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    Now a days making a statement is everything. Even before we speak, we're making a statement with our clothes, our swagger, the list is endless. We try to 'say' who we are without speaking, we want to turn heads when we walk into a room. And statement jewellery is definitely a perfect way to do just this, that's why I love Abbie's bold statement jewellery, influenced by geometry, mathematics and the colour pink, I can't help but stare at them straight away. As someone who loves shapes and the way they move, these make me go 'wow'!! They remind me of the 80's when we wore bold statement pieces with interesting shapes and colours.
    They're playful and colourful, yet versatile for any person to wear. Abbie, originally from Hampshire, UK graduated in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design & Related Products from Birmingham School of Jewellery. Her graduate collection was awarded runner-up of the RSBSA Gallery Prize for Innovation & Creativity. Now she's based at the school as an Artist in Residence where her unique work continues to grow and flourish. 
    What I love about them are their uniqueness, but yet their identifiable to the wearer and the viewer. Shapes are all around us, their a huge part of our every day life even if we don't realise it. We choose items based on shape almost instantly. I love how these pieces take from that yet distort it into something fresh and invigorating. I absolutely love the pastel colours, it just hits the spot perfectly. Whether wearing them to work or out for some fun, they suit every moment. I absolutely love them, be sure to check out Abbie's website as there is so much more to see!! Above are a few favourites of mine. Happy Monday dolls, have a great day!

    Loves & Loves

    P.S. Should you want to try your luck at a giveaway, Abbie is having one on her Instagram at this moment - ends on the 29th of January. £35 voucher!! She ships worldwide ;) 


    1. It so lovely!! That ear ring are so good.

    2. Happy new week, Kizzy! These are very unique indeed. We definitely make a statement whether we know it or not. I really like the colors and the shape. Great post doll!!

    3. What cool shapes and it definitely makes for fun statement earrings!

    4. I do like the '80s vibe of geometric jewelry. I think this style looks most fun on earrings.

    5. Amazing Colors and beautiful Design!

      lovely Greetings <3

    6. These earring styles are definitely a cute way to make a style statement! And yes the pastel hues totally have that 80's vibe going :)

    7. Geometric fashion jewellery sure can be a lot of fun, some of these styles are so fun and striking!! And colourful of course! :)


    8. so cool earrings! (and prices are really affordable!)
      Thanks for sharing!

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      I really like your design and that's how you write😊
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    10. I agree, nowadays statements definitely are in everyday dress--I like these unique jewellery pieces. Loved the ones I saw on your Instagram as well. <3 I'd wear it! x /Madison

    11. These are quite unique and so good. I love the fun design for sure Great statement pieces.


    12. Unos pendientes preciosos! Muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog! ♥️♥️♥️

    13. Amazing creations! Thanks for sharing!!
      Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY


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