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Want your nails to look fab, but don't feel like painting them? A genius idea is to use nail wraps! During the winter time, my nails become impossible and usually break off no matter what I do. So, when I started seeing nail wraps everywhere, I thought this would be my perfect solution to having nice nails without the hassle of painting them or waiting ages for them to dry. Sometime at the end of last year, one of my favourite shops had a giveaway to win her latest creation - nail wraps with her designs on them! I knew straight away I had to enter & for once with a competition I won.
These fab nail wraps come from Cherry & Mint, their in a cool retro style that if you watched the same show, will remind you of Saved By The Bell! Their vegan and you get two full sets of 20 nail decals. Their so easy to use, you just peel the decal off the clear backing and stick directly onto your nail, you can adjust for your nail size easily with scissors or file the excess away. Then seal with a clear top coat. They last 5-10 days with minimal chipping and whenever you wish to take them off, just peel them and you're done, no need for nail polish remover. Which I think is fab because I really dislike nail polish removers. 
My only recommendation is not to do these when you have a small child at home with you, haha. I started off well putting them on but then slowly messed a few of them up because Lily is a mischief maker and bumped my fingers before I was finished adjusting the wraps perfectly. Haha. But, I don't mind as they now make me think of her and her wild spirit, so that makes me happy!! You can find these beauties and much more at the Cherry & Mint Etsy ShopHave a gorgeous day beauties.

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  1. Cute Manicure, i love the Colors!

    Have a wonderful Day, lots of Hugs <3

  2. Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post.
    Many thanks for supplying these details.

  3. These are s cute nail patches but placing them on the nails is quite tricky. I have tried some but don't like the concept. I love the designs of the patches :)

  4. Hello,

    So amazing !

    Sarah, http://www.sarahmodeee.fr/

  5. Nail wraps can be so much fun and definitely quicker than polish haha :) Hope you're having a lovely week so far!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide Giveaway: Hotel Chocolat Valentine's Heart Chocolate Box! x

  6. Right now I have a gel manicure, but I tend to wear nail wraps quite a lot. They're a lot easier and a lot cheaper. And they don't mess up your nails like gels can. Cute designs!

  7. What a cute mani idea! I love the fun designs and that it's quick and easy!

  8. really cute idea, and so many colors!

  9. love the cute colors and pattern!

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  10. They last 5-10 days and they are vegan! They look very beautiful. I like each design. These are not easy to apply, and I think you did a great job putting them on. Great review, doll!


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