We're far away, yet so close..

Hello dolls!! I hope you've had an enjoyable week. I had a lot to do this week, so I wasn't able to be here as much as I would have liked to. I've been busy getting overseas packages done and Christmas decorations, which hasn't left too much time for anything else. But, I wanted to share with you today a wonderful package of presents that I received from my dear friend Kim from A Very Sweet Blog! We send each other care packages through out the year, which is a lot of fun & always brings a smile to my face. Kim is a marvellous friend who has a massive heart, the world seems brighter having friends like her. It's funny when the packages come as my postman always has a distressed look on his face after carrying the box up all the stairs to get to my flat. I took pictures of my gifts except the sweet potato mini pies Kim sent as well and that's because they've been eaten, haha!! Soooooooooo good..they are a must if you're in the states, you must get yourself some of Tee-Eva's Old-Fashioned Pies & Pralines because they are out of this world yummy, I would keep them in business on my very own if I lived in America, haha!! You can either have them shipped to you or step into her place, so go go!!
I'll have full beauty review posts of each of these products after I've used them for a bit, so you can see them better & read how I got on with them. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend & keep warm dolls!! Christmas is coming fast!!

Loves & Loves

Hello Kitty compact that has lipglosses and eyeshadows in it...how cute is Hello Kitty!?! It fits in my bag as well, happiness! And these super marvellous Barbie lipsticks that I won on Kim's blog too..the colours are gorgeous!

Body Butters from Lavanilla Labatories...100% all natural butters without the nasty chemicals and add in's. Vanilla Coconut and Pure Vanilla....they smell delicious, love these!! 

My first EVER MAC lipstick in Pink Poodle! Kim got this colour because of my outfit post of me wearing a pink poodle skirt, so cute :) I think pink lipstick is becoming my signature 'Doll Look', haha! Also this brilliantly bright make-up bag that I can tote all my make-up pieces in, love the gradient effect.

 Above: Mixed Chicks products...Kim found out about this company & made me aware of it. Mixed Chicks make hair care products that are non-sticky, light-weight that leave your hair defined and moisturised...am so excited to use these as many products aren't specifically designed to give my hair what it needs being mixed race. I love more so their Multi-racial movement of being proud of who you are no matter what race you may be - it's beautiful & how also these products will work on ANY one's hair - mixed or not!!

Below: Sephora goodies, glittery nail & eye-liner appliqués, Tinted Lipgloss & eyeshadow. I'm crazy for appliqués - especially eye ones, so I am going to have a lot of fun with these. No doubt they will pop up in outfit posts in the future.


  1. Morning Kizzy! Have been busy with Xmas decorations too this week and still havent finished lol!:) Btw, Kim is a great friend indeed, she has been so sweet and thoughtful to send you all these goodies, how nice of her! I fell in love with the HK compact and the Barbie lipsticks, cant wait to see better those products and also to see the MAC lipstick on you, definitely will be your doll signature! They hair stuff sounds interesting, let us know you found them then. Have a marvelous weekend Kizzy and stay warm! Hugs! xo

  2. Morning dear Kizzy! As I already told you on Instagram, I love those Barbie lipstick! Love every single shade and would love to wear them myself. Unfortunately, during the winter(cold) period my lips are in such a bad shape and lipstick do not look good on them :( Would love to see you wearing them! And there's MAC... I love their products but it can't be bought in Croatia :(
    Enjoy your sweet box (Kim is truly an amazing friend) and have a great Friday!

  3. Very nice post dear! I like too much MAC lipstick and the make-up bag, they're fantastic.
    Have a nice weekend


    P.S: If you want we can follow each other on Instagram and Twitter (I'm @silviagrueso in both social media)

  4. Hi Kizzy, wonderful presents that you received from your friend! Barbie lipstick? Can't be bad LOL!!! The body butter has to be great, vanilla smells so good! Have fun using all these lovely products :-) xx

  5. Oooh! Those are some great goodies! I'm mixed too, but I haven't tried Mixed Chicks hair products yet! I have heard they're great for all hair types though!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. OMG! I love everything on the first picture! The barbie lipsticks are so cute ^^


  7. The Presents are gorgeous ,the HK looks super cute <3 :)

    Happy Friday ,many Hugs

  8. She really is a sweet Friend! Love these stuffs!

  9. Wow, those are a lot of goodies! I heard about Mixed Chicks before, but unfortunately I don't think they ship in my country. I'm a sucker for natural beauty products!


  10. Hello Kizzy, I've been so busy at work this week too. That's why I've been quiet in the Blog World. At least it's Friday now. The products here are all so nice. Happy Friday!

  11. Happy Friday dear<3 you made me laugh with your comment about the poor postman walking all those steps:)
    Lovely presents...so well chosen...pink does look great on you! I'm happy I got to know Kim's blog (one of your post informed me about it) and she is a real darling!

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend with well deserved rest!


  12. Hi Kizzy, Kim is so generous, I love Kitty case, these body butters looks very good too! Happy weekend doll!


  13. i love the shades of the lips sticks cute

  14. Kim is such a sweet and caring friend! I think she picked the best for you, I can't wait to see you wear that Mac lipstick!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  15. How many cute things!!! I love very much the Sephora products >.< Enjoy them.
    Have a nice weekend!


