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Do you make new goals each month? In all honesty, it hasn't ever been something that I've done a lot of before, but I thought to start doing it as a sort of check list for myself each month. Time sometimes seems to get away from me with three children and other work to do, so often by the end of the month I can't even remember exactly what I got accomplished, haha. This is in no way a 'I have to get this done' type of list, just goals I would like to steer towards with no restraints as often you can make a goal and it can take you where you never anticipated, so there's no restraints on these goals.

1. Get more books read - seriously, I am slacking. I have a book that I've started reading but have yet to finish. I'd really love some that I just can't put down, so if you have any like that, that you've read, let me know!

2. Get blog posts organised - I think in doing this, I will be able to post more regularly. This includes getting outfit pictures done as well. I sometimes procrastinate or over-think and then just avoid it altogether. So, I plan on putting together outfits, sitting them out, and just making myself go take pictures. Because once I'm out taking pictures, I have fun and wonder why I don't do it more often, haha. Plus, if there is anything you'd like me to post about, let me know! But, bare with me with this weather, it's so cold out to take pictures at the moment.

3. Do more of the little things - Stuff one enjoys doing that you don't realise you enjoy doing until you stop doing it for a long time. Like painting my nails, get my hair cut & maybe coloured, have lunch out somewhere, take longer walks, writing in a journal. Sometimes, it's the little things that have a bigger impact on your well being.

4. Exercise more - Due to winter, I became lethargic and not really interested in moving and that's not really good is it? I feel better and more energised when I exercise, so I'd like to get back to it to feel better and less lethargic.

5. Write Letters/Send Cards - I think email and the internet as a whole make it too easy to send messages. It's not very personal, it's cold and sadly I've not sent as many cards or letters as I used to. I love nothing more than getting post of letters or packages. I thought of this the other day as I was looking at notebooks, so I'd like to revive this dying art of writing more than typing!

Happy Tuesday dollfaces, sorry for no post yesterday, my children had been off school since Thursday due to the snow & I needed Monday to tidy my house. I hope your week has started blissfully.

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  1. Great Goals! Nr.4 is a good Goal for me too. :)


  2. amazing goals, good luck💜💜

  3. great goals, all of them look really like something I would like to include in my own list!. More books, more blog posts, more little things, more exercise, more stationery and mail! All of them are really inspiring ideas!
    Wish you luck!

  4. Have fun exercising more and what a lovely idea to do more of the little things that bring you pleasures from day-to-day, I'll keep that one in mind too, for sure!! :)

    aglassofice.com x

    1. Yes, bring a bit more to the day in small ways :) x

  5. Replies
    1. Ha!! Well, I'll see how far I get with letter writing, most likely not very far! Ha!

  6. All great goals for March, especially #3. I really need to do #1. I've been trying to read this one book since February. I MUST finish it this month for sure so I can move on to something I like better.

  7. I usually make goals at the beginning of the year but perhaps I should compartmentalize them to each month. I'd definitely also like to read more and do more of the little things I enjoy.

  8. Amazing goals! Goo luck dear!


  9. Yes to "do more of the little things" that you enjoy. I have to get cracking on reading more books too. Enjoy March my Dear!

  10. I might copy some of these goals for myself. I think that writing letters and making or sending cards to somebody is such a wonderful way to communicate. It adds something special to our communication, especially in these digital times. Setting aside for little things is something I think is pretty important. It's been ages since I done my nails, I really should try to get some nail-polish on these days:).

  11. I think making goals are always a good thing. I make my yearly goals but also weekly and monthly goals. Writing letters are my favourite. Great list doll!

  12. You have given me a good idea to make goals for every month. I love your goals and the second and fourth are for me too. I have decided to read more now. Due to the cold I also reduced my workout. But now I will do it regularly <3
    Have a great day! Kisses <3 http://www.rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty.com/

  13. I have been slacking when it comes to reading too, Kizzy. I like the quote. It is never too late. I wish you all the best, doll!


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