{Wonder Woman #11} Sabah Mauladad - Luxury Neckwear Designer

Happy Friday dolls, I hope the week was gorgeous for you. How quickly it has turned to Autumn here, time to wrap up tight and get the warm drinks out. To finish off the week, I wanted to share another incredible woman with you. I have featured her work on the blog before here - and she kindly agreed to let me ask her some questions. Sabah creates some of the most amazing luxury neckties I've ever seen. I adore neckties and all other kinds of accessories. From the moment I discovered her work on Twitter, I was instantly in love. I feel she has a very creative and unique talent. Am super proud to own one of her exquisite neckties myself (she ever so kindly gave me the necktie I wore in my 1st post as a thank you for writing about her designs, I feel a million dollars every time I wear it, I love it so much...thank you so much again). Not only is Sabah talented, she is also very kind hearted, fantastic to talk to, strong and dedicated. I hope you enjoy her Q & A, do be sure to stop by her website as well for more.

Have a lovely weekend dolls

BIBISAB London | Luxury Neckwear / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

1. It was LFW, what were some things as a designer yourself, that you always look forward to seeing during that time?

Being able to showcase my neckwear collection as well as seeing the upcoming collections by other creative designers. London Fashion Week brings all the fashionistas from around the world under one roof and that is a great feeling by itself. You meet various designers, stylists, bloggers, buyers, photographers which is a great network.

2. What or who have been some of your inspirations in life or when creating?

I love traveling; hence I get my inspiration from different parts of the world and bring them together to my neckties I design for women.

3. Being a female designer, have you ever come across any negative responses to your work or job? 

I design neckties for women, that a lot of people thought would not work as we have this mentality that it is an accessory mainly for men. At times you need to believe in your product and go with it no matter what others have to say. I received overwhelming feedback during my launch and I will say “believe in yourself, don’t let gender or anything else come in between you and your ideas” Today you see a lot of businesses led by female entrepreneurs like Net-a-porter.

4. If you could work with anyone in the world or design for them, who would you choose? 

I would love to design for the royal family and celebrities.

5. From a designer's point of view, do you think that we as people have become lazier in our dressing or do you feel there is still a good foundation of individuals who seek something different and more interesting and like using their creative flair in dressing?

I find people very creative and stylish in their dressing in London but more so in Milan and Paris. I personally think we need to have more styling seminar or talks to create more awareness about on how you can use your wardrobe clothes in a stylish way. I think people would love to attend such events as well.

6. What was it about neckties that made you think 'yes, this is what I want to create'? 

I love accessorizing my clothes from an early age. I noticed that neckties were missing for women. When I used to wear collared shirts, I felt something was missing. Now I began to realise that you can wear my embellished neckties as a jewellery or artwear piece where a collared shirt is not necessary.

A lot of people associate neckties with masculinity. I want to set a trend where women will love to wear my neckties and still look feminine and stylish. I have created hand embellished silk necktie collection for women, that are easy to wear and very unique. It is all about making my clients feel very special.

7. How would you like to see your business progress?? Expanding past neck ties, having them in boutiques??

I have an online store www.luxuryneckwear.co.uk where anyone can purchase my exclusive hand embellished neckties. I am looking forward to working with some of the top fashion luxury retailers in the future.

8. When designing your neck ties, is there a certain group of people you aim for or do you enjoy creating for any one to wear your ties?

My neckwear collection is dedicated to all stylish and modern women. You can wear my neckwear with a dress, tuxedo, suit or any shirt. It empowers you to carry it the way you want to, with or without collared shirts.

9. What do you do to keep yourself going in your line of business? Are there times when you want to stop? How do you deal with the pressures of being in the fashion business?

My passion for fashion is what keeps me going. If I was not passionate about what I do, it would become nothing more than ‘work’ and with work you will feel tired and feel like stopping. That is not the case as I enjoy being creative, about coming up with new ideas and designing them in to reality. Of course taking a break is also important. I love travelling to places to be inspired. At the time of writing I was in Venice and will be in Milan and then Paris.

10. If you could give all women in the world & future 3 things, what would they be?

Believe in yourself, Follow your ideas/dreams & Think positive.

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  1. Morning Kizzy! I remember her very well from your outfit post this summer wearing her necktie and it is so beautiful! She is really so creative and talented, from your interview she appears also a very positive and original soul. Traveling is the perfect way to find inspiration, I also think she would be perfect to design some models for the Royal Family!:) Many hugs Kizzy, have a fab weekend! xo

    1. Thank you Lilli for your lovely compliments and admiring my necktie collection. x

  2. Brilliant neck pieces. Great post, and I love the last quote. Hope you have a wonderful weekend doll! x/Madison

  3. Her designs are so original!!! Great interview :)
    I hope she gets to design for the royal family !



  4. Wow ,looks adorable <3

    Happy Friday beautiful Woman ,kisses :)

  5. She's really talented, I love her creations!

  6. Amazing creations, she ie really talented!!!!!!
    Love, Paola.
    My Facebook

  7. Very interesting post. Love your first outfit.


  8. great interview, I really love your looks too! kisses to you Doll!

