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Hello dolls! I hope you had an amazing weekend  & your week is going well so far. Mine was great, more Christmas shopping & we took the girls along with their cousins to see Santa. It was a fun time for them all. The days are really getting colder here, so lots of warm foods were had & not much else. I still have plenty more to do to prepare for Christmas & the New Year, but I'm very excited. 
 I haven't done one of my Life Lately posts for quite a while, so I thought it was quite overdue. Sometimes in posts it's impossible to let you all know completely what I've been up to, especially when I'm talking abut a product or place. So, I like to do these posts, so you get to know me more, so here's a little bit of what's been in my life lately.

I took time to actually get lost in tv shows. I enjoy watching tv, but tend to record everything and catch up at a later point with it, but for the last months I've actually been sitting and watching tv in the evenings, which has helped a great deal in distracting me from the winter season...I sometimes get bad S.A.D.S. at this time, so distractions are always needed. But here are some that have been my favourites:

Stranger Things - if you don't like this show, we can't befriends!! (I joke, we can really, but I'll make you catch up) I love this one so much because it combines so many fave elements - spookiness, the unknown, and the 80's - the era I grew up in and the nostalgia is so great when watching this. I wish I was this together as these young actors are at their age, so brilliant.  Plus, Winona Ryder is one of my favourites!
Outlander - Of course I would be interested in this one living in Scotland itself. I didn't read the books until I was well through the show, I prefer the show to the books if I'm honest, which is a first. The main actors are fantastic & I'm happy to see Scotland in the spotlight as it's such a great country & I'm also glad that for once a proper Scottish person is playing the lead, so that it's more accurate, lol.  Many of the locations are in distance from me, maybe in the spring I'll visit some of them to share on here :)
The Good Doctor- this is a recent find to watch, but I enjoy the lead actor since he was small and in The Spiderwick Chronicles (I believe that's what it was called) Freddie Highmore plays Shaun Murphy a young surgeon with autism & Savant syndrome . He's recruited into a surgical unit of a prestigious hospital.  The acting is superb and does a great job of bringing awareness for people with autism because I think many still have no idea what it is and assume those with it are incapable of having a life and being good at anything. It's actually the opposite. Plus, he's so straightforward with people it comes across as sarcasm and I enjoy seeing him put people in their place when they doubt his abilities. You are able to feel for him and connect quickly, so I hope this show lasts for a long time.

Listening a lot to Hamilton. This is now playing in London, if you have a chance to see it, DO IT!!! It's absolutely amazing, my oldest daughter Saffron is obsessed with it and loves Lin-Manuel Miranda. We play the soundtrack regularly in the car and know all the words... even the raps. She talks to anyone who will listen about this. I really wish we would be able to get to London to see it or meet Lin-Manuel, she'd freak out, ha!!

I discovered that I enjoy K-pop and other Korean singers. I rarely listen to pop music in general, but music as of lately has been boring me silly, so after hearing about some K-pop artists, I've been finding more of them that I enjoy. BTS is one that I've enjoyed for a while, but it's fun to find more that I enjoy at the moment. I have to say, the talent and dedication that is put into the music and the videos slays. Like, they put everyone to shame. I love the videos as much as the songs themselves. I've been super impressed. Some of my faves have been:
BTS - their from South Korea & they became the first Kpop artist recently to perform at the American Music Awards where they did brilliantly. You might have seen them around now due to that exposure. On American talk shows like Ellen or radio stations as well.  Plus, their so bloody cute. But, I'm older than them, so I'm more like a 'Noona' (I'm learning lots of cute Korean words!
Jackson Wang - Now he's actually from China, but he's based in Korea, so that's why I've included him as well. I'm jealous of his hair and cheekbones!! He's was recommended to me & it's different from what I listen to, but I like how he mixes different sounds, which caught me by surprise as I thought he'd be singing ballads for some reason, so I was pleasantly surprised. Fantastic voice :)
Black Pink - Their another recommendation, which was refreshing to get as most of my recommends were boys and I wanted to listen to some girl power in their too!! Black Pink are from South Korea, I love them because they're not what you think. I first thought, oh their so cute, but these girls are quite fierce and strong which made me love them even more!! 
I know that many of my readers are Korean, so if you have favourite music artists or anything, let me know, I'd enjoy checking them out!!

