{The Powder Room} Original Source Pineapple & Moringa Oil Body Lotion!

During the winter months, the weather was terrible, it rained here a high a lot and the harsh cold and constant grey skies did their best to attack my skin and senses, but during that time I surrounded myself with lots of bright colours, happy music and deliciously sweet summery products and one of those products was my Pineapple & Moringa oil skin quench lotion by Original Source! This was my first time trying their products, but seriously, it smells amazing!! Tantalising and deliciously sweet pineapples that instantly evoked warm feelings of laying on the beach with the wind in your hair and the sun warming the skin. And I'm not talking about a fake synthetic scent of pineapples, but a real one as if you were standing there cutting one open...sweet yet a bitter tartness behind it. Wonderful scent!
And what else is great about Original Source is that it's packed with natural oils, has a 100% natural fragrance - which is great for me as some fragrances irritate my skin, it's vegan, sinks instantly into the skin to nourish and soothe. The scent is light, non-heady and stays on the skin lightly until you wash it off. I found it delightful. What I love Original Source as well, is that they believe in respecting the environment, which is why their products are made from natural plants and fragrances. Made in the UK, they have a wide variety of body care products - lotions, shower gels, hand wash & scrubs. Available at the moment in certain countries or if you know someone who might be kind enough to send you some, I recommend it as I've thoroughly enjoyed this lotion, the only problem for me is picking which I'd love to try next as they all sound fantastic!! 

I gave Original Source Pineapple & Moringa Oil Body Lotion a Sizzling Heart  as the scent made me think of summer, it moisturised my skin & lasted for a long time.

(Rating scale: Sizzling Heart - Go & buy it, Hot Hot Heart - It's good, but not perfect, Lukewarm Heart - there were issues, I might buy it again, Frozen Heart - Do not buy, it was terrible)

You can find more information about Original Source on their website

*This review wasn't sponsored, I bought this product with my own money & all opinions are strictly my own*

Happy 1st of May dolls...have a gorgeous and wonderful weekend, see you back here on Monday!

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  1. Nice blog dear, I like it!
    Follow each other?
    Happy weekend

  2. I can smell it from here! Great review!

  3. I would like to try this body lotion!!!
    Happy WE KIzzy!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. Happy Friday Kizzy! It must have an amazing scent that reminds soon of summer, I wish I tried it too, I like the fact is vegan and the ingredients are all natural, it must be very good indeed. Have a wonderful weekend dear, many hugs and kisses! xo

  5. This product is bright and happy. It must smell so good too. Tropical smell and soft feeling. Happy Friday!

  6. Oh, pineapple scent! How wonderful this must be on the skin. Being 100% natural is so important. I recently started using 100% pure organic coconut oil as my body moisturizer and it has been amazing. Of course it smells awesome when putting it on too!

  7. Some fragrance makes me sneeze like crazy. I am glad this one is natural. I love pineapples too. Great review doll. Have a super wonderful weekend!

  8. Happy 1st of May, my dear Kizzy! Thank you for sharing this lovely review with us...It's so great that you support products that are ecological. Sometimes there are wonderful products that are produced only in one country or just a few of them and aren't available worldwibe so we never learn of them...It is not that easy to get hold of some such products, but who knows maybe we might travel to that country some day so it's good to keep in mind:) Thank you for sharing.

    You described it so well, I have a feeling it smells heavenly! The body lotion I'm using one right is one from Balea, but I'm thinking of making my own body DIY lotion from cocoa and olive oil.

  9. That looks absolutely delicious!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  10. You don't realize how much you need to protect your skin until that harsh weather kicks in. The packaging sure screams sunshine :). Thanks for sharing Kizzy.


  11. Ah, made in the UK, that explains why I thought I recognised the name at first! :) Have a great weekend!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  12. Happy May ist doll

  13. I've not tried this products, Thanks for the review. Happy month of May! Wishing you a lovely weekend. x
    Stylishly Planted

  14. This lotion sounds delectable and yay for being 100% natural! Happy weekend Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. The smell of sweet fresh pineapples is always nice. Happy Friday and sweet tidings in the new month of May.

  16. Sounds wonderful <3

    Have a great weekend ,kisses!

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  18. Oooh! That pineapple scent sound delish Kizzy! I bet it was a treat for your skin.

  19. Thanks for the review my doll💕 This product sounds wonderful! I will look into it as I am always looking for natural skin care products. The smell sounded heavenly.💋💗


  20. I love the scent of fresh fruit in the products and this one sounds wonderful indeed! I don't know if wehave that brand in Croatia but I will check! Have great weekend doll! xoxxo

  21. I want to try this! I'm always looking for healthier products to put on my skin.


  22. Great post!


  23. I love a good tropical scent so I think this pineapple one would be right up my alley. Also I dislike lotions that feel sticky for ages so this sounds perfect in that regard as well, looking forward to giving it a go! Great review <3

  24. thank you for your visit dear Kizzy...and happy Sunday!


  25. Today we have a wonderful spring day in Sweden! It's warm-ish, the sun is shining, and there are lovely flower scents floating through the air. It really lifts everyone's spirit! But during the long cold months I also love traveling to warmer countries just by using flower- or fruit scented stuff in my own bathroom. :) It's cool how smells, and music, can do so much for the mind, and take us to different places... :) xxxxxxx

  26. Great review! Love the colors..



  27. I always love the smell of original source products!

    Corinne x

  28. Oh I bet it smelled amazing! mmMMMmm! ;)

  29. Thank you so much Kizzy, I'm always on the look for natural products, especially if they smell fab!!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi


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