  9. it's always interesting to hear from the person behind the design(s) and find out what truly inspires them and fuels their passion. i love the fringe necktie you are wearing and it's very creative in the way sabah has transformed a masculine accessory into one that can be adorned by women. enjoy your weekend and the cooler temps! x

  10. Nice post ! :)


  11. a wonderful post and great posts sweety!

  12. I Love those neckties and you wear them so very well. She is so talented and fashion forward. Yes...no negativity over here!! Thanks .

  13. the neckties are so interesting and unique , i must check them out
    keep in touch

  14. Thank you so much for loving my neckties. I am overwhelmed with so many lovely comments. Lots love to you all <3 <3 xx

    1. My pleasure, your neckties are amazing, adore them :) <3 <3 xx

  15. I love her idea of creating a feminine version of the "male" tie. Although I myself is very feminine in the way I dress, I could definitely see myself in one of Bibisab's ties! I wish her all success in the world, and that she soon gets an order from the Royal Family! :) <3 <3 <3

  16. Hi Kizzy!! I can still remember your post with the necktie. It's an marvelous accessory. Very unique and special. One thing that we women were missing. I already wore a man's tie in the past but these or much prettier!! Loved the interview and of course I have checked out her site. Have a happy Friday doll!!

    xx Mira


  17. Sabah's creations are amazing and it was great to learn more about her and her creative process! Happy weekend Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  18. lovely and creative

    1. Hello from Spain: interesting interview. Beautiful creations. I like your outfit on white. Great coat in blue. Keep in touch

  19. I love the neckwear! So beautiful!

  20. I remember you post with her lovely piece and I still remember every combo you wore.
    I am always so happy and proud to see so talented and creative women with great personality also. She does such an amazing works of art and I truly love them... the pinkish one is to die for :)
    Tnx for the interview Kizzy!

  21. I love it! They are so cool and full of details! I hope she could realize all her dreams!


  22. Such an amazing and beautiful women! I could tell that just from seeing your necktie (which I remember well) featured on that outfit post of yours... but it was great getting to know more about her and seeing more of her design. I think what I like the most is that they look very glam but still there is this traditional spark in them- they remind me a bit of details on folklore dresses---something I really adore!

    Tie was supposedly invented in my country so that's another reason to like it;) and I do agree that it is not something reserved for men...and she really makes her neckties an art- something between a tie and a necklace!

    Wonderful post darling Kizzy!


  23. How different! She is a beautiful looking woman!

  24. I love the inspiration provided in this post! These neckties for women are gorgeous! I think they are a great idea!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  25. They are unique and beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend dear.

  26. Amazing post, this is so interesting. It definitely would be amazing designing for the royal family.

  27. Great post dear! You look great with her ties! Realy beautiful work! I will check one tie for myself.

  28. Oh wow dear! These are amazing statement pieces to give a lush finishing touch to any outfit! You have showcased them brilliantly!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  29. Love this post, Kizzy. Reading those encouraging quotes totally lifted by soul! Am so blessed by your friendship. I love you!

  30. Beautifully embroidered. You are lovely in every single shot, my friend
    I see you Monday on Share-in-Style.
    Happy weekend

  31. I love your use of motivational quotes and you wear the necklaces very well! I really like to hear inspirational stories of businesswomen who have started up on their own and acted on their passions.. thanks for sharing! :)

    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  32. Love your skirt.
    Love that pic of the Eiffel♥

  33. Such an inspiring interwove Kizzy, i really loved reading it. Besides the neckties are so unique and special! Hope you have a lovely sunday!

  34. This lady's neckties look incredible and you really rock that one Doll, excellent Wonder Woman feature, really enjoyed this when I used to be around here more often

  35. Hi Kizzy, Sabah is so talented, creative and inspiring. Her creations are works of art. The quotes here are so encouraging. Well done.

  36. Lovely post sweetheart! These ties are really cool!

  37. Lovely post, she is so inspiring and you look great!


  38. Those are GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    What a great idea, jewels on neckties for women.....
    and you look great in yours!

    Sparkle on!
    ~ Violet

  39. don´t you look absolutely fabulous? you totally rock those neckties, i never have seen so beautiful ones before! oh i´m so happy to be back again here and don´t miss all the creativity i get from people like you anymore;)

  40. She is very talented.Those ties are amazing.

  41. Lovely collection, she's really talented! Kisses Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

  42. I instantly remember the post where you wrote about Bibi Saab ties as I recall how unique those ties wre and how they jazzed up all your outfits in different looks. How nice that you got to interview her. I like her response about women being empowered to do anything as long as they believe in themselves. Also, her tie would definitely suit the royal family. They look so exquisite and elegant. Her life mantra is all very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  43. She's so beautiful and so are her creations! I love the embellishments she uses! Lovely lady. Awesome showcase Kizzy!

  44. Great idea to create a feminine ties!|
    The ties are beautiful, creative and unique.

  45. She is so inspiring and creative, I like your positivity and how it encourages us to persist in our dreams.


  46. Love these outfits, the all white with the blue cardi and the fab tie! I also love how you incorporated the tie with the lace top and pink skirt, super cute outfit, love the brogues too!! lovely
    jess xo


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