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Finding beauty where you live is one of my favourite things to do. Going away on holiday is lovely, but sometimes a short break - even for a day, in the vicinity of where you live is fun too. So, we all packed into the car and drove to the outskirts of Edinburgh and visited Hopetoun House - one of Scotland's finest stately homes. If you're a fan of the drama show Outlander, you may or may not recognise this place as many of the scenes in the 1st & 2nd seasons were shot here. You can also drive past Midhope Castle or the fictional 'Lallybroch' as it's known in Outlander, where the family of Jamie Fraser live. It dates back to the 15th century, the outside is intact more or less but, the castle is actually derelict inside. We decided to skip that since we have younger children who wouldn't find it the least bit interesting since they don't watch the show of course.
Hopetoun House dates back from the 17th century and it sits in a perfect spot of tranquillity. It's been home to the Hope family since the late 1600's and the present Lord Hopetoun and his family still live in the house. It's filled with majestic treasures of art, stunning architectural features and lush interiors. The outside grounds and nature walks are equally beautiful to catch on a lovely summer's day. 
I'm always nervous bringing my children to such a place because as you know children can become mischievous at the most random of times. But, everyone that worked in the house was so friendly and helpful, they quickly set my oldest two on a treasure hunt around the house to answer clues and were very quick to chat to my youngest to help her feel at ease - though, she became grumpy later & my husband took her outside to run around. Pretty much every room has someone there to answer any questions, you're free to wander around at your own leisure which I love. Not a lot is cut off from the public, which is really nice and helps you get a better grasp of the atmosphere. 
Should you wish you can also have a lovely bite to eat in the Stables Kitchen, which we had some really gorgeous mocktails and food outside in the courtyard. Or you can take a lovely stroll through the grounds which are perfect for seeing wildlife, there's a garden trail or a sea walk trail that you can follow. Below you can see some of my pictures from the house, just random details that I loved. But, I do recommend seeing the house yourself if you ever visit Scotland sometime. 

For more info see the official web: Hopetoun House

Have a lovely day dolls

All photos taken by me, except ones of me taken by my daughter Saffron (inside) and my husband Gavin (outside). 

{Dainty Boudoir: Dress - Vintage ; Shoes - Office Shoes}


  1. Sometimes we overlook the amazing places close to us and travel to less amazing places. This is fantastic. The interior and the decor so grand. Such a magnificent structure. And you look lovely Kizzy! Glad the kids had fun.


  2. Now this is a place I'd love to visit! Magnificent! I have never been in Scotland!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. What a wonderful Place! Thank you for the adorable Photos. :)
    You look gorgeous <3

    lovely Greetings

  4. Hi Kzzy! This is totally my kinda of place, is enchanting! And you were so beautiful, the outfit is just perfect for the location and you look like a princess! Many kisses! xo

  5. This House is lovely and grand. Too bad there’s no family living there now. I watch Outlander too and can’t wait for the next episode this November. Your photos are amazing.

  6. I'm all about finding beauty where I live as well. All we usually have to do is just open our eyes. Hopetoun House is absolutely majestic! Very cool that parts of Outlander have been filmed there. I really need to watch that show.

  7. Hello Kizzy what an interesting place, and the best thing is that it is close to where you live, I also like to do local tourism with my family. The decoration is impressive and as they have preserved the objects, you look pretty with that dress! Have a nice weekend hun.


  8. Your dress really fits with the decor. I didn't get to visit this place when I was in Scotland, but it's on my list if I go back.


  9. Oh my gosh what a beautiful place and with this flamboyant, renaissance decor I can completely understand why you like it there so much!! :)

    aglassofice.com x

  10. The Hopetoun House sounds like quite the place to visit, sort of reminds me of some noble Victorian and Irish castles. Who doesn's love Outlander? Love that. Thanks for sharing doll. x

  11. wow, such a fabulous house! and your pictures are amazing too, you really captured the beauty in every detail!
    And glad that the children enjoyed it too!
    You look adorable in this dress and your bag is so cute!

  12. Hello,
    what a fantastic place in baroque style!
    The photos are spectacular and you too are wearing a beautiful dress.
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  13. The house and the details in it are so beautiful. Also your outfit is gorgeous!

  14. First of all, this post made want to travel badly! (which isn't really good because I will be able to do that only in November the soonest)Second of all, you looked absolutely beautiful, so magical, a total opposite of what I'd wear, hehe. shame on me


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