Hello dolls, Happy Wednesday to you!! I hope the week is going well for you so far? I just want to say a BIG thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes, I really appreciate them, I had a wonderful day!! I thought today I would share some things from the time that I wasn't around & also some birthday pressies too!! I hope you enjoy & have a sweet day.

Loves & loves

My little Lily's hand on my strawberry skirt that I bought. She's 3 months now & oh so lovely!! Teething a bit at the moment, but still smiling lots!! We all love her so much :)

A dress that I received c/o Wolf & Whistle it has flowers all over it. I absolutely love it. Will show it on the blog soon. I got to give them a quote & it was printed on the cards they put in purchases, so if you want my quote for the month, go and make a purchase, ha!! I love their new season of clothes out at the moment!!

Little poodles that I got from my middle child Noemie for my birthday, so cute!!

Another birthday present from friends...this amazing photo book of David Bowie, I love it so!!

These gorgeous earrings were one of my presents from my husband!! Have been admiring them on etsy for a while, so I got to pick a pair. Their lilies and handmade. So beautiful from English Vintage Design!

I'm so crazy excited for this Mucha exhibition...more so than I was for my birthday, LOL!! Starts next month & I can't wait to go...of course I will have it all on the blog :)

Have been taking pictures of flowers like crazy!! Will fill my phone with them to look at when the winter is driving me bonkers. I just love flowers!!

I completely love these masks from 7th Heaven Beauty....will be pampering for a long time!!

One of the last things I purchased...this vintage jacket from Etsy!!

And Lastly.....

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  1. The earrings are lovely. Happy three months to baby Lily!

  2. Lily's hand is so cute...and so tiny. Babies are a living miracle, just seeing them makes one want to make this world a better place for grandmother says that babies are fully conscious when they're born and the only thing they don't know is talk. I do believe they are aware of many things as soon as they come to this world. I see Lily already has a great taste in fashion and shares our love for prints. Strawberry print is wonderful.

    Those earrings your husband got for you are so pretty!!! love them!!!!

    My husband also likes Mucha's art. I'm not sure does he know his name, but he likes his painting. There is one cafe jazz bar here in Mostar that is covered with reproductions of Mucha's art and my husband and I often sit there. He even ask me to draw something in his style. I will try some day.

  3. Can't believe Lily's already 3 months old, time flies! Your presents and new in items are all divine, you always have the most impeccable and magical taste <3

  4. Morning! U got so many beautiful things, just love everyting! The earrings from ur husband are my fave and so u! You too have a good week ahead! xo

  5. Lovely baby's hand:) great post! I love the details:)
    Have a nice day!

  6. Lovely post!!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. All your birthday gifts are soooo beautiful... I'd seen them by Instagram yet :)
    The pink floral jacket is perfect for you!


  8. Ah that pic of your baby Lily is super precious! Such wonderful delights. That Bowie book look fabulous!

  9. I adore little Lily´s hand, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Your blog is always full of beauty and joy.
    Mil besos, amiga

  10. What fun gifts, especially love the quote with Wolf & Whistle. The exhibition sounds lovely, and much looking forward to hearing about it when you visit.

  11. 3 months??? How time flies! Hope you are well :)

    Corinne x

  12. omg! Look at your daughter's hand! I am sooooo happy for you kizzy!

  13. That floral dress!! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW FASHION POST

  14. So many lovely stuff!

    Federica Di Nardo

  15. You are so totally and perfectly You which is why we love you so much!!

  16. Lily must be so beautiful Kizzy. I am glad that she is doing well. The presents you received are so nice. The pink roses are lovely.

  17. Adorable! i love your magic World Kizzy Von Doll :)

    lovely Greetings

  18. Hi Doll!
    It's been so long since I read you!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday, keep in touch!

  19. Great post dear!

  20. Oh, Lily's hand on your strawberry-printed skirt is so, so sweet! I love the 'dare to be you' print, by the way :)

  21. Three-month ??? God is going over time? He has flown, that cute gifts I love Bowie's book, and those poodles are so sweet!! Happy weekend doll.

  22. Sorry for dealy KIzzy but Happy Birthday!!!! So beautiful things!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  23. Love these inspirations :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my earlier post :D

    Maybe you have time to check out my new post Five years of Love

    Follow me on Google Plus


  24. lots of lovely things!, and those earrings are fabulous!, so glad that you received so cute presents for your birthday!!
    And that Mucha exhibition looks amazing!

  25. Everything is so super gorgeous here. I especially love the strawberry print and the poodles.

  26. Adorable image of baby Lily's hand :-) Hope you have had a marvellous week celebrating doll, have a lovely beginning of the new week.
    Hugs A

  27. I love the strawberry print so cute. Those earrings are also very nice.


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