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Hiya sweeties, Hope your week is going well so far!! Mine is fabulous. It's sunny and warm and beautiful outside, so I've been out enjoying it. I made a carrot cake for my husband and I must say I kicked bums making it, as it is amazing, haha!! Dead chuffed (happy) with myself, I am!! I got tagged by Cecilia of Sweet Surrender  ages ago (I've been tagged twice since, I will catch up soon) so, I am going to share my answers with you all!! Have a wonderful day dolls!!

Love loves

1. What was your favourite toy from your childhood? Hmm..it always varied from day to day. I was a tomboy, so I had masses of He-Man & She-Ra figures, Thunder Cats, Spiderman, Superman, but, I think my favourite was Wonder Woman. I had the tshirt and knickers (underwear) of her outfit and I used to run around the house with my younger sister's baby blanket tied around my neck and my Paddington bear red rain boots (wellies) on, 'fighting' crime, haha :) (lil' feminista from a young age) Besides that, I liked collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards, haha. They were so gross, but I loved them.

2. Why did you start blogging?
Hmm..I started this blog to just share things that I came across from time to time. Things that I love, mainly Art. I didn't intend to really share pictures of myself or anything, it just sort of grew into that. But, it's kind of helped in boosting my confidence really. And I've been able to come into contact with some amazing people from all over the world. 

3. What would be your advice to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams but too scared to do it? I would say, dive right in and do it. Research the tools you'll need to achieve your goal. Stay true to yourself and walk your own path. Some people might try and steer you off or wrong, but keep to yourself. If it doesn't feel right, then most times it's not. But, don't be too proud to not accept a helping hand, because we all need someone to help with the load at times. Remember where you came from and how far you've come.


4. Who is your favourite blogger and why? Hmmm..I don't usually have favourites or I try not to. Of course there are people who you just click with and that's it. I adore so many and have learned a great deal from them & just knowing their, there in the world somewhere brings a sense of happiness :) But, you can check out my 'Darling Dolls' page to see blogs that I enjoy or people that comment me, I love them all. :))

5.  What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island? Well, since it said things and not people (because then I would choose my husband & girls) I will take - Art, Books and music.

Artist: Mucha

6. What is your favourite movie?  Oh no way, I have too many :)) I love movies, I could sit wrapped up in a blanket and watch movies one right after the other!! I like all kinds, never the same. Here's a small few of them though:

Any Tim Burton film really - he's a genius.

Pride & Prejudice - I know it was a tv series, but come on, I have the dvd and I watch it so much. Just love it!! 

Adore this film. Anything to do with the Holocaust, I have to watch. This man's spirit and will to live was so moving. I just cry when I watch it. The musical score is astounding as well. 

7. What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Lots of things. Maybe deciding in one day to quit the college I was attending, pack up all my belongings and get on a plane and move to the UK {first England, now Scotland} from America. I literally decided in a day. I had no plans to move at the time. I just decided and that was that. And I've been here ever since. And I love it here & would never go back :)

8. What is your one indulgence-something you just cant live without?  Like the question above there, it has to be Art. I think I would wither away somewhere if I didn't have that life line of expression. Art has saved me so many times in my life, I don't think I could function really. It's the only 'thing' I couldn't live without, since we're speaking of things and not people. It's something that stops me in my tracks, takes my breath away, makes me cry, literally rips into every emotion wavelength that I possess. Art has so much power that many have absolutely no idea about or let in. Spending time at an Art museum is like heaven to me, it's what I breath and live day to day.


9. Would you prefer to live by the beach or in the mountains? Goodness, again, both have so many qualities that I love. There's a lot of adventure to discover in both. You could deep dive into the under world or hike deep into the forest and breath in Mother Nature's trees and wildlife. I'll say mountains, then I can have a kick-ass tree house & a bed hammock to camp out in & talk with the fairies :)))

10. Where would your dream vacation be? Hmmm...going to different places, like France and exploring every bit of art I can, castles, shops. But, then I'd like to hit the trails and go to Egypt and look for mummies and ancient artifacts. I love the Egyptian times. Be an even greater, smarter and better looking Indiana Jones ;)

11. What is your favourite Dessert?
I am a freak for desserts, hmm...anything chocolate really!! 

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  1. beautiful photos
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  2. So good to know more about you.
    Loving Tim Burton too.
    Have a gand day, my dear friend

  3. Love learning these bits about you. Totally agree that Tim Burton is amazing. And I can't believe you just up and decided to move in a day. I want to do that!


  4. It has been so nice learning about you through these questions

  5. Loved this Kizzy! I was laughing because I SO wanted to be Wonder Woman. Was that for Halloween one year and I always used to sleep in my Wonder Woman underroos :) xoxo

  6. great post!
    Really like the movies you selected! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week.


  7. me too, i'm such a sucker for sweets...chocolate always works good for me.

    xo erica

  8. I really enjoy to read your answers, i loved Garbage pail kids, it's funny that now they are fashionable, I collected many images of them via tumblr!We share many interests as music and books and art and Tim Burton's films are always amazing especially Edward Scisssorhands.