Which leads me to learning new things. Obviously if one listens to K-pop and such, they should at least learn some Korean right?? I mean everyone seems to learn Spanish, French and so on, but I rarely come across someone that says 'Yay, I'm learning Korean', so I've challenged myself to learn, I might not become fluent or insanely great at it, but I would at least like to learn and be able to converse if I go to South Korea. I think it also helps to understand people more when you open yourself up to learn about them - not go in thinking you know everything because of tv or news, but actually just be open to learn and respect. 

And lastly...I've been taking the time to do new things. Life can get into a stale routine and it's been driving me crazy these past months, so I've been writing down things I'd like to do in the NY (besides learn a language) to just make the year better. We tend to waste so much time because we are afraid or lose our confidence - which was the case with my blog. I didn't even like taking pictures of myself before I took the break, but I've been able to get confidence back and direction. So, I plan on just filling the NY with lots of places, things and stuff I've never done before. And doing lots more here on my blog. Life is too short for anything less!! I'll maybe have a NY resolution type post closer to the New Year.

So, that's some of the things I've been up to besides chasing after my girls and keeping things in order. I'm challenging myself to add more & do more in the New Year & live my best life!! I hope you do the same. What have you been up to?? Have a great start to the week :)

Loves & Loves


  1. Morning Kizzy, hope you too had a good weekend! Have started to think of what to do in the next year as well, hope for new things and adventures! Happy Monday dear! xo

    1. Good evening lovely!! MY weekend was great. I hope the NY will bring you lots of adventures and happiness indeed and lots of fun :) Happy Monday to you too! xo

  2. Hi Kizzy, hope you are doing well. Very nice post. For me, this year was like a bad dream. I wish for some good things in coming year <3
    Kisses <3

    1. I am well my lovely. I hope this new year will be a much better one for you!! Wish you many good things!! <3

  3. I am not that into tv series,however I like The Gifted for example. I know....I am a Peter Pan!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. Ha, I will check out The Gifted, sounds interesting!! Nothing wrong with Peter Pan!!

  4. We've been watching The Good Doctor as well. I was intrigued because it's based on a very successful Korean drama. They started off following the same plot but it's been interesting to see how they've diverged from it. The lead actor does a great job in it. I listen to more K-indie than K-pop so I can't really weigh in.

    1. Yes, I had read that. I see, they diverged from the Korean one, interesting. I'll have to check out some K-Indie as well, I love all kinds of music :) xx

  5. I also love Stranger Things. And I've gotten into The Good Doctor as well. I watch it at the gym. After I saw Hamilton this past spring I listened to the soundtrack nonstop. It's really good. I love "Satisfied" and "Wait For It" the most.

    Kudos to you on learning Korean!

  6. Happy Monday, Kizzy!
    The Good Doctor is definitely one of my favorite fall shows. I also heard so much about Stranger Things. I do want to watch it. Christmas shopping can be fun and stressful at the same time. I am glad the girls got to see Santa. I am sure they had a good time. Thanks for sharing these shows with us.

  7. I've really enjoyed reading this post, Kizzy. I like Stranger Things too. Do you remember Eerie Indiana btw? That was such an amazing show - should find it and rematch it. I've gotten lost in TV - that said - I dont really watch them - I listen and glance when I am making things late at night. I am especially enjoying Preacher. It's so bad shit crazy. A preacher, his mad kick-ass girlfriend and their vampire mate all off on a road trip trying to find God - who's gone missing because he wants to listen to jazz. Hahahaha. I get that's piqued your curiosity eh? hahaha

  8. great to see you back! I love stranger things as well and can't wait for season 3 to start. I started watching Riverdale on Netflix for the heck of it and aside from some of the teeny bopper things it's actually quite good :) stay warm! it's a bit cold here too.

  9. Cute selection! Amazing inspirations!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  10. Very happy to hear you took some time to get lost in some TV shows - relaxation is key, especially at this time of year! :)


  11. Oh sweetheart great! I love it Outlander

  12. Glad you are back! Lovely Greetings from Vienna <3 Lots of Hugs

  13. glad to read you back!, and your lovely recaps!, you always inspire me to discover new and interesting things!. K-pop, series, lots of fun!


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