Springtime Wishes!

As spring is slowly coming in for many of us (sorry those that still have some snow) my mind has permanently been fixated on things that I can wear or use in the spring time. The winter has felt long and slow, so once the sunshine and flowers are in full bloom, I'll most definitely be outside soaking it all up!! I decided to share a few things that have me thinking of spring just now! I hope you enjoy them & have a wonderful Wednesday. It's my husband's birthday, so I'll be celebrating with him during the day as he's off. I'll start having some product reviews on the blog as well, as I'm racking up the products now, haha! See ya soon :)

Loves & Loves

1. Chequered Faux Fur jacket -  While there is more sunshine in the spring, in some places there is still a chill in the air, esepcially at night, so a jacket like this is perfect. I love the colours and design. I never get bored of any type of faur fur jacket as the possibilities of how it can look are endless. 

2. I love these Purple Fuzzy Earrings from Baccurelli they're just so cute and the facial expression on them make me smile as I tend to give a look like this sometimes, haha!! 

3. Anything Hello Kitty is marvellous with me, I grew up obsessed with HK and going to the Hello Kitty shop was always my favourite. So, this necklace made by Anne Sophie Cochevelou is wonderful, there's a lot of fantastic pieces in her shop, such creativity and vision. If you want something different, definitely check her shop out.

4. With Easter coming up, this candle is perfect. Flamingo Candles have done a limited edition candle for the occasion, forgoing their usual Flamingo imprinted candles for this sweet bunny. Fluffy and creamy or sharp and tangy, this fragrance combines the notes of juicy rhubarb and creamy caramel vanilla custard. Even after the candle is gone, you can use the sweet decorative jar for keeping things in. So cute!!

5. As a kid I love collecting pins and patches to go on my jackets and lately the desire to collect them has slowly come back. I see cute pins everywhere online and of these ones from Punky Pins are wonderful. Of course, its a given that I would need a unicorn pin *wink* 

6. Since it'll be spring & summer after, I think these jelly bags from Sun Jellies is perfect for carrying the essentials like a book, sunscreen, ipod, phone and so on. They come in sweet pastel colours too. I had a bag like these way back in the 80's so that may be why I like them so much. Sun Jellies also do really cool jelly shoes as well in a variety of colours, so you can treat yourselves to a bag and a pair of shoes all at once. 

7. Some of you may or may not have seen this Unicorn clutch from Skinny Dip London floating around the inter-webs as everyone seems to have one. I've loved it for a long time, it's so cute. And as you may know as well, I do love my novelty bags. 

8. Last, but not least, this gorgeous dress from Gorman Clothing. A recent discovery really, their a company from Australia. Some of you will have seen this dress as I shared it on my Facebook page. But, I love the print design on it, Made of silk, so this would keep you light and cool in the summer time. The print is fab too. It's currently on sale, so one must grab it quick :)


  1. Love it! Spring is coming ♡ :)

    Have a lovely Day!

  2. That coat!!! I'm squealing, it's the most amazing coat I've ever seen! *___*

  3. Hello from Spain: I love your ideas for Spring. I really like your selection. Keep in touch

  4. you know how to cheer up my day!!, such a lovely post!
    I'm loving that checkered faux fur jacket, wouuu, it's fabulous!!!

    1. Yay, am happy to cheer you up my dear :) besos!!

  5. I am in love with spring. Stunning dress.

  6. What an amazingly colorful wishlist, perfect for Spring :)


  7. Morning Kizzy! HB to your hubby, all the best! Hope u both are celebrating and having a beautiful day! All the items made me smile, I want that faux fur, is so adorable! And also, I do love the unicorn clutch, to die for! Many kisses dear! xo

    1. Thank you lovely!! We had a great day. Am happy you liked these items :)) Many kisses to you too xo

  8. All these things have awakened my senses :3


  9. Amazing list! I like the unicorn clutch and the jelly bag. <3


  10. All of these are such fun and bright pieces, very happy selections for spring doll. Take care! x
    Eco-Chic Spring

  11. Hi Kizzy! How are you? <<<>>>
    It feels more like summer around here already and Spring isn't until the 21st. I love the necklace a lot, love. Don't forget to eat for three when he cuts the cake. Eat a slice for me too.

    1. Hiya lovely...I'm great, thank you :) I will definitely eat for three :))) xx

  12. That coat is SO beautiful! I love all the pretty colors!

    Rachel's Lookbook

  13. wow cute items:)


  14. That clutch is too fabulous! Happy Birthday to your husband! Have a lovely celebration!

  15. I'm not quite sure why but I really love those jelly bags. So cute!

  16. Lovely colors!!! Happy spring!!!!
    Have a nice day, doll!!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  17. Definitely love this!!! So dreamy! x

    Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  18. The multicoloured-pastel faux fur jacket is such a statement piece, wow!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  19. Spring soon yay! I love the coat and dress :)

    Corinne x

  20. Such a great selection of spring clothes! Can't wait to update my wardrobe for the warmer weather :) x

  21. Happy Birthday to your husband Kizzy! I love Skinny Dip London. They make the cutest things.

  22. I love that jelly bag. Can't wait for Spring!

  23. Hope the Hubby had a wonderful day Kizzy. Spring has nearly sprung here - cold but beautiful :)
    A xxx

  24. Lovely post, dear! .x


  25. the purple fuzzy earrings are so cute and unique! ;D

    Winn | ♥
    winscribbles.blogspot.com | Instagram

  26. I love those colors. Spring collection is such a delight to see.

  27. Fun stuff! I like that spring is so colourful!!
    Yay for spring coming your way :D
    Much love,

  28. I love your colourful wishlist, especially the dress! Much love darling! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose new post

  29. I want everything in this post esp the unicorn magic clutch <3



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