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Hello dolls & happy Monday!! I do hope your weekend was bliss! Today I wanted to share with you a shop I came across recently that I just love, it always seems to give me a smile whenever I browse around it. Lots of pretty things mixed up with dreams. Glitter, stars and pretty bunnies to wear around your neck. Like a playground for grown-ups because I never feel I am too old to wear any of these beautiful gems, they only make me daydream and feel happiness. I feel I can wear them without looking like a child, but keeping the child-like essence with me wherever I go and that for me always makes my days happier. 
From rings, to phone covers, clothes and one-off pieces, this shop is overflowing in magic dust and everything you'd need to have an enchanted day! I must confess that my heart skipped a beat when I stumbled upon this shop, there isn't anything I wouldn't buy for myself. Even if you have to wear work clothes, these are guaranteed to brighten them up. 
I'm Your Present is run by Designer Kelly Eident, all handmade, modelled and photographed by her and her two darling assistants; A complete force of girl power here ;) What started in 2007 has lead them to become one of the best selling shops on Etsy, selling all over the world - even in shops in Tokyo, Japan, they've had features in top selling magazines and pieces of her work have been worn by celebrities such as Audrey Kitching and Katy Perry. 
Below, you can see a taste of some of my favourites, but believe me, I had a hard time choosing as I like a lot. I really love when I find an independent shop that for me is unique & better than going to a mall full of things I don't really like. I'm Your Present is fun, creative, beautiful and girly with an edge! Some of the clothes are made to order & others are one of a kind - I love this a lot!! I hope you enjoy & be sure to check out the full shop to see more!! Am sure you will love it too, they ship worldwide, so go on and treat yourself *wink*

Happy Monday dolls - have a great day,

I'm Your Present Pages: Shop / Facebook / Twitter

p.s. this post isn't sponsored or anything, I'm sharing because I love the shop & it's nice to share!!

{I do believe these 'doll' earrings and I were meant to be..don't you agree!?!}

{A Unicorn necklace to go with my Unicorn tshirt & Unicorn bag Tomo - marvellous}

{Who doesn't love panda dresses!?!}

{We can shoot for the galaxy with these stellar rings}

{People will hear your Roar...with this very cool tiger phone cover}

{This houndstooth ruffle skirt is so cute, I love it so}

{These make me think a little bit of Rocky Horror Picture Show & I love this movie}

{Hearts, hearts and more hearts}

{Follow the white rabbit or the black one even too}

{Of course I love anything with a sailor theme, so these anchor earrings are fantastic}

{Such a lovely dress, the bow, so sweet & it's blue, perfect}

{These star earrings are amazing & out of this world. Love them}

{Shine bright like a diamond - wink}

{I love things with hearts on them, so this was a must, you could team any colour underneath with it, perfect}

{I love charm bracelets, so pretty this one, gimme gimme}

{Above - I could be Bat Doll, haha. I love it so. Below - these metallic leggings are amazing, love this bright blue, all glammed up}

{all images are copyrighted to I'm Your Present, these are for display purposes only & have not been altered in any way}


  1. Hello dear friend, hope you are fine and doing well, love your new post about this lovely new shop! You are right that they have a tremendous collection of items! I really amazed to see the lovely jewelries, tees, phone covers, heart skirt legging! The panda dress is just gorgeous! I would love to see the items you have grabbed from this shop! And yes, would love see you in this cute bat woman dress....hahaha..just kidding! Anyways thanks for introducing, very very Happy Monday doll! Kisses and many hugs <3

  2. You've got some nice stuff. I love the last photo. The shoes are gorgeous.

  3. Such cute stuff, those unicorn pending scare to die for
    Have a great day

  4. Adorable! Love all of this ♡

    Happy Monday ,big Hugs :)

  5. These accessories are fabulous! I love the bunnies necklace!

  6. So much adorableness... I want them all!!!

  7. Morning Kizzy, hope you had a great a weekend! I didnt know this brand but I maybe recognized some pieces Ive already seen on Katy Perry, I havent any idea which brand or designer was though. IT is sooo cute and so you! I fell in love with the unicorn necklace most, its perfect with your Tomo and he will be so happy to have a new "friend" :)) Also, I like the rabbit necklace and the panda dress, adorable!:) Have a wonderful week ahead dear, many hugs! xo

  8. Those Doll earrings are perfect for you! I haven't met someone who uses the word so much and I can tell you are rubbing off on other people too…Kim, Jackie…… Again you managed to find a quirky designer. Worn by Katy Perry? Can't go wrong there. This definitely seems like Katy Perry's sweet candy style scene. I'm really enjoying the metallic blue leggings. I couldn't pull them off but they look great on the model. Rosemary x


  9. Aww I love them, these stuffs are fantastic, so positive and full of joy <3
    My Bloglovin doesn't work in this time so it doesn't update my new posts :(
    Xxx doll



  10. Hello from Spain: great proposals. Keep in touch

  11. Wow! So many pretty items Kizzy!
    I imagine so difficult to choise its, i even know wich is my favorite. Like so much, the panda dress is amazing. I also think that i am never too old for this type of items, the accesories with rabbits and unicorns look so specialy and could make the look special too
    Thanks for your nice comment and have a nice week start


  12. Oooh Kizzy the unicorn necklaces are to die for! I have an unicorn tattoo!!!

  13. I like the bunnies and the anchors, of course. =) Hope you are having a good Monday! -Jess L

  14. This is so much pretty I want everything!!!

  15. I love the doll earrings! So cute. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  16. Those necklaces are so so cute! Happy Monday love!

