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Hello doll hearts!! Happy Monday, today I wanted to share some things that I've bought recently. I've never really done many of these posts, but instead of sharing them on my insta (because that gets boring) I thought I would do more regular posts here of them to share. I tend to buy more vintage things, but this is more modern things for a change. So, here we go. Most of this stuff came from the same place - TK Maxx, I love strolling around there, I find all sorts of things. My fellow Americans will know the shop as TJ Maxx, but it's still the same shop. I love bargains :)))) Especially on designer things. So here we go!!

These 2 ties above actually came from a tie shop & they were bought for my husband, but I totally plan on wearing them myself, because I love the colours and designs. Ha, so that's why I'm sharing them with you!! Aren't they gorgeous? 

Above & Below - 2 Betsey Johnson handbags. I've loved her as a designer since a teenager. Her use of bright colours and patterns have always caught my eye and I think she's fantastic no matter what age. So, I plant to wear these with a bright coloured dress and have fun :))

Of course, you knew there would be a unicorn in here somewhere...obviously, this is how I roll!! I bought this and still need to hang it up, will go in my kitchen. It makes me smile. I might paint the hair and hang some necklaces on it!! 

I did share this bed jacket on my Insta a while ago, but added it in any ways. Another vintage bed jacket, but I love the florals and it's my favourite colour, so I'm Winning!!! Got it from my favourite - Effie Butterworth!

Another thing TK Maxx is good for is beauty products from around the world. I've seen Etude House on many blogs, but never tried any thing before, so I got this hand lotion. And the hand mask will be fun, never heard of the company before, so something new to try is great. I'll have post a review of them both soon after I've used them! The pink item is a dolphin, so cuuuuute!!

Below my tshirt/shorts pieces bought for Comic Relief. I think it's a great way to donate money for a good cause by buying items like this. The money will go to helping people in the UK & Africa. I shared this on my Insta as well. Red Nose day is March 24th. (for the UK)

I don't wear much leopard print, but I thought this skirt would be fun to use to mix prints with and colour. It's soft to touch, so I'll enjoy wearing this!!

I'm crazy for William Morris prints, so this dress was perfect and it's blue. I bought it from a shop called Vintage Style Me. The owner makes all the dresses herself with fabrics. Can't wait to wear it when it gets a bit warmer!!

And there you have it...my shopping haul!! I hope you enjoyed & wish you a wonderful day!! I'll be back here on Wednesday & then the rest of the week, I'll be working on the blog over haul!! Hope the sun shines for you.

Loves & Loves


  1. Morning Kizzy! Ah, what I can say is IM in LOVE!! Well done, the stuff is utterly cute and adorable, very u! I like the jacket most, the unicorn made me laugh! Happy Monday dear, hugs! xo

  2. wowwww, everything looks Amazing!!, I love particularly those Betsey Johnson bags and William Morris print on a dress, such a fabulous piece!!

  3. love those bags! when I was in America I went to TJ Maxx nearly everyday, I loved it!! xx


  4. I did enjoy your shopping haul a lot! Those bags are fabulous. The vintage jacket really caught my eye...that blue dress is darling...the ties are a floral fantasy, love them so much, I can totally get why you plan to steal them from hubby...it is fun sharing things with hubbies, isn't it? Lovely leopard skirt and a very cute red nose t-shirt:). It is great to shop at charity shops...and I think that supporting local designers and artisans is important as well. With our shopping choices we can help someone maintain their business. It may sound like an excuse for shopping, but as long as we're already doing some shopping, why not use it to do good?

    Have a great start of the week!

  5. The telephone bag is so sweet - and very true to your personal style! Also, I have such a soft spot for pussybow blouses right now and so I love the blue floral top!


  6. Ooh Betsey Johnson will always be a favorite for fun statement accessories! You have such a cool collection of bed jackets as well.
    I hope you enjoy the Etude House products! I'm trying more KBeauty products and liking it so far!

  7. I love so much the telephone and flowers bags!! They're so stunning *O*


  8. Great stuff Kizzy, lovely items!
    Kisses, Paola.

  9. I've always wondered why it was called TK there and TJ here. Anyway, I really love the bags you got. Those are so cute and spring perfect.

  10. You've picked up some really lovely things! That telephone bag is too fun!

  11. Nice shopping haul; the Betsy Johnson bags and neck ties are my favorites; so cute.

  12. I love the ties and the phone bag! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    Corinne x

  13. Wonderful ties, perfect for an unicorn like you. Loving the lot.
    My husband stopped complaining a long time ago with three women takeing over his wardrobe, hahhahaha.
    Much love, my dear friend

  14. Great items! i would totally steal those ties as well. and Betsy Johnson is amazing no matter what age! I feel in love with her work relatively late (in my early 20s) so it's definitely not for teens, haha

    Inside and Outside Blog

  15. TJ Maxx and Home goods, gosh I could easily spend all day there. Gorgeous finds all the time. I totally love those ties and would go looking for them. Perfect for this time of year. I say those Betsy Johnson bags at Macy's and they looked incredibly beautiful. I was tempted to snag one but I controlled the urge haha. Happy Monday doll!


  16. This shopping is so special! Good choices

  17. Hello Kizzy, what interesting purchases, the ties are so sweet, I like Betsey Jhonson's proposal I find playful, funny and above all very feminine, also adore the unicorn and the rabbit t-shirt, it seems great when you buy and helps others People, a dear kiss and continues delighting us with these post. Kisses.


  18. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Those photos look amazing x You will like to see more fun from here.

  19. So funny the telephone bag!!!

  20. very nice!!! have a good day!!!!👌👌👌💚💚💚

  21. Hello Kizzy,
    I love everything, but the bags stole my heart, especially the one with the phone. Nice haul!

  22. TJ Maxx is my therapy and I visit two stores every week near me. Those are Great finds and I love the Betsey Handbags. Enjoy!

  23. i love these kind of posts, and i must say that i love vintage things too.
    these bags you bought are so nice.
    Whats your insta? here is mine : brooklynnns
    i'll follow back

  24. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh. So much to love. Those ties! Omfg. <3 <3 <3 The bed jacket is adorable and I'm in love with that patterned blue dress. What a great little vintage shop!

    - Anna


  25. omg.. im totally in love with that blouse.. so cute!!

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my earlier post :)

    Maybe you’d like to check out my new post: Bluemia

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