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Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place!

The summer has seemed to go by so quickly, sometimes I feel like school just let out and in a couple weeks it will begin again. But, over the summer time I've happily enjoyed sleeping in, doing some DIY and getting back to the keeping fit with exercising. I also finally got around to organizing my wardrobe and letting go of some clothes that have just been clogging it up. The diy projects have caused my house to be in chaos most of the time but, it's a great feeling once you get things done. Besides going to see BTS in concert in London (which I will post about soon) and doing some other things, this is a little bit of what I've been doing lately....the outfit in the top picture will be in a post soon <3

Watching: (Left to right) Now, I don't watch much tv if I can help it. I tend to keep busy with other things but, lately I've really been loving shows Harlots, Pose, Queer Eye. Harlots is a British-American period drama inspired by The Covent Garden Ladies by British Historian Hallie Rubenhold. Focuses on Margaret Wells who runs a brothel in 18th century London to secure a future for her daughters. Pose is an American drama about the African-American & Latino LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming ballroom culture scene in New York in the 1980's & early 1990's. I absolutely love this show, I watched all the current seasons in a day or so, I was hooked. I'm also proud that this show features the largest cast of transgender actors in regular series roles. From the fashion to the human struggle, this show is a really eye opening and important one to watch. Queer Eye is one of my sweet pleasures to watch, I absolutely love the Fab 5. I used to watch the previous version that this is rebooted from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy but, this is even better. These men really go beyond just re-dressing people but also open the eyes of people who may have never come into contact with anyone from the gay community & they show that, we're not all that different from each other, we just need to take a little more time to be open to one another and learn. I'd honestly volunteer myself to go on this show just to hang out with Jonathan, Antoni, Tan, Karamo and Bobby. They're absolutely fantastic, I want to be their friend, ha!

Listening: Visiting some old favourites, The Cure - I've loved them since I was younger and every time I hear, 'Just Like Heaven' I'm instantly in a good mood, it's one of my favourite songs. Khalid - a new fave, I not only enjoy his music but, him as a person. He's on Twitter so much chatting to fans and it's really so sweet to see someone remain so humble and down to earth. Melanie Martinez - She's just brilliant, different and so unique. Of course I would love her DollHouse themed music too *wink* BTS - Well of course, they're a given, I just love them so much. But, they've done some collabs lately that have been perfect for my summer time...Here, Here, Here.

Eating: I've been trying to keep myself eating relatively healthy but, sometimes I do love some sweet things. Scottish Shortbread - Usually I buy it from the store but, since the girls have been home for the summer, we've been making it at home ourselves. It's so easy to make - flour and butter with sugar to sprinkle on top. Takes no time at all. Lemon sorbet - My go to when the sun is blazing down, I skip the icecream as the milk in it tends to give me a stomach ache mixed with the heat. But, lemon sorbet is perfect. It's light and a great refresher inbetween meals or just to cool down. I recommend making it yourself as store bought ones can have a lot of added ingredients that are very healthy. Strawberry & Spinach salad - My favourite fruit, once winter is over, I'm so excited for the strawberries to make their way out. This is a light salad depending on how much of it you eat. I make a huge one as a whole meal but, you could easily have it as a side too. You can add got's cheese, cashews or any other nut, I top mine with a balsamic vinegar, it's so lovely!

Reading: I've been reading a lot of poetry lately from Rupi Kaur to Nikita Gill. I find a lot of comfort reading poetry because you can always find your thoughts and feelings in someone else's thoughts and feelings and I think that makes us feel less alone in this world. I find it really important for me as well to read as many women authors as possible.

Mood: Walking into the new week like...Fierce!! And so should you, you are unique, capable and awesome, Have a great week ahead dolls!

Loves & Loves


  1. woww, so delightful pictures and so interesting information about series, music, food!, about everything!. You're always inspiring!
    (Queer Eye is fab!)

  2. Love this look and how you were inspired. Harlots sounds interesting and glad to see The Cure are still pulling in fans : )

    Allie of

  3. I love your fashion taste! Your outfit and makeup in that top photo are gorgeous. I love the looks of the delicate ultra-feminine tiered pink ruffles of your top, the pink heart-shaped 'Doll' earrings, and your metallic heart clutch and dress. Your eyeshadow and lipstick look beautiful.
    The things you have been watching sound interesting. Have you had seen 'Elisa y Marsela' by any chance?
    That strawberry and spinach salad sounds and looks yummy and extremely healthy.
    I love that 'Half Woman, Half Wolf' poem by Nikita Gill.
    That's really fantastic that you're walking into the new week Fierce! I love it.
    Best wishes for your week as well.


  4. This year is going so fast! Your salad looks absolutely delicious, I don't think I've ever added strawberries to a salad before. I need to try that. I love these little recaps of what you've been watching/ listening to lately x


  5. Summer is really going by all too quickly! Your outfit is the perfect mix of feminine charm and glam! I love all the shimmery elements. We love Queer Eye as well and just binged the most recent season. Just Like Heaven is my favorite Cure song which I can never resist singing along to.

  6. You wear such interesting clothes and this article was equally interesting <3

    Maybe you’d like to check out my new blog post: 7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling I’m writing after so long :)

    Akanksha, Fictitious Fashion

  7. I've never seen Harlots but it looks and sounds interesting. And I think I'd like to give Melanie Martinez a listen.

  8. You look gorgeous in this pink styling. As always I enjoyed reading your TV-series recommendation. You inspired me to make some home made sorbet too!

  9. Hi Kizzy,
    It looks like you have been up to a lot lately. Yes, DIY projects can be messy, but the results are so rewarding. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

  10. You look Fantastic my Dear! I too love strawberries and put them in everything. Enjoy. . .

  11. Your clothes are so feminine and glamorous. You are looking gorgeous in this look also <3 You inspired me to make some homemade sorbet dear.
    Kisses <3

  12. Nikita Gill's words are always so moving and fascinating! Also, I've not watched any of the shows you've recommended so I may give one of them a go tonight! :)

    aglassofice.com x

  13. Wonderful Photos! I also love Khalid, his Music and his Personality :)

    Happy Sunday <3

  14. Todo es precioso! El rosa es un color muy bonito! Buenas noches! 💗💗💗

  15. Oh my goodness, I love all of these doll. I watched Harlots and lately we have been watching Queer Eye as well, I think I teared up so many times. Such great episodes.
    I grew up loving the Cure because my older sister listened to them. Happy new week doll. <3

  16. You look gorgeous Kizzy! I started watching Pose ever since it premiered last Summer. It's a pretty good show. I heard it was picked up for a 3rd season.

  17. I seriously just fell in love with BTS and want to listen to more of their songs, they are amazing! My sister made fun of me for it, but I don't care, lol. Queer Eye is such a great show, only watched a few episodes of the new one since I only watch TV at my sister's house...I don't own a TV. Love watching when I'm at my sisters though. You have an amazing taste for culture Kizzy! Also I've been trying to get my fitness on too. What motivates you to work out? I need more motivation for it!


  18. Love the outfit! Nice update too.

  19. Hi Kizzy, I have those same holiday feeling, I think they last very little, I really liked your outfit, I saw you in IG, you know that I also listen to The Cure, I had the opportunity to attend one of his concerts in Lima the Last time they visited us. I also like period series like you, we have several things in common.


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