My Top 10 of 2011

Hiya dolls, I got tagged by Julia from My Life and Thoughts to give my Top 10 of 2011, so here goes!! I will have a New Year's Post done for later tonight, which is why I took off for now I wish you all a safe & Happy New Year's with many celebrations and happiness! Be safe and good to each other!!


1. Favourite song -
No one in particular, there were quite a few really, so it's hard to choose. Although I did discover an artist, performer, photographer that I really enjoy, that I featured here, Wendy Bevan. She's in a band as well called Temper Temper.

2. Favourite Trip -
Hmmm..I didn't really travel much this year due to having a baby, so I think maybe one to Inverary Castle for my anniversary with my family, It was a great day!! See Post Here .

3. Favourite Alcohol drink -

well, I don't drink to be honest.

4. Favourite movie -

This movie came when I needed it the most, Lisbeth (the main character) is my hero, no joke! I loved her strength and determination, she's amazing and I adored the film. I will most likely never watch the re-make, as I adored Noomi so much. And all the emotion I felt and was dragged out of me with this one, just exhausted me too much to go through it with someone else playing the character. I seen the trailer, it interests me not!

5. Favourite dessert -

Anything chocolate, blame Mr. Wonka ;-)

6. Favourite Night out -

 Haahahaa..what is a night out!?! I have children!!

7. Favourite Food -

Umm...this butternut squash spicy cous cous my husband makes, it's fabulous. Other than that, I love all kinds of desserts that I bake ;-)

8. Favourite Book -

I'm utterly besotted with Oscar Wilde..I'd happily sit for hours reading his writings & this book was given to me for last year's Christmas by a dear friend and I fell in love instantly with it and re-read it often. He was a genius with a pen!!

9. Favourite summer day -

Anytime spent at Loch Lomond, I do adore it there! See post here!

10. Favourite Journey -

The journey of myself, it is always changing, moving, growing, expanding and I feel becoming better all the time!! Out are the dark days and all I see is light, I have dug my way out and nothing can stand in my way again! (one I might share in another post some day)

Me from my favourite personal style post seen here
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