Sunny Beginnings...

Happy Monday my lovelies!! And also Happy 1st of February!!! Am so glad January is over as it brings us one more step closer to spring time. I hope this month brings you lots of love, happiness and many blessings!! Sorry I was away last week, but I got a new calling at Church and wanted to take the time to read my teaching materials for it & there was a lot, so it took up the week for me combined with everything else. I have moved from the Secretary in the Women's section to the Young Women First Counselor, so I have a lot more responsibilities, but it's great!! 
Since it's so dark here and in most places due to winter (and really if you live somewhere that's sunny all the time, have sympathy for us that don't) I thought to bring some sunshine in this post. I really love the colour yellow in the winter, it really lifts the mood and warms the spirit. But, sometimes in life we need the grey days to appreciate the sunny days more. All the rain we're having here makes me long for the flowers and I know I'll appreciate them more when they do blossom. Which is how life goes, we need to the bad to fully appreciate the good. Sometimes when there is no sunshine, we need to be the sunshine in the lives of those around us. We're all blessed with gifts that bring light and sunshine to others and we should make sure we're using them, because you never know who might be in darkness and need your sunshine!! 
I hope you have a marvellous day my beauties. I will be posting all week & hopefully get some new photos done this week too *fingers crossed for some dry days* I hope the week is full of sunshine for you, even if it's only in my heart!!

Loves & blessings


  1. Happy new month, Kizzy! And congratulations on your new role! I'm over here crossing my fingers and hopping that you get some sunshine from mother nature, but I'm sure you are already getting enough from that bundle of joy and your family. I love the images.

    1. Yellowa beautiful color. Congraz dear

  2. What a lovely Post on a dark Winterday :)
    Thank you for the Inspiration!

    Have a wonderful Start in the new Week, kisses

  3. If I wasn't before, I'm even more ready for spring to get here. I LOVE the color yellow. Such a happy color. Thanks for the inspiration Kizzy! Mwah!

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  4. Turn your beautiful face to the sun and Enjoy this month my dear.

  5. Love and blessings to you too, my dear friend

  6. "But, sometimes in life we need the grey days to appreciate the sunny days more. " I loved this line! Such a sweet, positive post! Happy 1st of February to you as well.

    Do you wanna follow each other? Let me know on my blog! Xo

  7. happy monday sweets
    keep in touch

  8. Morning Kizzy and happy Febr to you too! Well done on your new role, you must be thrilled! I love what u said and I agree with u, this is the perfect and positive way to start a new month. Hope there will be always lots of sunshine in and around you. Have a good week, many hugs and kisses! xo

  9. I love Yellow, Amazing pics and the first is TDF!!!!
    xo Paola
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  10. Hello Kizzy, this is a wonderful start to Monday and for this month of February. So uplifting and inspiring. I will try to bring sunshine to my day to day. Have a wonderful day.

  11. Yellow is such a happy color. Love the first photo, its so amazing. Hope you are feeling a lot better this week. xo

  12. yellow is such a positive colour...amazing photographs! Such a great motivation for the start of a new month. Thank you for sharing<3

  13. Cheers to a new month and a new week. Here's to lots of sunshine and happiness this month.

  14. Lovely post and beautiful piace.

  15. Wishing you sunny days indeed doll. Also, sounds like great new ventures and learning in your new church responsibilities. Happy February. x

  16. Lovely post!!! Happy February for you too!!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  17. What a great collection of pictures! They made me smile.

  18. Yellow has never been one of my favourite colors, but these pics are amazing :)


  19. What a lovely post! So much sunshine, yellow and brightness! It made me smile!
    Hope you have an amazing February with lots of sunshine too.
    Much love,

  20. The first image is just so glam! Congratulations on becoming first counselor! I imagine it's a lot of work but I know you will bring warmth, empathy, and a bit of brightness to everyone you touch in the church!

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  21. Love your sunshine post! So vibrant and bright! LOVVVVVVE it all! Its radiating off my screen! Happy FEB babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  22. Gorgeous, really enjoy this yellow random. I hope spring came soon in your city!

  23. Wonderful! Hope you are having a great day.

  24. ohh how i love this post!!

  25. oh i love all the bursts of yellow. i can't wait for spring to arrive. the groundhog didn't see his shadow yesterday and so spring is coming early! fingers crossed :)

  26. I wish you a lot of brightness and sunshine rays in this new year Kizzy ! Haven't sent my blessing to you yet :*

    And congrats for your new job !

  27. May God see you through this new position, Kizzy dear. You're doing a great job. :)
    I can't wait for Spring. The cold is enough now. Ha!!
    Have a blessed week ahead, dear friend.

  28. Beautiful inspiration; lovely pictures; all the quotes are amazing.


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