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Happy Friday dolls!!! I hope the week has been sweet bliss for you. I hit 30 weeks pregnant on Wednesday, so so happy the end is in sight, absolutely shattered. And now its finally the weekend, I plan on going outside if it's still nice out, enjoy a movie night at church and best of all - Sleeppppp!! 
I've gathered all my favourites this week to share with you, I also wanted to let you know that I will be taking next week off the blog, as my husband is off work. This will also give me loads of time to take pictures if it's nice out and get some product review pictures done as well for when I return. Have a gorgeous weekend & week to come, I'll keep up on Instagram, so join me there if you haven't already!!

Loves & Loves

I think it's quite self-explanatory as to why I would want this...Flower power from D&G's Fall/winter 2016-17. Amazing!!

New beauty products that I discovered a little while ago browsing on Instagram. Bubble T Cosmetics their a colourful and vibrant bath and body brand that not only look good and smell good, but their also free from parabens, SLS & SLE. Their asthetic stems from the Taiwanese drink. They based their ingredients from teas that have the best health benefits. After looking at the ones they offer, I'm definitely going to try them if I can while I'm off for the week. As they sell them at the local store. So, if I do, there will be a review up soon :) 

I'm such a HUGE admirer of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, she's from Spain and I adore her uninhabited use of colour, shapes and quirky designs. Looking at them make me feel happy and I would love to wear them too. I loved this top not only because of the heart print (my favourite print) but because of the huge sleeves on it, perfect!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I had discovered there was such a thing as a Unicorn Cafe!! It's found in Bangkok and I really want to go, haha!! 

Yes, everyone knows I love unicorns, so this isn't a surprise *wink* But, how sweet is this one from my friend Claire's shop!?! Always love the little eyelashes, so sweet :) You can see this and lots more in her adorable shop on Etsy...she hand sews and designs everything, so talented!!

Love rainbow patterns and colours. And after all the rain we've had, this Minga Rainbow Dress is the perfect outfit to wear since it's clearing away more now!! I just can't wait to sit outside barefoot with the sun beaming down and the fragrance of flowers all around me!! Happiness :)

And last, but not least. If you don't fit in, it's ok!! We aren't made to fit in, we were made to stand out and shine bright with our unique selves, talents and gifts that we bring to the world. If everyone was the same, it would be pretty boring and I wouldn't really want to be here, I'd rather live on another planet or something, haha. Appreciate being made as you are, your talents, abilities and things you bring are special. Never let anyone dull your shine, I've never really fit in any specific place myself, but I've learned to absolutely love it. I have friends from all walks of life instead of just keeping myself to one group. I've learned that I don't need nor want to necessarily hang out with people just like me. I can bask in the amazement of everyone's uniqueness without hiding my own!! So be yourself, love yourself, because that's where real happiness is :) 


  1. I'm currently writing up a blog piece on not being able to slot into one particular category and you are SO right about it not mattering! If you are little pieces of everything you get lots more out of life :) I absolutely love your favourites list - you have the BEST taste. It made me super happy this morning. Have a lovely weekend! xxxx

  2. Ooh I need to check out Bubble T cosmetics, I worry a lot about paraben in things! And then Unicorn Cafe is the place of dreams, we need to visit it together one day hehe. Love the last paragraph, this is everything all young girls should hear, I remember being so caught up about not fitting in when I was younger but now it's so obvious that it would be super boring if we were all clones of one another! xx

  3. Wonderful, the Pics and Ideas are gorgeous :)

    Have a beautiful pink Weekend, lovely Greetings!

  4. Dear Kizzy, you are pregnant - OMG, i have missed this news and feel so happy for you! This is going to be a spring baby and you can enjoy this wondeful season eith a new family memeber! Your post is so cheery - just like my mood now! have a splendid weekend!

  5. Yeah' it's finally Friday! D & G always have beautiful dresses and shoes! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hi My Friend!!! Omg soon you Will see ur baby. Already 30 weeks? That is só excited.
    Love ur post.

  7. Such a sweet candy pics... They make me happy :3
    Have a nice weekend, my dear future mom!


  8. Oh wow, that Unicorn Café sounds so interesting - I can imagine how colourful it must be there haha!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  9. That first flower, black coat is GORGEOUS! Always love your Friday favorites/inspirations! Have a great weekend dear :)

  10. You're in the home stretch now :) Must be so exciting. A beauty line inspired by bubble tea sounds amazing and their line looks too sweet. Do enjoy your weekend and your week off with your husband and girls Kizzy!

