A Dainty Doll's Summer Fashion Fun List!

Now that I'm on summer holiday, I have more time to relax and do summer things (if the weather permits) and just have a lot of fun!! I love when summer comes along because fashion becomes a lot more fun and lately I've spotted some really great items that I would love for my summer time looks. So, I thought I'd share some of them with you today!! I hope you enjoy them & wish you a wonderful day dolls.

Loves & Loves

I'm crazy for the Walls collaboration with Asos!! Since I have a dress with rocket lollies on it, why not add a skirt and top to my collection as well!! Then I can wear them together or apart for the perfect summer look :) 

I love nail decals, I am crazy for them! DIY Nails is my favourite place to go when I need decals, they are so cute!! And so easy to apply as well. A quick and easy way to jazz up your nails with or without nail polish. These icecream and doughnut ones are the sweetest :) 

Summer is never complete if there aren't flowers somewhere!! And I love flower crowns of all colours and designs. My friend Bink makes some incredible ones in all kinds of colours and sizes. She's mega talented and I'm always looking forward to seeing her new creations. At the moment there are quite a variety of flower crowns and other pieces available on her site Temptress of Waikiki to jazz your head up for the summer sunshine, it'd be silly to miss out!!

Sandals are so good in the summer for many occasions. Great for keeping your feet cooled yet protected from sunburn (remember feet can burn to, get the sunblock out) I love metallics, so these are just perfect!! On sale at the moment from Topshop - but sizes are limited, but you can't beat £7!! 

Again, Rocket Lollies Forever!!! This awesome embellished clutch bag from the Asos Walls collab is perfect for keeping all your summer essentials in, use it in the day or night for a bit of fashion fun!! It's just too cute :) 

I don't get to the pool or water too often in the summer as I don't like laying out in the sun, but for a quick splash in the water, this is perfect!! I love the fun design and print, makes me think of the Bahamas or something!! Super cute from Minga!! 

I spotted this awesome skirt and top in Lashes of London - a shop I purchase from quite a lot!! You could easily pair this with proper heels and wear it to a lunch or dinner!! The stripes aren't heavy, but relaxed, not too in your face. Just a very sweet look that I love!! 

I don't really like carrying a handbag in the summer days, especially if I'm sight-seeing in a new place. I like to have my hands free, so a backpack is so useful to me. I love this one as I'm a big admirer of Sara Sboul. This one is a collaboration with Esther Loves, it's so cute and perfect. I love it!!

Another swimsuit from Minga, I couldn't resist this one as I love mermaids :) The shells are adorable, it also comes in baby blue as well. It's great to see a lot of whole piece suits for those that don't like wearing two piece bathing-suits, sometimes the choice can be slim and not very pretty. But, this is lovely!

I LOVE Lazy Oaf like no other, I'd buy everything in their shop if I could. Their prints are always so much fun and colourful too! This denim blue sun dress is perfect for summer, I like the straps as I won't get too hot, but I don't look 'lazy' at the same time!! So cute :)

Of course, summer always means sunglasses and I'm not one really for boring glasses!! I adore We Are Spangled for quirky fun glasses!! They did dinosaur ones and I think this new line of designs even tops that - even though thats quite hard, because come on - dinosaurs!! But, I love these rainbow ones, just so happy and colourful! Definitely one of my favourite shops, so so marvellous :)) 

Last but no means least, an easy summer way to disguise your phone with this fun fruity pinapple drink phone cover from Skinny Dip! It's bright and happy and that's what summer should be!! 


  1. Such a load of cute items, love the metallic sandals :-) We're on holidays too - but the weather today is horrendous (what is going on). Anyways, they say it's changing o that's what we are baking on. Happy Monday doll,

  2. Cute Dresses and the Sandals are adorable <3

    Happy Monday :) ,kisses!

  3. Beautiful Captures=)

  4. OH EM GEE I am in LOVE with that clamshells swimsuit - to die for!

  5. Im inlove with all of these items! I just love anything pastel <3


  6. Morning Kizzy! Those are all such great and bright items for summer! Love the flowers crown, the shell swimsuit and the ice lolly clutch, would be perfect for now! Have a good week ahead my dear, many hugs and kisses! xo

  7. i want it all too, specially the starship tee and nail stickers


  8. the swimsuits are cute and would be perfect for lounging around a pool. and the backpack (for towels + sunscreen) would be a great accessory along with a pair of those sunnies. happy summer!x

  9. Hello from Spain:lovely proposals about summer. Great looks. Keepin touch

  10. I totally wanna rock that first outfit. everyone would be staring at me, u bet.

  11. These items are so cool. Enjoy your summer Kizzy.

  12. These are all lovely selections Kizzy; I love that Lashes of London "Crop top and skirt ensemble." Have a lovely day and a great week.

  13. Omg cuteness overalls...where shall I start?
    Fabulous onepiece swimsuits, especially the one with shells...mermaid style!

    Beautiful floral headcrowns and pieces, your friend is very talented.

    Awesome holographic backpack!

    Cute shoes...and those sunnies are simply divine.

