Friday Favourites!!

Hello my dainty doll-hearts!! I hope you had a wonderful week!?! Am glad so many of you enjoyed my Wednesday post of silence, I received a lot of notes to express how much you liked it and that it did in fact bring you some peace, that made me really happy. Sometimes life gets a bit crazy, so its good to just breathe and relax. Loch Lomond never fails to bring peace. I did try to record a little video of it, but it was so cold my little hands kept shaking, so in the spring I will record a better one. I actually thought of doing little recordings wherever I go to make it a bit more real for you, especially those in America that enjoy seeing these kinds of things (Kim *wink*) so I can do that if you would like to see that on here!?! Well, here we are again with my favourites of the week,  it's quite a lot of fun saving them to share with you, I hope you enjoy them & wish you a magical weekend!!

Loves & Loves


I received this fantastic drawing of me, I love it so!! It was done by my friend Heather...she's in a band called The obviously we were destined to be friends and stuff!! She herself is mega talented not only at music, but artistically as well, really admire her a lot!! She drew me in all my Doll Power glory as well - unicorn and all!!

A recent purchase!! I bought this 60's vintage dress, I fell instantly for the sweet ruffles and had to rescue it, haha!! The delicate pink is too precious, can't wait to wear it in the sunshine!! 

Professional Doodler Hattie Stewart shared this piece from her London Solo exhibition at the KK Outlet called 'Doll House', so of course I really loved this neon sign. I need one, haha!! It would be amazing to see this show as she's really super talented. 

My obsession with bed jackets continues with this absolutely divine one from Boudoir Queen. This one is really special as it's true Edwardian from the 1910's. Has little rosettes and lace, it's just dreamy and wonderful. Dawn always has the most wonderful items in her collection. She's beyond talented, love her!! 

I discovered Swankiss in Japan recently and would spend lots of money on their shoes, haha!! These are so adorable, I need them all. Perfect for wearing with all of my vintage dresses and dancing in the sunshine!! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen these *wink*

My Little Pony socks...haha! My friend Sara has started #sundaysocksie on Instagram, I joined in last Sunday with these socks, I love fun printed socks, so I will join in each week. Feel free to join us if you have awesome socks you wish to share, the more the merrier!! 

I found these cute hand earrings on Etsy by Buried idea why I'm obsessed with them, but they are so cute!! I like peculiar earrings. They come in different colour combinations as well, so sweet :)) Hi-Fives all around!! 

And last but no means least...this utterly sweet painting by Yosuke Ueno! I just love this face so much, imagine if it was real, haha!! (It could be real somewhere) Soooo sweet :) The little heart shape is the icing on the cake for me too!! Happiness <3 Do check out more of his work, because he's so talented.

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  1. LOVE that neon sign! And those earrings are super cute!!
    Happy weekend doll xx

  2. Beautiful ,all looks so gorgeous and fantastic .. like you <3

    Happy Friday ,lots of Hugs

  3. Aww, the last photo though! Cutness overload :) The drawing of you is amazing- such a great gift :) xx Maja

  4. Happy Friday Kizzy! Some news, the KK House replied, and I've arranged for my friend and I to go one Saturday. Hopefully the trains are running on the day. As soon as I have the time, I'll pop in. That post will of course dedicated to you. Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  5. Kizzy that dress is amaaaazing, i can't wait to see how you style it! Love the drawing too! Have a fabulous weekend lovely xxx

  6. as always I love your Friday Maja said...cuteness overload<3 that face is indeed real somewhere because imagination is real least in a way...I do love that Japanese artist's painting...and that illustration of you is ingenious...go, doll power...I really love that, the concept, name, symbolism and all!

    cute socks..I love fun prints when it comes to socks.

  7. and that sixties dress is to die for...
    and how do the Japanese always have such unique shoes?

  8. I love the vintage dress, It is so cute

  9. Those shoes!! How could anyone be unhappy wearing those shoes. Instantly on my wishlist. x

  10. Morning Kizzy, happy Friday to you too! Your Wed post was fantastic, I enjoyed the place so much and you also were very lovely! Id be curious to see the little record so in spring you have to do it again! The land were you live is fab. Btw, I totally love the sketch of you, is so so you and so so u, what a tender gift! I love also the dress you purchased and your little pony socks, Id love to join that hashtag as well, so fun! The painting is amazing, what a cute face indeed! Have a marvelous weekend Kizzy, lots of hugs! xo

  11. Love your socks !! I could link me to that initiative and I admit I'm also obsessed with bed jackets, so delicate ... I wish you a wonderful weekend, dear friend ... as magical as you!