  11. I love seeing all the fun and unique things that you share on your Instagram, too. Great finds!

    NEW POST: Baby Goats! http://bit.ly/1WTVGxY

  12. Love rainbow dress.

  13. So exciting for you doll, and soon the baby will arrive. Enjoy the week off the blog and time with hubby. Love all of these doll, such great inspiration. xx
    Flower Design

  14. Such wonderful photos. And I loved the words at the end. I sometimes need a reminder, so thank you for that!
    Hope you have a splendid weekend and next week!
    Much love,

  15. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to visit the Unicorn Cafe, sounds like a wonderful place! Love the positive note of the post!


  16. oh my I love your taste SO much, all the glitter and pastels <3

  17. That rainbow dress would be perfect on you. I need that neon sign on my door. Enjoy your weekend my dear.

  18. Absolutely in love with D&G, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    So much loveliness.
    Enjoy the weekend, my dear friend

  19. I am in love with that Unicorn Cafe! I am impressed how they correlate the colors with the food. I want to go there, too.

  20. Love them all. Congratulations, you're very close, :)).


  21. I love how you take time off when hubby is off. I want to visit the unicorn cafe too. All these are masterpieces. I see why they are your faves!

  22. Bubble T cosmetic looks soooo great >w< And I love the unicorn cake <3

    I'm a new reader here, maybe we can follow each other?
    My blog: http://worldismagiiic.blogspot.fr/

  23. the colors are so happy :) perfect for the coming weekend!

    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  24. Oh sweetie always when I visit your blog I feel like a fucking beautiful unicorn~ And that is so cool I love it the first dress for me is perfect for spring! That Unicorn Cafe is like heaven in earth~`Thanks for share your favorites with us


  25. You know I always love your Friday picks...that unicorn is lovely.
    Your text and message is beautiful. We should all celebrate our uniqueness.
    Fitting in is boring, fitting in is for puzzles, not human beings:)


  26. Thanks for featuring my brooch lovely!
    So much brightness and happiness in one post!
    That Bubble T brand looks so cute! I'm a sucker for cute packaging!
    Have a lovely time off with your hubby

  27. Dolce Gabbana seriously delivered this time around!

  28. You always put out such colorful and happy posts. Not too long now and the baby will arrive. I am sure you can't wait for all the cuddles. Enjoy your week off. xo

  29. That D&G collection was a dream, wasn't it? Wow, 30 weeks already?! Rest up and have a great week with your husband!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  30. You always share the cutest bits my beautiful friend! The unicorn café is everything! I'm so excited for your 30 weeks, I wish we lived closer so I could spoil you :-) did you say if it's going to be a girl or a boy? So so happy for you! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  31. I'm very excited for you Kizzy! You're almost there! Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful week doll. Lovely fashion and beauty products.

  32. Beautiful images, see much color fills me with energy, this well you take a break, enjoy your family time!

  33. Nice recap my dear! D&G collection (especially outfit on your photo) is amazing! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Bloglovin of Eniwhere Fashion

  34. Hello from Spain: I really like your proposals. Lovely. keep in touch

  35. Wow! 30 weeks that is just so awesome! I can only imagine the excitement! Glad you are taking this week off to do what needs to be done. All of these favorites are amazing! I think I need that heart print top in my life! The hearts, the sleeves! All perfect! I also do love Claire's shop! She makes such beautiful and creative pieces!


  36. Such a perfect selection! I love the colors!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW OUTFIT POST

  37. I already know what i want for Christmas and it is that flower embellished coat. LOVE!!

    Hope you and the baby are doing well :). Kisses!


  38. Hello Kizzy , I wish you a pleasant, colorful and relaxing weekend! I too would like a dress with these roses immersed in impalpable black silk! It is so fascinating! Comsetici these are really interesting, color and health along with smells good, does not exist any better! Thanks for the advice!
    See you soon


  39. SOSOSOSOSO SOOO excited that you are pregnant!!! So happy for you!!!!! Lots and lots of love!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  40. So many beautiful pastel colors <3
    I love this!!

    I follow you via Gfc and G+ :3

  41. Que lindas imagens arrasou look maravilhoso, bom final de semana.
    Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br/


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