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Happy Friday dolls! I hope it's been a good week for you. Mine was good, only one stressing day, or moment really. I was bringing my daughter Saffron home from school and my baby daughter Noémie decided it was a good time to start screaming at the top of her lungs. With everyone looking at me as if they'd never seen a child cry before, I had to quickly get home and console her, she soon cheered up :) Her night sleeps are getting much better, so we aren't so out of it in the mornings! I hope you enjoy this video I discovered on Dior's facebook page, the music and the mood is quite beautiful and perfect for the end of a long week. I loved all the pictures, it would be great to be able to create these with sand :)Have a beautiful weekend with lots of fun and sunshine!!

Love love,

Favourite post of the week due to its significance & plainly because she's stellar :

Tea for Two : Fashionistas


  1. A very happy and sunny weekend to you, too, and what a pleasure it is to have stumbled upon your lovely blog. So enchanting;-)

  2. Thank you :) That's very kind of you to say, I appreciate it!! You are welcome anytime!! ;-)

  3. Lovely video, sweetie! Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Off to check out your favorite post of the week xoxo

  4. Thank you flower, you have a great weekend too!! Hope you enjoy the post!! xoxo

  5. sounds fun and the video you posted is really neat!

  6. Absolutely beautiful video. I find sand painting really enchanting. The first time I ever saw a TV feature on it my jaw hit the floor. And they always make it look so effortless.

    I really need to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. You're not the first person who's mentioned it to me, it seems like a really great read.

    Thank you for including my post in this entry. I wasn't expecting a lot of comments at all, I'm not surprised there wasn't much response. After all, most bloggers are high street people and it's difficult to fully embrace the truth about the industry when you're addicted to buying into it.. A few years ago that was me. I could quite easily divorce myself from the plight of others and enjoy my cheap-as-fuck items but it's been a while since I've been able to do that now and I feel better for it. I think a lot of people believe there's no choice. Like, if you want great, cheap clothes you have to go to the high street. But it's so easy to find reasonable amazing handmade items on Etsy, not to mention eco designers having great sales and vintage stores all over the place.. I think people need to reach out and grasp the alternative, you know? Fast fashion is not fulfilling.

  7. :) Pleased you liked it!! It is enchanting, such skill and gentleness for it. And I agree it does look effortless, I'd make a big mess really.

    You should read it, I've looked into the books your reading & put them on my list to get soon, always interested in new books, expecially anything with great meaning.

    You're welcome for including your post on this. I just thought it was an important post & I know most will avoid it, because they don't want to face the facts or feel bad about what they put on, they only want to feel good & not care if it costs someone else their lives even. I've learned that the blog world is just as shallow & self-obessessed as the day to day world. We just want people to love and adore what we're wearing and think how great we are. And not care where it came from as long as it gets the person on some bloggers highlight and what not. Some people are slaves to fashion labels or buying into what someone says is cool to wear, rather than using the brain they were given and demanding better ethics of clothes-making for themselves and others. There's tons of great handmade selling places and eco designers worth wearing and spending your hard earned money on. I much rather spend my time in some trendy boutique, as I feel the money spent isnt worth it and the individualism doesn't even apply & knowing its brought pain to someone who spent hours and days making it only to get paid virtually nothing, doesn't sit right with me. You're right, grasp the alternative and ditch the fast fashion. It's the only way to go!!

  8. Ibet you're the best mother:) No wonder she soon cheered up! have a great weekend yourself girl:)

  9. Ahhh..thank you kindly, means a lot!! xxxx

  10. Glad Noemie is sleeping better! Hope it continues through the weekend! Have a lovely one dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. Thank you :) I hope it does too! You have a lovely one as well!!


  12. Saffran is such a beautiful name btw. Reminds me of the writer. Keep blogging, i love all the posts


  13. Thank you very much!! Saffron is a gem!! Am happy you enjoy, have a great weekend!! xx

  14. Gorgeous and creative video! Awww, how well i remember these challenging moments when the kids were small. But you'll carry them - and yourself savely through it with just a lot of love ;) Cheers to a good nights sleep and a relaxing sunday! xx

  15. Thank you Martina! I appreciate it, it's very stressing when babies cry, but I am getting through it! A good nights sleep would be great & I will relax this Sunday for sure!! Am happy you enjoyed the video..Happy weekend to you too!! xx


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