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Tucked away in the lovely seaside of Gourock, Scotland sits a groovy little vintage shop called Parma Vintage. I discovered it sometime ago after a far out looking van with the shop name kept driving past me whilst walking down the street. I popped in for a look & I was pleasantly surprised to find a little treasure trove of wonders. Owned and run by the beautiful Gillian, she brings the two worlds of vintage and new together with a stylish bang. Catering to those who want something that will keep them standing out and looking fantastic. Always greeted with a smile and ready to help you find that special piece you've been looking for. It's the perfect starter for those who want to try vintage but don't know where to begin, Gillian is always there to help you find something amazing and really cares about her customers & wants them to leave looking & feeling their best. Even if vintage isn't your thing, you can still find something to suit your tastes, as they have modern lines too. I personally have yet to leave without bags of goodies to enjoy& many of the vintage items you've seen me in on this blog have been from there, like this green dress everyone loved. Gillian happily let me have a play in her shop & take pictures for my readers far & away!! Parma Vintage will soon be launching their exciting new website, but for now you can shop from their ASOS boutique (which has so much more to see than I've shown you here) if you're too far or if you're not, I recommend you pop into the shop to say hello and buy yourself something fantastic to wear!!

Have a wonderful weekend dollipops

Find them here:

Address: 44 Kempock Street. Gourock. PA19 1ND. Scotland.

ASOS Boutique - They ship worldwide & clothing ranges in all sizes.

Parma Vintage Facebook & Twitter

I also got to ask Gillian a few questions too:

1. When someone comes into your shop, how do you want them to feel/think when they leave? When a customer comes into PV, i want them to feel comfortable and at ease, its daunting going into small boutiques at the best of times, myself and staff pride ourselves on our customers service, we want all of our customers feel happy have fun in store and special when they leave. 

2. Who would you say your personal style icons are, if you have any? I have a lot of style icons i admire anyone who has a sense of individuality and out there style, i love, lady gaga, Gwen Stefani, Marilyn Monroe and Dita von Teese to name a few.

3.  If you could have anyone (dead or alive) come to Parma Vintage and shop, who would it be & what would you dress them in? If I could have anyone dead or alive come into the store id choose Marilyn Monroe, she would look good in anything!

4. Vintage has exploded once more, thanks to popular shows such as Downton Abbey and Mad Men, do you feel this has helped your shop or do you feel there has always been a want for vintage fashion? Yes, the TV influence has helped allot, people are much more aware of vintage fashion, we try mix things up in store with new pieces too, mixing new and vintage is perfect for anyone who is new and doesn't want a whole vintage look. Vintage is original, great quality and cut, styles you simply cant recreate, i think vintage will always be in. we move with the time here at PV and show pieces that will blend into current trends / styles. 

5. Where would you like to see Parma Vintage in the future? I have big plans for PV, we will be launching our new website soon, which will be a haven for all things vintage, and new up and coming fashion brands for someone looking for something a bit different. we are also relaunching our wholesale company in the new year, very busy times ahead here at PV. 

{Vintage Jacket & sweater - which was the softest sweater ever & the jacket will easily go with anything & everything}

{PV Couture 70's Spanish Senorita Maxi Dress, one that I personally love, perfect for any day of the week!}

{And for my readers that wear modern trends, I picked out my favourite beauties to share with you - I also couldn't resist buying this cute modern vintage inspired dress that you will see in a future post}

{Loved the lacy detail of the dress above & the skirt below, so pretty}

{If it has dots on it, I'll pick it up, haha. But, it's gorgeous}

{Bustier dress, that I thought was gorgeous, it has a sweet flower fabric for the bust and a kind of lace fabric for the bottom - great for a night out} 

{My inner goth picked this up, I love it though...makes me think of growing up in the 80's when Billy Idol was dancing with himself ; ) Really thick material, perfect for everyday wear}

{Pretty in pink, I loved the lace and the fabric underlay was so nice, I could have taken this home too}


{All photos taken by ©Gorgeous Gavin & myself. Please do not use without my permission, thank you}


  1. Great vintage store. Love their clothes!
    Kisses and happy weekend

  2. OH Kizzy I love little boutiques like this. Would love to wear more clothes like this, but for now I am still dressing like a rock chick. My home however is like a treasure chest itself ha ha. LOVE the stuff you picked out, maybe I should wear dresses every once in a while. Happy weekend doll, hope you have a relaxing one,

  3. Love this shop! I should visit Scotland soon! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. This sounds like my kind of place. I love vintage, my favourite is the jacket and cross skirt. How wonderful of you to feature the shop. Will await to see the new website. -xo Happy weekend dear!

  5. Nice pictures,please,check out my blog.Maybe we can follow each other?


  6. This store seems so awesome Doll. Like you say everything just seems to stand out and look different but still majestic and wonderful. I loved the owner's answers too, Gwen Stefani is a fantastic inspiration and I love how she wants her customers to feel, hopefully the shop continues to be a success!

  7. What a cool find and in Gourock of all places, I haven't been there since I was three years old.

  8. If only I were there! I love places like this because you never know what you will find or walk out the door with! Seems like a sweet little place to shop. Enjoy your weekend:)

  9. Wonderful post dear :))
    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway :) it is international!

  10. "Parma Vintage" is my dream shop and Gillian is an amazing owner, I love the idea of mixing both antique and design pieces, I love everything you shown and I'm sure that I'll take home with me all those amazing skirts and dresses!

  11. stock looks amazing!