  16. Happy Friday Kizzy! Omg Kim sent you the best stuff!! She's a sweetheart. You made me hungry. I want the sweet potato mini pies!!! Really I love everything she sent you. The Hello Kitty compact is too cute. I have buy and pack some packages too. It looks like I'm too late again. The postmen like me a lot cos I always meet them downstairs hahaha (yes it's always someone else). I'm glad you had a great week doll :D


  17. and seeing your friendship like this is so wonderful to see!! :) have a great weekend!

  18. Kim is the best and she has the biggest heart! Her gifts to you are always so thoughtful. It's quite obvious she knows you well and I'm sure you will enjoy these goodies. Happy weekend Kizzy!

  19. Wow! what a friend you have in Kim! This is better than paying for membership beauty boxes. Kisses doll!

  20. Beautiful! Love all of these items! have a great weekend love!

  21. Wow what a lovely package from your friend! It's always nice to get goodies that aren't available in the UK and vice versa in the States. I adore that little Hello Kitty compact, it's too cute! xx

  22. What wonderful goodies, I love Sephora and Mixed Chicks products. The Hello Kitty pieces are so adorable. Happy weekend doll. x/Madison

  23. I call that one, a package full of love .... wonderful treasures, dear doll.

  24. These would make great gifts!

  25. ooooooooh Hello Kitty yeeeeeeeeeey :D

  26. i love hello kitty..mac products are fab

  27. Aww that is so sweet that you guys send care packages! I need a friend like that lol oh and yes I have has Tee-Eva's pralines in New Orleans! A-MA-ZING!


  28. Great items, I love MAC products!!!
    Happy friday bambola!

    Kisses, love Paola.


    My Facebook

  29. I was a little busy with my Christmas shopping as well. Great stuff Doll. :)

  30. Awww...how generous and sweet of Kim. Love the goodies - Lovely! :-)
    Have a fun weekend doll....xoxo


  31. What a great mix of beauty products. I want those Sephora nail art patches :))

  32. Oh I love the Mixed Chicks stuff! Another lovely care package from Kim. Hope you have a great weekend!

  33. What a wonderful friend she is!! Love the hello kitty compact.

  34. Those products are soooo cute! love the Hello Kitty one!


  35. Such a sweet gift, and she sent you my most favorite lotion in the world- Lavanilla! I love this lotion with all my heart. I use the roll on perfume from them also. So amazing!


  36. Looks so great, the Lavanila body butters have me slightly in love! Such wonderful scents, ah :)

  37. oh wow such awesome stuff from the mail :) looks like christmas came early! <3


  38. This is TOOO GOOOD to be true!!! LOVVVVVE your Barbie lipstick and Hello Kitty compact--don't know if it's possible to get any cuter!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  39. I absolutely love MAC colours but sadly the brand is not cruelty free. Great post though!

  40. Brilliant care package from an even more brilliant lady :)) Happy weekend sweeties xx

  41. What can bring a big smile if not so many beauty goodies! :) xx Maja
    - http://modern-muffin.blogspot.com

  42. hey kizzy! i'm laughing about your postman! poor thing! i'm visualizing it now. hahaha i'm so glad you enjoyed everything. i will definitely include more pies the next time. they're so rich! i was like, kizzy's family is not use to that kind of richness...i didn't want you guys to get sick. lol but definitely more next time. she makes excellent praline candy too. glad everything got there in tact. i was worried about stuff spilling or breaking. i triple bagged and bubble wrapped everything. enjoy doll. hope your weekend is bliss. kisses to your hubby and girls.

  43. Fun fabulous, my dear friend.
    Happy Sunday

  44. Hi Kizzy! The presents are gorgeous. Btw, love the selection of coats you made in your previous post, they are to die for.Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a happy Sunday<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  45. Wow Doll, what a gorgeous set of things! You two seem very lucky to have each other as friends. The hello kitty stuff is gorgeous, and MAC lipsticks are my go to, just brill! What are you thinking of it so far?
    I hope december is going amazingly for you!

    Bethany x


  46. Woow, love Barbie's lipstick! Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

  47. What a gorgeous parcel to open up - it's like Christmas came early! Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

  48. It is always so unsettling when the little ones, or big ones, get ill.
    Many kisses to her and the wholefamily.
    Sending love and lots of sunshine.

  49. Now those are some lovely items!

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST
    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma Fashion Freak

  50. Ah, what super fun make up products!

  51. What a fun package! Kim has such great taste and these products look like they would be fabulous! You would definitely look good with the pink lipstick and I want to try it now too! I haven't tried Mac lipsticks in a while so I want to try them again soon.

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  52. There are SO many yummy things in the US! And by that I mean both the things you eat with your mouth and things you eat with your eyes... :) I've been to the States two times - LA and NY - and one thing I love to do when I'm there, is walk around inside the drugstores. So many things you never thought you needed! And a few you really knew you needed, but aren't allowed to be sold in Sweden... Haha! :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  53. Hello Kizzy!!!!!
    Love Hello Kitty so that compact is amazing!!!!! Christmas seems close but we're still a few weeks out yet....
    Hope you're having a great Monday!!!!

  54. Great post, have a lovely week doll :)

    Camille xo


  55. Enjoy your MAC cosmetics. They are very good products. I hope you will like them.

  56. Lovely fings xxx

    You just reminded me! I have a similar shaped mirror and comb set that I was given about 15 years ago from the Hello Kitty shop in Tokyo. It's a treasure to me xxx

  57. Hi Sweetie!
    i just wanted to wish you a wonderful week and appreciate you stopping by. Enjoy your cute litems, love the Mac and little kitty, purrfect.
    jess xo


  58. I love those Barbie lipsticks and I can't wait to see you wearing them! :)



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