  9. love posts like this thanks for sharing

  10. I love carrot cake! Oh gosh and if you add cream cheese on top! LOL It's so good! I was a huge Wonder Woman fan. She could do no wrong! LOL Linda Carter (the original one) was beautiful. I knew about your childhood and adulthood, but didn't know the transition from here to the UK. That is so awesome Kizzy! Things got MUCH better once you made that move. LOVE Monet! I had that poster in my office. Have a great day girlie!

  11. These kinds of posts of yours are some of my favourites! I love reading your answers, they're a little piece of your mind and what you value, believe and love.

    I would love for you to do a post on how you moved from America to the UK sometime, if you'd like Kizzy.
    Moving there myself I find it really interesting x

  12. Lovely to get to know a bit better Kizzy, have never heard of the garbage pail kids before, they're hilarious:) Love Tim Burton too.
    Happy day and great post as always,

  13. The toy question is a great one!
    You must let me know whenever your down Glasgow/Edinburgh way.

  14. Thanks for sharing - you are a darling doll and are reminding me I should update my links as well!

    Oh and Wonder Woman and Garbage pail kids bring me back!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. Kizzy,

    I loved reading your answers and getting to know you better. I also love art, books and movies. One of my most favorite movies was The Pianist. I don't usually purchase movies but this one I did because I loved it so much! I've read several memoirs of people who survived the Holocaust and I can tell you that the human spirt is amazing in that it will go to great lengths to survive.

    You're a real "sweety"! :)

  16. very interesting..great photos!!! kisses

  17. edward scissor hands! I cried in that movie, I think most people did too!

  18. beautfiul pics and interview!



  19. Aaah Garbage Pail Kids!!! I loved them.

  20. Beautiful pics and love reading your answers !!

    New post up...
    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  21. Haha! I would bring exactly the same things to a deserted island! :D I was a very girly girl when I was little, but I also collected Garbage Pail Kids! They we're THE thing to collect for a while where I grew up. I can still remember the smell of the chewing gum you got with the cards :) I'm really impressed about the fact you could just leave your home country - and everything in it - and just fly away to Great Britain like that! I'm glad everything turned out well in your new country! Now I feel like getting a Wonder Woman outfit and wear it the next time I go to a job interview! ;) xox

  22. Love love love everything about getting to know you Kizzy. One day we will have to talk about you just picking up and moving to the UK. I have done that with California to NYC back in my 20s but it seems scarier to do it now. Much love to you and happy Wednesday!

    xo Mary Jo

  23. Oh, I think every girl wanted to be Wonderwoman at some point! She was so tough! =) And I liked those gross garbage pail kids cards, too! lol

  24. I am ashamed that I haven't watched The Pianist yet! Must do this summer :)

  25. So funny, I've been eating carrot cake all week. Can't wait to go home and have another bite.

    I, too, love Tim Burton movies. My wedding cake featured Jack, Sally and Zero from A Nightmare on it.

  26. awwwww I love all your answers! you write so beautifully! :)

  27. loved reading this post it's always so much fun to learn more about bloggers! i can't believe you just packed up and left i would be too scared to do something like that lol you're so brave!

    City Style

  28. You are a courageous, intelligent, creative, and deeply loving woman! It's so easy to gather all that and more just by reading your answers! You are full of life, and look at life as an adventure. Pretty much the same as I, only you have much more of an art talent than I. I am impressed with your decision to move from one country to the next! :) xoxo

  29. I absolutely love carrot cake, and I can only imagine how delicious yours turned out! My fav dessert is creme brulee!

  30. So fun getting to know a little more about you! I too was a Wonder Woman fan. What is Linda Carter doing these days?? :)


  31. Loved this post and learning more about the beautiful woman behind the blog! noticing we have a lot in common too - I loved all of no. 1 - was really into KnightRider/Indiana Jones/Star Wars as a kid.
    Also love all programmes related to Egytian artefacts/myths...
    Love you more that you love chocolate!

  32. Love this post Kizzy - and th crazy move you did from USA to England. I love it, when life surprises us and i believe in these "guided" moments where everything changes ... And also, i love the rest of your post that just shows what a wonderful friend you are!

  33. Your comments always make me smile--I loved reading this post, it made me smile. Edward Scissorhands is one of my all-time faves!

  34. OH! I would HAVE to have music too! And I will totally be visiting that Monet bridge when we go to Paris! My dream is to pack my bags and move to Paris... you have just inspired me, so I may or may not be back now!!!

  35. Oh Kizzy, this is such a wonderful post! I loved reading your answers and learning more about you! I especially love your answer on achieving your dreams, and I'm pretty amazed by your move to England! Thumbs up!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  36. I really liked reading this stuff about you! Pride and Prejudice is a darling movie!

  37. Great inspiration pics!




  38. Interesting!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. sorry I can't reply direct but come up as a 'no-reply comment' blogger for some reason? M x

  39. My Little Ponies and Lady Lovely Locks!

  40. I love that version of Pride and Prejudice too, just re-watched it, it was a perfect match

  41. Love your post and thanks for sharing more about you sweetie! Love carrot cake too, yammy!


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