  12. What an adorable looking shop! Such a fabulous find - it's such a different experience than shopping at a generic high street store. Have a great weekend Kizzy xo

  13. Now this looks like my kinda shop! I'd be a kid in a candy store in there. Maybe I'll have to pay a visit :)

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  14. Such a lovely shop!
    Cool post

  15. For some reason I was really drawn to the white skirt on it - what a pattern!
    Ahh and Gwen Stefani is such a style icon form her No Doubt sleeveless vests to L.A.M.B leopard print dresses and YSL dresses!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. I just love to discover new places!
    Nice items she has -

    Have a great weekend


  17. I think I've heard of them before through Asos. Nice interview and very pretty pieces--loving the polka dot dress.

  18. Timbarika, I have missed you and your wonderful expression of self, life, surroundings, art, beauty,--well, you name it!! I love this shop! I love the green dress! Why does there have to be an ocean between me and Parma Vintage? Argh......! BTW, you look adorable, as usual, in the dress and stockings you are sporting in your images at the shop!! Love love love it! xo

  19. Thi store is full of amazing stuff!! Woww! I love every sing piece and I loved the interview!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  20. Kizzy, Gillian has the sweetest things! I see why you like shopping there. Everything is beautiful and unique. Our vintage shops look nothing like that here. You are so lucky and what a great interview. I love vintage, and this is impeccable. It's great she's opening an online store. Good luck to her. Have a great weekend doll!

  21. We love vintage shops and clothes, but one has to be carefull picking those items! These clothes, however, looks incredibly amazing! Great selection!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog.
    KISSES, have a nice weekend.
    NEW POST ON: http://sharpenstyle.blogspot.com.es/

  22. It is always such a pleasure see you.
    What a wonderful little place to dream and buy.

  23. Love your blog and love this vintage store! I'm your newest follower, I hope you'll follow back! : )


  24. I love the cross skirt!!!!
    your blog is really great i like it a lot! Maybe we follow each other!? Let me know :)) Greetings from germany www.yuliekendra.com

  25. Lovely store, thanks for sharing :)


  26. Wauw, those items are amazing.
    Really like the shop, great post :)

    LOVE BO,

  27. great collection and vintage store


  28. I love this shop and adore the dress you picked up! Mostly I'm dying over that poodle--would love to get that for me :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Kizzy!
    xo Mary Jo

  29. What a cute shop! I see lots of darling things. I don't wear dresses much anymore. I use too but since I don't work anymore, I just never think about it. You are so tiny that I bet you can wear just about anything. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Kizzy.♥♥

  30. I love all things vintage!! .. and this boutique looks lovely (as do you!) Wonderful interview :)

    Have a great weekend!


  31. its rare to find vintage stores clothing and accessory in my country.id love to visit this store in the future

  32. I am just loving all the skirts you've pulled out, purely since I've been eyeing up a few similar ones recently!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend Kizzy!

  33. Woww...lovely store with a huge well displayed inventory! That feather green hat is amazing, and the clothes are really beautiful! The lace skirt is to die for :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful weekend full of happiness and joy<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  34. I want my closet to look like this, you are very lucky to have a cute place like this near.

  35. wow¡¡ amazing clothes¡¡ Lovely shop!! happy weekend dear¡ xoxo

  36. Awesome post and I love your blog!


  37. Doll, I am sitting here Saturday evening in NJ reading your blog. So glad I stopped by. This is such a treasure for you to have found and a treat for your readers. I love the maxi you purchased ....it is so unique like the green dress you had posted. Great shop and photos...really enjoyed your interview too. Have a great night. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  38. Wow, that looks like an awesome vintage store. They have such great, one-of-a-kind items!


  39. Oh gooosh I want to go there ! And I want this white crossed skirt :)


  40. This shop looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. If I ever get there I will stop in!

  41. What a lovely place! And thank GOD for the Internet! ;) Shopping is always best when you can physically go into a store and actually shop for "real", but when it comes to far away places the web is da shit! ;) I will make sure to check out this place when they launch their web shop! xxx

  42. Wow ! Is this paradise ?

  43. What an amazing Vintage store Kizzy! In the US a lot of our Vintage stores aren't in the nicest condition, but this place is gorgeous!

  44. Hmmm, such a gorgeous shop! Would love to come visit there! Have a lovely sunday Kizzy!

  45. It's a really lovely place to shop <3
    have a nice day!

  46. oh wow, i love the store! I wish they had that in the Netherlands (:

  47. I saw some really cool things in the photos! Seems like such a special store with some different pieces :)


  48. So cute, especially the creamy dotted dress! Nice pics!xo

  49. Gorgeous finds! At first, I thought the photos were of your own closet, and I was so envious ... but I guess you did take some of these wonderful fabrics home! -- J xxx


  50. Such a cool store!

    I'm always looking for places like this- there are hardly any in Ireland and definitely NONE in the UAE!

  51. It looks like a fabulous shop. I love the dress you're wearing in these shots. xo

  52. wowooow! amazing place and lovely pieces!! love them!
    xoxox dear!

  53. ooh that boutique looks amazing!!! :D love the cross skirt! so cool :D


  54. great vintage attires


  55. sooo amazing post!
    love vintage shops!

  56. So elegand dress!! and cute shop!! I love all of this clothes!! lovely pics darling!! xoxo

  57. OMG...I'm dying of envy..I wish I could go shopping at that store!!

    It's sooo...sooo...perfect! :)) Sigh...I love vintage clothing!

  58. love post & blog!
    Fine clothes, it is a pity that we in the city have no such shops.
    With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥


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