  17. The bunny necklace is too much beautiful!!


  18. This is quite some stuff for the "inner Barbie doll" - so fun! Have a happy week Kizzy!

  19. OMG!! I can't tell you what of all this articles I like more!! The anchors drive me crazy, the pencil skirt with suspenders is pure love, the panda dress is...asdfghjklñbalhrela, and I've just visited the Facebook page and now I follow it because IT'S FUCKIN' GORGEOUS!! It's true, some things remember me many Katy Perry's looks. Thanks for share it with us :)


  20. oh gosh these are so cute. they are like playground for adults! love those bunnies and who can say no to unicorns! hope your weekend was bliss, too!

  21. What a fun and charming range of products! The bunny necklaces are too cute. Thanks for the intro to this shop! Have an amazing week Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  22. Happy Monday and have à good week Kizzy !
    By the Way Love this Houndtooth skirt, Im so looking forward to receive my new skirt With buckles too :D



  23. Hey Kizzy what a fab shop - I adore the panda dress so cute. Hope you had a great weekend with your lovely family,

  24. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and I am following your blog via Bloglovin! Enjoy your Life.

  25. Lovely pics. Have actioned a wee bit of pink in my wardrobe and am very happy with it

  26. so cute! i love the unicorn and Galaxy ambiance!

  27. i love those galactic accessories! they're so cute! really sweet finds Kizzy! have a great week doll.

  28. OH MY GOD!!! A BAT sweater!!! :D I have a certain love for bats, so this one would be perfect for lurking around in the dark! ;) And yes, I do think you almost HAVE to get those Doll earrings... ;) xoxoxoxoxo

  29. Happy Monday Kizzy. Sorry for the late reply. Omg you need these Doll earrings. Yes you were meant to be together!! I love everything and I have checked out the shop!! Etsy always "translates" everything in German and it makes no sense at all!! It's quite funny :D

    xx Mira


  30. Amazing post! I love it:)


  31. Lovely accessories, the material is o perfect and not heavy!

  32. The clothes and design are amazingly beautiful. Super loved them! Thank you for dropping by on my blog, Doll:)

  33. so cute

  34. nice selection my dear, I love the bunnie necklace and the metallic leggings!!
    have a good week!

  35. Ok this brand completely speaks to me! I truly love the fun and unique pieces! I think I would love to wear that white bunny necklace around my neck! I so adore bunnies! I can see why celebrities love this line as it is so fantastic!


  36. I can imagine how much you love this store, every item has your style... is so you... is definetely for dolls...

  37. Cute and pretty ensemble. Have a great week. :-)


  38. Lovely accessories!!!
    Have a good week, dear Kizzy!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  39. That Panda dress is ADORABLE omg!!!
    Have a great week!

  40. they all are fantastic :) love em all !! xx

  41. These take me back to my childhood as well, especially the spaceship rings (I had to do a project on them and I swear my spaceships looked exactly like that charm). Also, those bunny necklaces are adorable!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  42. Hello dearest Kizzy!!!!
    What fun, magical items!!!!!
    The unicorns are fabulous!!!!!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!!
    Love & Hugs,

  43. Love it all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Good morning, dear friend

  44. Happy week to you too doll! Loved the pics with these leo lips jewerly.

    Come and check out my e-store 'Fashion Outlet' on my blog if you mind to.

    xx Lori

  45. Great post hun!
    Love all these items!

  46. so cute pieces!!!!
    happy day sweety!


  47. OMG! This has to be the best brand for ur blog :D The unicorns and doll earrings are so cute!


  48. Oh, these images are the cutest! I love those "doll" earrings as well. I love the diamond style too, hehe. It kind of reminds me of Tatty Devine's pieces, I love them all!

  49. You find the coolest and cutest online stores and you have such a fun imagination. Very cool stuff!


  50. White Bunny Necklace please!!!!!!!!

    so cute.

    ~ Violet

  51. Very original--great post as always, dear!

  52. you looks nice!! i love this phone cover!! have a nice week!!


  53. I can see you rocking all of these whimsical designs, darling! You find such creative and unique shops and stores - I'd love a peek in your closet, girl!

  54. so fun...loving the bat and panda dress. and yes! I do believe you and those earrings were made for each other!

    xo erica

  55. those unicorns and bunnies necklaces!!! <3 <3 <3


  56. What lovely items! I really love quirky stuff like this, I'm going to look more into it.

    Corinne x

  57. i'm eyeballing the bat hoodie for halloween! ... too cute! and it seems this store has a little bit of everything. hope the week is off to a good start and is treating you kind.

  58. The clothes are a little bit edgy to me, while I love all the bijoux, especially the bunny necklaces! The unicorn eartings are definitely the perfect match to your bag!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  59. Love all the pieces, especially the bunny necklace! They're so fun and colorful :)

  60. UNREAL everything is amazing! SO COLORFUL and GORGEOUS! LOVE those metallic bow pants! NEXT LEVEL cool!
    xoBeckerman Girls


  61. These designs are so fun! I can see why their site made you so excited. I love reading that this is an Etsy success story too!

  62. Such cute things! Love her designs. I can totally imagine Katy Perry in them! And those doll earrings are so made for you!! :)
    Keep in touch

  63. Cute and unique pieces!
    My fav is the doll earrings!

  64. Kizzy, you have a talent to discover truly unique and beautiful shops in your area. The items here are so original and stylish. No wonder you enjoyed shopping there.

  65. PANDA DRESS. I am all over that !

  66. I love the cute unicorn earrings!

  67. I'll take one of everything!


  68. Thank you for sharing this! And this is totally you! I made her shop a favorite and I'm totally following her!


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