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Happy Monday dollfaces!! I hope you had a great weekend. I thought I would start the week off with some colourful art!! A little bit different from the art I usually share on here, but that's why I love it so much! It's bright, it's fabulous and the artist is overflowing with so much talent, how could I not share her work here!?! 
I love fashion illustrations, it's always fun to see them before I see the actual clothes if possible. I can't remember when I came to know Womenswear designer & Fashion Illustrator Anjelica Roselyn, but I'm really happy that I did. It's a burst of colour that is always needed each day & I've seen a lot of fashion illustrations before, but I feel that Anjelica has such a strong and unique style, it's really refreshing. I tend to breeze over fashion illustrations to get to the real clothes, but with these, I could browse over them without limit. They're as alive as the clothes they depict. The faces has attitude and movement as though they might walk off the paper and sashay down the runway for real. 
Born in America in 1991, but raised in London, England. She graduated from London College of Fashion. She's interned at Marc Jacobs & Ryan Lo - I'm seriously jealous of that one! And since 2014, she's been working as a freelance fashion illustrator. 2016 found her named as Instagram's Best Fashion Illustrators" by Radisson Red and Skinny Dip's Young British Talent in February.
She's received recognition for her incredible talent from fashion superstars such as Pat McGrath, Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, Anna Sui, Adam Selman, Di$count Universe and Ohne Titel, how incredible. Her clients include Hunger Magazine, Noctis Magazine and BeExposed Magazine. I'm always eager to see what she'll bring out next, below you'll find some of my favourites, but if you love fashion, as I know most of you do, please stop by her Instagram to see lots more of her work, because her talent speaks for itself and deserves to be seen and admired. Enjoy dolls & have a wonderful day.

Loves & Loves

Anjelica Roselyn: Website | Twitter | Instagram 

{ALL images used with permission from Anjelica Roselyn. Copyrighted. Please contact for permission to use or more information}


  1. So accomplished and talented. Happy new week doll!

  2. Morning Kizzy! Her work puts me in a good mood, she is very talented and the illustrations are so striking and cool, love them! Have a great week ahead dear, hugs! xo

  3. The Illustrations are adorable! Great Work <3

    Happy Monday beautiful Woman!

  4. Very colourful illustrations, they are awesome!

    Happy Monday sweetie!

  5. What a career so far. I love her use of color and how she conveys expressions!

  6. So colourful and very pretty :) xx Maja

  7. Wonderful fashion illustrations - thanks so much for sharing them! I love the explosion of colour and at times sharp edges of the frames/outfits.


  8. I adore pops of bright colour and loved this. Her art really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing, doll. Happy new week to you. xo

  9. You always share the best stuff! These illustrations are so fun and inspiring!

  10. Love her colourful and expressive style, so unique! <3

  11. So talented and I Love the colors. Happy week my dear!

  12. Hello!! I love this artist! This colors guauuuuuuu!! Thanks for the post! Kissssssswsss

  13. Wow doll! These are super cool & interesting. They're not my style of art, but I love fashion illustrations as well and these really do take on a life of their own. Thanks so much for sharing Angelica's art with us.


  14. Very talented and unique fashion illustration. I like her style. I think I saw her works on Instagram, she does have a recognizable style and that is always fantastic! Most people I follow on Instagram are artists of some kind, either that or blogging friends.

  15. These desings are really different, original and stunning! Colour everywhere :D



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