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Hello dolls!! Happy Tuesday, I hope all is well!?! I had a bit of a break because I was swamped with stuff to do and also needed some rest. But, if ever I'm not on here, you can keep up with me on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook or even Pinterest sometimes. Sometimes I get bored of blogs and need a break as well, often when you open bloglovin and see over 300 blog posts to read (and often most of them are multiple posts of the same blog) you just shut it off and do something else, life is for living, not chained to my chair reading posts about pretty much the same thing. But, today I'll just share a few pictures off my Instagram, I rarely do this, but I often like seeing them on blogs as sometimes you realise your not following someone there and don't see the things they post! But, any ways, it's a somewhat wet and windy day here, so I shall be around to enjoy some blog posts!! Have a lovely day.

Loves & Loves

Me at the moment :) (For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram) Was almost 27 weeks here, am on my way to 28 now though. I was at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow here for the Century of Style exhibition, it was marvellous and I'll have a post with all my favourite pieces from it soon - way too many to go through. I was mega exhausted after walking around, which is mostly why I needed the break! The dress behind me was one of my favourites. I'm wearing a vintage dress from the 60's!

Makeup Inspiration - a little bow, so sweet!! So easy, but quite effective really!

Some Bowie treats that I got myself from my friend Meli's shop - Baccurelli! She also sent me some earrings and an alien brooch as a gift, so sweet!!

I really love bows and chokers just now, I think I might make some chokers when I get a moment too. And these colours make me think of Spring...it will be here soon, I hope!!

These little faces are so cute!! Boudoir Dolls inspired from the marvellous Madame Dabi!! I adore them!

And last, but not least! These amazing clutches I love from the Pink Collar Life! I'm obsessed with bags and these are so glamourous, I'd have them all really :) If you love glamour, their the gals to see! 

(all photos from my Instagram & used with permission)


  1. Hello from Spain: I agree with your thinking. There is time to do a stop social networking. Nice photos. Keep in touch

  2. Hey Kizzy, I hade some time off as well, it's just that life is not revolving about blogs but they can help in taking some relax and fun. I really see you glowing! You don't know how much I am happy for you. i might try a second shot too, I don't want my son to be an only child!

    1. Hello lovely!! Am glad you had time off too, it's so important to have time to relax and have fun. Ahhh...you should my dear, a little friend for your son would be marvellous. And maybe a girl for you to dress up as well, haha :))) xx

  3. Beautiful post!!! You look so pretty, dear Kizzy!!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. Totally agree Kizzy!
    You are so beautiful!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  5. congrats doll. I love that lil bow on the eyeliner. am gonna try it pretty soon.

  6. I squealed with delight when I saw those Bowie treats on Instagram. And you look gorgeous in that first pic Kizzy!

  7. Awesome! I absolutely enjoyed reading this. Happy Wednesday!


  8. I took some time off social media too. There are days when you just need some space. Btw, you look gorgeous! And I love that eyeliner bow! x


  9. I know what you mean...Reading blogs is wonderful but it is very time-consuming...sometimes it is better that to concentrate on living:)
    I love your insta photos. I'm happy that I opened an insta account so I can see your posts there.

  10. Wonderful ♡
    You look beautiful in this Dress :)

    lovely Greetings!

  11. You are looking great Kizzy! Take care.

  12. Definitely agree, I always get into phases where I'm too busy to keep up with blogs but then it's nice to come back and have all new posts to read and catch up on :D
    Hope you're taking a well deserved rest lovely, love seeing your instagram pics <3

  13. Great post dear! I agree too, so much time but I love visiting you all :)
    My IG @travelera.es

  14. That bump again! Too cute. Love that Lil bow on the side of the eye. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  15. You look absolutely stunning - what a joyful time it is for you :)

  16. Sometimes we all need a break! But gosh Kizzy! I had no idea you were expecting! Can't wait to follow you through your pregnancy :)

    Corinne x

  17. As a fellow Bowie lover I'm fond of those Bowie treats. You look lovely doll, and I hear you, I took a break as well and often get inundated with some blogs with the same blog posts. haha. x/M
    FASHION TALES // Eco-Chic

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed your break my dear. xx

  18. Congratulations! I don't know how I missed this pic on your Instagram. Hope your pregnancy is going marvelously well.


  19. Ok, we shall follow you instagram. we've been out of touch too with the blog. follow us on instagram too @TheSyedaSistersblog


  20. I totally know exactly how you're feeling about blogs. Some times I just don't have the energy for them. But I'm happy to catch up with yours, even though I've been keeping up with you on IG, too. Can't believe you're 28 weeks already!

    1. It gets crazy really!! But, am always happy to catch up with your blog too :)) I know, time has flown by :)) x

  21. That inspiring and superb light blue dresses! You're so cute in that lace dress, as your baby baby bump!!! ;)




  22. it's lovely to see you, thanks for sharing all these beautiful things!!, take care of yourself, dear lady!

  23. You look so pretty in that vintage dress! I love seeing your Instagram posts. Beautiful bump, doll!!

  24. I hope you are well! And I do agree! Sometimes catching up with blog posts can be a little overwhelming!! Have a wonderful weekend~~~

  25. Kizzy, you look absolutely stunning! I agree. I use to follow and respond to everybody. I just can't do that anymore. I've cut my reading list considerably. Plus, sometimes your taste changes. What you once loved, you no longer do. You have to let it go sometimes.


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