the month of August and this weekend my sister comes to join us, hahhahahha.
    We are not far from the sea and have a pool at the back so we will suvive.
    I hope you will join Share-in-Style: summer on Monday
    Tons of love

  8. Great post Kizzy dear. Amazing places you visited. Love your vintage dresses. I would want to hug that bear too. Happy weekend!!

  9. Interesting things happened I see and lot of things purchased and visited... :) School starts here on 1st September (not for me anymore but for kids and high school students). I like the photo of HP window and the one with you and teddy bear ;) xx Maja

  10. Lovely photo's! I love old monasteries & castles, they have always so much history. The clothes you bought are again fabulous! Love it :)
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Have a fun weekend Kizzy - love your happy outfit pix here - and would LOVE to see the giant pompom crown one day!

  12. That hear gear looks amazing! who doesn't like pompons...I'm looking forward to seeing all the stuff you're making...I'm also working on quite a few things!

    I do really like your outfit, that lovely floral dress fits you perfectly and I like you added some fun with those converse sneakers.

    Amazing photos ( I too really like Harry Potter so thanks for that pic;)

    Great purchases btw! you always have excellent taste!


  13. Such wonderful glimpses into your life! Where shall I start? Ah! You fooled me hook line and sinker - I thought winter had descended a mite early where you are. Your friend is very handsome - I bet he gets all the girls? AAAAAHA!!!! Further evidence of your flashing habit ey Kizzy (you do know that I am only joshing right?). I am now convinced that Knaresborough is a place I should make a point of visiting - it looks utterly charming.

    PS Love the pom poms! I think you should consider making pom pom bloomers for your flasher days.

  14. Beautiful photos, love the tree house. Have a great weekend doll.

  15. Beautiful photographs, and nice summer dress! The leopard cost is awesome!

  16. I'm glad that you had good holidays with your loved ones in those beautiful places :)
    All these dresses are so cute... I think that your handmade fascinator is very cool!!


  17. Lovely your dress, beautiful photos anche place!

  18. The photos are so beautiful! Your eyeglass frames are fabulous. That little house is so adorable! I want one too! How gorgeous seeing all those flowers blooming. Have a great weekend!

  19. These pictures are so stunning - I can't believe you live in such a magical place, love! Your photographs are stunning and are making me want to come pack my bags and visit.You clothing is also so stunning and equally magical :) You look amazing and I can't wait to see outfit pictures of all your GORGEOUS new clothes (especially that white dress - it's incredible).
    Happy weekend, love!

  20. What a fun post! You look so cute in your glasses! Happy weekend Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. Well, hello gorgeous! So many lovely photos and outfits here - and now I am set on finding a frilly bed jacket of my very own. Love it!
    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

  22. I Love love love both outfits. The leopard coat is something I have been looking for doll! Found one on Zara, but need to find a deal! I love this one on you, with the delacate lace top and camel skirt underneath, plus those sweet stockings! I love patterned stockings and will need some for fall. Your pics are fabulous and it looks like a great place to go. I collect Boyd's bears. THe dress is perfect on you, love the style, floral and shape of it! Have a great weekend, sweetie!
    jess xo

  23. nice place, dresses and DIY
    do we follow each other?
    let me know and I'll follow you back
    new post:

  24. Great post and I love your photos especially the one the floral dress. Enjoy your Life!

  25. We've had some great losses in the world this week.

    Fabulous photos! You always look amazing and Yorkshire does have some amazing flowers once you get out of the cities!

    Corinne x

  26. Lovely pics! Love your coat. Kisses Lucy

  27. Ahahahahah KIZZY! You keep outdoing yourself! SO many great photos and little stories! Of course I love the one with the bear... and the one of you laughing is just so cute! I love the white heart tights at the front and think it's so funny you weathered the heat so you could get a good picture of the jacket. Hahahahhahhaha oh I know that feeling all too well! Love all of your recent purchases. Obsessed to death with that bed jacket. JUST HEAVEN! Hehehe I hope you have a good weekend and get all caught up next week with your quieter house! Hehe. <3 I love you!

