Merry Christmas Lovelies!!

Hello my dear dolls!! I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a wonderful and Happy Christmas!! I won't be online tomorrow to say it then, so I'm doing it now. Enjoy time with your loved ones...spend every moment with them, because that is what matters most. Not blogs, social media or's time and love!! Savour it all, because it goes so fast!! I have enjoyed my time off from the blog, but I am now itching to get back, so I will definitely return a litte while after Christmas before the New Year comes around. Have missed you all, but rest was so needed, I had so much work to do at Church and my girl's schools too. So eat, drink and be merry!! Enjoy!!

Love to you all

p.s. I disabled comments, as I wanted to be able to come to all of your blogs before you comment on mine, as it's only fair really!! You can chat to me on Instagram or Twitter if you'd love to say hi!!

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