  12. Week that bed jacket is just gorgeous!
    There is so much loveliness this week from that super fun drawing of you to your new 60s vintage dress. I know you'll look gorgeous in in when the weather warms up! Have a lovely weekend dear!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  13. Hi Kizzy, omg you need that neon sign too!!! It was made for you. Haha these socks are the cutest. I don't think there are any cuter socks out there. There was a time I was obsessed with buying socks but I'm over it hahaha. I should join the #sundaysocksie. I still have a lot of crazy printed socks. Can't wait to see you wear the amazing pink vintage dress and the drawing is fabulous. Happy Friday doll!!

    xx /

  14. Haha how funny your pony socks are!!! The vintage dress is a real jewel *O*
    I enjoyed with your relax pics in the last post too, marvellous :)
    Have a nice weekend, my dear.


  15. Happy weekend, love the pink dress and your pony socks, I must join in!

  16. That drawing of you is just wonderful and that vintage pink dress is so you Kizzy! Have a lovely weekend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  17. Awww, that drawing of you is perfect. Cute photos!

  18. Lovely drawing!!! Beautiful pink dress!!!!
    Happy friday!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  19. oh my gosh, those shoes :') i can't even, i don't know what to say, they are just perfect!!!
    love the socks too :D
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely

  20. I enjoyed your wednesday post too. Full of peace and I really loved your coat.
    Wish you a great weekend doll.

    xx Lori

  21. Love the pink dress and can't wait to see you wear it.Happy Weekend!

  22. Love the sock instagram idea, so fun, i love printed socks too!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  23. Beautiful images. That pink dress is everything. Happy weekend doll!

  24. Cute drawing of you. Have a great weekend.

  25. I love these kind of posts! Happy week-end dear!

  26. Oh Kizzy The neon light is so special!
    Happy Friday doll


  27. The shoes! The socks! My head is exploding, haha! I did like Wednesday post - I was a bit sad I couldn't send you a comment, though ;)

    Corinne x

  28. So lovely post! Those shoes And socks are amazing! I started to follow you on bloglovin. It would be an honor if you could follow be back! Have a great weekend<3 greetings noora From Finland/

  29. The floral socks really are very sweet and wow, the illustration of you done by your friend is so lovely - how thoughtful!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  30. I am so happy to see all your favorites! That drawing of you is so cool and it is so flattering when someone does that for you! I am so loving that vintage dress you bought, the ruffle front is so sweet! I could totally see it worn with a pair of those shoes from Japan! I adore My Little Pony so I think I need those socks! :)


  31. wow Kizzy! This post is amazing! #loveit


  32. I agree with the rest of your followers - that Wednesday post really was relaxing! Looking at those pictures made me feel really calm. Like my brain was cleared of all the garbage we all carry around... So thank you for that one honey! :) And about that little painted creature in the bottom pic of this post - if you had one of those creeping up in your bed in search for snuggles in the mornings, that would make every day a bit brighter! :) <3 <3 <3

  33. I could imagine how ecstatic you felt when you receive that artwork of yourself. My Facebook profile pic is an artwork from a friend using the app Draw Something to draw me and I was touched beyond words. And this artwork of you, Kizzy is an exact replica of you! I mean, the similarity is striking! So vibrant and colourful and happy and pom pom earrings to boot. She even included a unicorn My Little Ponies there which are stuff that you love.

    I have a blouse that looks like your vintage blouse only that it is modern. Maybe I should go search that blouse and give it a breathe of life.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  34. That pink dress is so lovely! Can't wait to see it in an outfit post! :)
    Keep in touch

  35. So cute post dear!!!! It's simply lovely!!! ♥


  36. The pink dress is beautiful and the Pony socks is lovely , i liked the idea your friend had to post the in IG.

  37. OMG....the sketch of you is so cute! Love your vintage dress! The shoes, the socks and the floral socks are adorable♥
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful week<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  38. Darling Kizzy, this post is packed with cuteness!!! The drawing your friend sent you truly looks like the idea of you I have in my mind :-) the pale pink dress is delightful with those dainty ruffles! You have the cutest socks you know? Nighty night doll :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  39. Hi Kizzy, the drawing of you is fantastic. It is so you as it shows your love of pastel colours.

  40. Kizzy, I so loved that peaceful post you put together. The pictures spoke for themselves. Such a gorgeous area. So serene, tranquil and peaceful. HaHaHa You know I would love to see video! You should definitely do that. Pinky promise. I'll do the same. I love the drawing of you. It is so cute! That is to be treasured. Love the colors. Ok, that is the cutest dress! it is going to look so good on you. Can't wait to see you wear it. LOVE your candy heart socks! Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  41. Amazing!
    I love the colours
    Have a nice day

  42. Oh videos sound like a great idea! Looking forward to them once the weather isn't so cold! And the drawing is great and so is that vintage dress!


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