  28. You should enter my giveaway lovely, all you have to do is comment on the post :)x

  29. Hi Kizzy, lovely pics looks you had a wonderful time with your kids, I like animal print coat!

  30. Great job with the pom poms!!. Aww more free time for you now. Good for you! Really fun photos with a lot of good ol' quirkiness. Love!

  31. You look gorgeous in that flower dress! I am in love with the vintage white dress you bought on ebay.
    Hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  32. Fabulous photos of you - It always looks so incredibly sunny there where you live. And incredibly green. Love your leopard with the hearts on tights!

  33. Stunning photos Kizzy! You and your family definitely had a wonderful time! Love your new purchases! Can't wait to see them soon on you :)

  34. Awesome pics!
    Love love love the Harry Potter window mural!!!
    And that treehouse! Wow,k so dreamy!

  35. O my giddy heart!!! So much to love!!
    You have the best holidays and I love how you teach us all a bit of history.
    The poodle skirt is the best!!;D xx
    You and the girls MUST get a dainty tree house. Xxx

  36. Looks like you had so much fun! The tree house is so nice to play in for kids. Your summer dresses are so chic. Your leopard coat will be perfect for Fall. It's coming soon.

  37. Love your purchases lovely Kizzy - and the Yorkshire pics look great. I went there - ages ago and the place looks as great as it did then. Happy Weekend love

  38. That floral dress is just FAB hun! The perfect ensemble for a beautiful afternoon stroll...
    Thank you for the blog visit sweets, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  39. love the heart tights!!! both of your outfits are adorable as well as your new dresses!


  40. I have to say, I love that pink ruffle bed jacket, and these photos are gorgeous! :D

  41. I really love the look in the first photo!!I really like it!!

  42. The pictures are beautiful!
    The white dress its cute!

  43. Wow! That place looks so beautiful! I love the paddington bear ^^
    And ur look is gorgeous! Im in love with both the blouse and the coat!


    p.s: Just one day left to participate in my Back to School (Style Scrapbook agenda) giveaway ^^

  44. Hello Kizzy. I love this post a lot as it helps us take a glimpse into your life right now. It is a pity the death of Robin Williams & Lauren Bacall. The former such an inspirational and good man. The latter such a beautiful and talented lady.

    The treehouse is awesome and I love how your treehouse would be called TDDH! Also, I enjoyed all the sights that behold you which you've shared over here. All the vintage dresses are lovely. What great treasure trove of discovery and possession you have there.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  45. This week has indeed been a eventual one and the fact that Robin Williams is dead is still unbelievable to me.
    However this are some amazing pics and i love ur vintage outfits. Those pom poms are so cute, well done!
    Hope u can enjoy your freetime.

    Btw I nominated you for "The very inspiring blogger awards". Come and check it out.

    xx Lori

  46. That enormously huge bear is really super cute, I would love to hug him:))) All those places and things which you've showed to us are pretty interesting:)! Besides, those snapshots are so lovely!) You are always so pretty and charming, dear Kizzy!
    Have a fabulous time!

  47. Kizzy, you look beautiful doll! You had an awesome time and I love all the places you featured. What a blast! I can't believe your little one is starting school already. That is amazing! Well, it gives you a little breather. We all need that. They are growing up so fast. Fabulous post doll.

  48. love your recent purchases! and it must be bitter sweet to have your children go to/back to school! one of the many reminders that they are growing up :)

  49. This is so beautiflu and your dress is too!

  50. Such a great post! :) i really love your blog and that post!

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu

  51. Your blog is so adorable, I can't believe I had not visited it before. I love it! The pictures of the castle and other wonderful things are so fun. I am following you now through G+ and I'll also follow you on Instagram! Hope you will check out my blog, and follow if you like! :))


  52. love your blog<1 you are so chic y so different!!! love it

    wanna follow each other?? kisses


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