  14. Such fun and fabulous picks Kizzy! I hope you get to add a few of them to your wardrobe :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. I love the heels in the first photo, the swimsuit with osyter shell on the boobies, and Lashes of London. It's warm I'm loving it! Have a lovely week ahead of you! x

  16. The hologram sandals are my favorite <3333

    Have a nice day! :)


  17. I'm in love with those rocket lollies, that phone cover and ice cream nail decals. So cute. All of these are perfect for Summer!

  18. The striped skirt and top are so lovely! Great choices, and I love the sandals the girl is wearing on the first picture. Over her it's hot weather, I hope you have sunny days ahead too :-) xx

  19. I love them too. The bathing suit is my fave. Happy new week babe!

  20. The nails and the one piece are completely up my alley!


  21. Lovely lots of colors!

    I have just found your blog and I like it! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know and I will be back here!


  22. Love all that fun and colorful fashion sweety! Happy new week!

  23. awesome <333

    can we follow each other?
    I always follow back so let me know :)
    I wanna keeep in touch :)
    have an inspirating day :)


  24. Good post!

    I followed to your blog! PANAMA ASTI

    Come visit →PANAMA ASTI
    post comments or reviews... Me will be very nice :)

  25. Ahh! I had my eye on those sandals, and then they were £7! Not in my size tho! Damn

  26. perfect for summer, so lovely the clutch

  27. I always love y our colorful selections!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  28. I like the first one set <3 and the metallic sandals! Happy week Kizzy.


  29. Such a cute list! I love the popsicle items, and the cell phone case is adorbs :]

  30. You always find the best things! These are so cute.

  31. This post was fun-filled indeed ! Loved the phone cover very much :D

  32. Enjoy your summer holidays Kizzy! Love your inspirations! The flower crown is to die for! Happy Tuesday doll!

  33. Funky items, love the pink sandals!!

  34. Such fun items to love. The metallic sandals are my favourite. I like the playful outfit with the lollies too. <3 Enjoy the week doll. x/Madison
    Lavender Biscuits

  35. The seashell swimsuit, oh my gosh, I love it - it's so quirky and fun! :) have a lovely summer!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  36. These are all so cute!~ Love the swimsuits and the nail,s
    Keep in touch

  37. I follow you back, dear :)
    Thanks for following!

  38. Got some very good summer essentials here!

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST

    XoXo Venoma
    Fashion Blog Serbia

  39. great pieces,
    love that clutch its so beautiful

  40. Rockets were always my favourite lollys :)

    Corinne x

  41. Summer is fun! The flower crown and the swimsuit is beautiful! Kisses

  42. Such fun items to love, I love the flower crown and the metallic sandals are so pretty, very interesting post Kizzy, wish you a happy Wednesday <3 Kisses <3


  43. Love the swimsuits!

  44. That floral crown is wicked cool. I want it! :D

    - Anna


  45. As per usual, I am entering your blog inspired... and leaved obsessed with EVERYTHING, I WANT IT ALL!!!!


  46. Ahhh, I guess it's about time for me to start wearing more color! What a great inspiration board! Thanks for sharing!



  47. You're posts re always so much fun and make me smile :-D andddd Um...I need ALL of those dresses please!!! The popsicles are too cute and I am love with the striped ensemble. (not that I need any more clothing..haha!)

    Hope you are having a lovely week, my friend! <333


  48. hello pretty :)
    now I follow you back and we can keep in touch :))

    have an amazing day :**

  49. Nice selection and really beautiful prints!!! Have a nice day, kisses and thank you for stopping at my blog,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  50. everything here screams fun and summer! ;)

  51. Hi Kizzy, I love how all your picks reflect your taste so perfectly. I really love it all, and LOVE that Hello dress...wishing you a wonderful July!
    xoxo Mary Jo

  52. Love it all!!! Even though we have so few warm days here in Sweden each year, I still always manage to shop more summer dresses and shoes than things that work better with colder weather. Haha! I hope you will have a lovely holiday, with at least a few warm, sunny days... ;) xoxoxoxo

  53. What a lovely post turned out, I enjoyed a lot! As always a huge dose of positivity and splash of color can be found here at your blog, Kizzy:) Each of those items are so cute! Especially I like that pineapple drink phone cover, would be great to own something like that:)
    Have a wonderful summer rest:)

  54. So much fun color!! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  55. You are so right, summer is a great time of year to have more fun with our fashions! I think there are so many great pieces out there! You always have the best picks of what you want to get! Everything looks so unique and full of life! I am seriously wanting that striped skirt suit!


  56. These are all wonderful items Kizzy. It's so nice to see lots of colours during summer.

  57. The Walls collaboration with Asos is just dynamic. How cool is that outfit right there? Pretty awesome!

    Thanks for sharing a very colorful post as always :).

    Have a great July 4th weekend


  58. I love everything in this post. Seriously so cute.


  59. A true Dainty Dolls' summer fashion list I must say! I'm loving those ice cream/donut nail and skin transfers! -Jess L

  60. SO much too love here! The donut nails are my favorite but that flower crown is so glorious...tough call <3



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