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Forget mistakes, forget failure. Forget everything except what you're going to now and do it. Today you can do great things.

You know when you set out to do something and just completely forget what you meant to do because you either got distracted or just plain forgot? Well, that was me with this outfit, haha. I had planned a cool belt and all kinds of other accessories and I went out the door without all of it. I was annoyed with myself at first but then I got to this location and saw the bright warm sun shining across the sky, I didn't care. I was just in that moment, breathing it all in and enjoying myself. The warmth of the sun mixed it with the brisk coolness of the wind was exhilarating, it was nice to not feel frozen after so long - although, my husband who takes my pictures was cold, haha.
I just think that sometimes we rush to get everything done or 'just right' that we forget to take the moment in, to breathe and make a memory. How many more sunsets will we witness? The cool breeze against our cheeks, the deep breathes we take when we just completely stop what we're rushing to get done on auto-pilot? I may have forgotten somethings set aside for my outfit, but had I gone back home to get them or just cancelled the shoot, I would have missed the peaceful moment of the Earth just being beautiful. With work & 3 children running riot, I don't often get quiet moments, so I'm happy that I took the time to just be in the moment & not think about whether my outfit was perfect or the way I planned it - there's other times for other outfits. But, just had a moment to clear my mind and bask in great things!! Have you ever had moments like this? Let me know in the comments...have a gorgeous day dolls!

Loves & Loves

{Dainty Boudoir: Vintage Dress - Georgina's Vintage Couture ; Velvet Jacket - old}

{Photos of me taken by Gorgeous Gavin. All others taken by me Kizzy Doll. Please do not use without permission}


  1. I love these shots and You look so Pretty Kizzy. Enjoy. . .

  2. Good morning! Beautiful dress, so elegant, so you. I like the simplicity of the look, though have no doubt that you'd have accessorised perfectly. That jacket is absolutely sensational, such a beautiful colour and cut. Glad you enjoyed some moments of bliss. It's important to grab those and try not to spoil them for ourselves with frett (my super power). The sun in these is brightening my morning, thank you. Josephine Xxxx

  3. love your pictures, your outfit, your beautiful attitude enjoying the sunshine and the precious moment!. You look gorgeous in your vintage dress, so romantic, and the cute velvet jacket!, and your makeup!!
    I like this feeling when my outfit is not what I was looking for but I take my pictures anyway because I prefer to get the most out of the moment instead of posponing it until everything is perfect. Sometimes these pictures are better!

  4. Hi Kizzy! Lol, I know what you mean and I get you so well! But, as you said, the place is just too marvelous and enchanting to worry about what missing in the look and for me you are just flawless! Hugs! xo

  5. It always happens to me. ALWAYS! And the outfit doesn't come out quite well as in your case!
    I love both dress and velvet jacket!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. It looks like such a gorgeous day! And I love that jacket! I do that forgetful thing all the time, I'm forever pacing around my house trying to remember why I walked into a room x


  7. You are so right....everything doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect. It is so important to enjoy in the freshness of a new day, to sense the sun on our skin, to live in the moment. I do love your outfit even if you forgot some things you originally planned to wear with it. You look beautiful and romantic. This white dress is so perfect....and that jacket is everything.

  8. You look gorgeous and that dress is so romantic and pretty! I know what you mean about being the moment and actually enjoying it. I've been putting my phone down a lot more to do just that.

  9. It is so easy to forget, even important things sometimes. I love the color combinations on you. Beautiful!

  10. Oh yes, I love your sentiments here and especially the photo where your eyes are closed in the sunshine. It's so easy to get caught up in trying to do everything perfectly that we miss out on amazing moments in the meantime.

  11. Beautiful pictures and nice outfit too, you even made it more brighter.
    The Glossychic
    Wonder Cottage

  12. Love your opening statement.
    I really need to forget those unpleasant things especially failure.
    I love the touch of boho in your lovely dress.


  13. I can definitely relate to what you said. Happens to me all the 'bloody' time as English people will say. Lol!! You still look well put together and such a beautiful dress it is. :-)


  14. You are so gorgeous Kizzy.😍 Yes. Sometimes those ofyen overlooked moments are just what we need. Have a lovely week sweet friend. ❤💋


  15. Your velvet jacket is lovely. Pretty photographs.

  16. Beautiful photos Kizzy. Breathtaking views of your city. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Yes, doll! Definitely had those moments. Learning to enjoy your surroundings is a good thing! I love taking it all in each day. Life is not perfect so it’s always lovely to see an actual outfit that’s not trying too hard! You nailed it! Great pics! Have a lovely new week! xx


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