Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year dolls!! I hope 2018 brings you all much happiness, adventures and blessings!! I'm enjoying some family time, so I'll be back to the blog regularly soon. The time goes by so fast to enjoy time with them, so I want to savour it. I am active on my twitter & instagram at the moment though. I just wanted to drop in to send you all some love & wishes for the new year.
I hope that whatever you didn't achieve in last year, you will get to this year. Don't be hard on yourself, but just take the lessons learned and forget the past. Let's love harder and better this year, for ourselves and others. Let's be more adventurous to try new things and go where we've never been before. If you're hiding away scared to be who you are, this is the time to break that damaging cycle and show the world your shine. Be fearless!! 
Let's look into the mirrors and love what we see because we are amazing beings with so much potential and gifts to give to this world. Love yourself so much, that when someone says something negative or destructive to you, it just bounces off. Words that don't come at you in a constructive and character building way, should be quickly discarded. We spend way too much time on hurtful words instead of the kind ones we receive.
Spend time trying new things, learning and becoming a better you. Shut off the social media from time to time and connect with the world outside, that is most important. Not being popular through a screen. See friends, make new friends, share with them. Write down your memories, so you can look back on them and see how far you've come. Tell those negative thoughts to take a hike, they have no place in this new year. Replace them with positive affirmations each day until they become second nature to your mind. That thing you're scared to do?? Do it, what have you got to loose really when you think about it. Regret is far more costly than doing it and failing. In fact there is no failing, only lessons learned. 
And just to end, thank you! Thank you for being here in this Dainty Dolls House and allowing me to express myself and learn from you too. I'm so excited for this New Year and I have a lot of new ideas and glitter to share!! I plan on doing a little pampering today & tomorrow to set myself up right for facing the challenges of what's to come!! I hope you had a great NY celebration!!

Love to you all

(ps, I left comments off, just have a great day or say hi on Instagram or Twitter - links at the top)

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