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With only a pesky cough, I made my way to Glasgow city to the Kelvingrove Museum as the Mucha exhibition was coming to an end. Having to leave later in the afternoon due to Noemie's dance classes, the museum was heavily packed. But, any museum is my happy place, so I didn't mind too much. Making my way around the beautiful art is like opening presents at Christmas time. The scatters of wonderful colours on canvas, the smooth shaped marble of carved statues to the intricate details of lace from the antique textiles. 
I went there wearing my amazing beret that I won from the fantastic Beauxoxo, in my favourite colour blue, it's lovingly scattered with Marie Antoinette embroideries. I didn't get far walking around without someone stopping to admire my hat, which was quite lovely. A beautiful lady even stopped to share her admiration for it with a smiling face. What I love about the beret the most though, is that it's handmade by a wonderful gal named Georgie!! I won this from one of her competitions, I didn't think I'd win, so I was overjoyed when I woke up to find a tag on Instagram telling me that I'd won from my entry on Facebook. 
I love wearing berets, it's a great way to hide messy hair like mine and adds such a sophisticated touch to an outfit. The lighting in the museum was a touch darker than it usually is, so some of the pictures were tricky to take, but it beat taking them outside where it was cold and wet. Now that I'm better, I'll work towards having not only an outfit post each week, but regular postings here on the blog. I hope you enjoy & be sure to check out Beauxoxo for not only gorgeous berets, but many other darling hair accessories, I love them so!! Thank you all for the lovely get well messages, I've appreciated them greatly, so sweet you all are (hugs)

{Dainty Boudoir: Beret - c/o Beauxoxo from a competition ; Top, Skirt & Tights - Ebay finds, Lipstick - Lime Crime}

Have a wonderful day dolls


  1. What a beauty you are! Love this entire ensemble and such a perfect backdrop too <3

  2. That might just be the cutest beret I've ever seen!


  3. Morning Kizzy! You are looking mesmerizing! The beret is a little masterpiece and suits u so well! Loving the blouse too, just flawless! Hugs! xo

  4. Amazing pics, tottally obsessed with your shirt!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. The Photos are adorable! You are beautiful from inside and outside :)

    Have a lovely Day

  6. I have no words for the beret because it's amazing... but you are really pretty!


  7. Glad to hear you made it to the Mucha exhibition and you looked smashing doing it as well. That beret is everything!

  8. what a perfect location for this beautiful outfit. This styling is perfect from head to toe. That beret is so adorable and such a perfect accessory for this look. The white shirt with ruffles is so chic...and such a wonderful pairing with that pink skirt. I do love the pastel tones in this outfit. Blue, white and pink make for such a sweet combo.

    You look so pretty! so sweet! so feminine! Lovely posing as well.

  9. You look so chic Kizzy. You look great in your cute beret. The Museuam must be a fun visit for you.

  10. Looks very cool :)

    Invite to m blog and follow each other

  11. I love that you took this beret to the museum. I love how it looks!

  12. Hi Kizzy, it's Tulip and Molly, so nice to see you, you look wonderful, so beautiful, I am loving the outfit and your beautiful face! XOXO!

  13. I absolutely ADORE the ruffle-front to your crisp white blouse, beautiful!


  14. Lovely pics. Your hat is so amazing.


  15. So cute!


  16. I think we all have that moment when we seriously need to cover the hair. I am glad you made it to the museum. I am also glad you did not miss your daughter's dance class. You look so classy in that shirt. Happy new week!

  17. You look beautiful, doll! I agree, museums are my happy place too, no matter where we travel I try to pop in a museum even when away on business. It makes everything better. I love hats and saw this on your Instagram, it has such charming details. xx/Madison

  18. The beret is magnificent! I love them too, and you're right...so good for hiding messy hair. Love hats in general they add so much style to outfits too. You look gorgeous!


  19. Aw...You look fabulous,my dear! love the hat, very unique! great postxoxo


  20. wowww, dear lady, you're gorgeous!, fabulous pics and fabulous exhibition (I love Mucha!)
    and fabulous beret indeed!!

  21. You look beautiful and chic Kizzy! So good to see you on the blog!

  22. Hi, beautiful doll, I'm glad that you have returned to delight us with your unique style, I like how you mixed two trends the romantic and the embroidery, although this beret also reminds me of the patches that are so fashionable.


  23. Museums are one of my favorite places though I can't stand the crowds. I love all the embroidery on the beret - how fun!

  24. Absolutely gorgeous place to photos <3 I love everyone of shots dear. You look fantastic !!! Beautiful beret and your blouse <3
    Amazing photos :)

    Kisses dear :**


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