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Hello flower petals!! Good Friday to you!! I hope you've had a wonderful week! I know for many it is a very holy week, so I hope you have enjoyed yourselves to. Easter is a glorious time of year & being a Christian, one of great remembrance.  We will be having family time here, my oldest is off school now for a couple weeks and hopefully the weather will surprise us and bring the sunshine out! Whatever you may be doing or celebrating, I wish you a wonderful & blessed time!! And may the sun shine on you all with love!!

Love loves

♥ 3 Things I would Like 

I like this dress from Free People, it's the kind of dress I'd wear with boots and go walking in the wilderness or desert in. Which I wouldn't mind right now...least there it would be hot, haha! I'd do anything for some sunshine just now. You can see other pictures of the dress & other pretty things on Free People's website.

When I'm done with the above dress & heading out for something sweet, I will wear this dress, gloves - shoes and all!! Created by the amazing (one of my favourites) Ulyana Sergeenko. Seriously, her creations are perfect for me. I'd wear them all! 

I would like some chalkboard nails...then I can write things on them that I need to remember or to tell people in certain words when they annoy me, hahaha! Seen here.

♥ Lately 

Listening: To the new Hurts album, a bit different from their first, but I like the song 'Blind'.  Watching: Well, I will be watching the adaptation for Kate Mosse's book 'Labyrinth' on Saturday. I loved the book, so I hope this does it justice. If you've not read it, you should. Reading: Not really anything, am browsing for new books at the moment. Eating: a warmed up cinnamon bun with gorgeous cream cheese frosting on it...am addicted. 

♥ Dolly Darlinks 

♥ 30 Things to start doing for yourself.

 The History of Passover, as many are celebrating, I found this article quite interesting for those who might not know what it is. I'm all about knowing all history even if I know some already, so I enjoyed this.

 I really enjoyed the darling Miss Meadows' blog post showcasing the wonderful works of Katerina Plotnikova, they are exquisite & take you to another dreamworld! 

 22 Random Acts of Kindness - warmed my heart this week.

 I love food, so la Madeleine's pinterest caught my attention, if your on my facebook page, you would have seen one of her pins that I shared. I'm also a big fan of the dainty treats Carole makes & shares on her gorgeous blog Mademoiselle Poirot.

 Forget traditional egg decorating, why not try something a little bit differently, like Tattooed Eggs, I quite like it...the possibilities are endless.

Happy Easter!


  1. Every time I come here I leave thinking "I should wear more dresses" :-) The nails are pretty cool, especially for moments when one middle finger isn't enough - hehehe!

    Thanks so much for including me in in your Darlinks!!! I'm so flattered and happy to be a part of this lovely lineup.

    I hope you and your family have a very happy Easter and a great weekend. Bisous xo

  2. Happy Easter, dear Kizzy.

  3. Happy Easter! Have a lovely Good Friday. Xx

  4. Happy Easter ;)!


  5. That Free People dress is absolutely gorgeous! Now I want that, too ;)
    Happy Easter, doll! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. The second pic is too cute!! Happy Easter dear!!

    Facebook page

  7. Happy Easter to you Kizzy! Enjoy your weekend (I'm hoping for sunshine too) and the time with your family;)

  8. Wonderful post -- a blessed Easter to you and yours! That Free People dress *is* beautiful; I can imagine how lovely you'd look in it :)

  9. Chalkboard nails!!! What!! That's crazy! Happy Easter. :)

  10. That Free People dress is gorgeous and I love how you'd wear it. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. Happy Easter to you too!

  12. Tattooed eggs? I'll definitely be checking that out! Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend with your family :)

  13. Happy good friday and easter sunday! Enjoy your weekend. The chalkboard nails look so cute. However i can't imagine them on my nails.

  14. Happy Easter darlin'!!! And even though we both love pretty dresses, let's take at least tomorrow off, and wear something that sits loose in the waist area... ;) I have already started on the Easter candy, and I know this weekend I'll be on a constant sugar rush! Haha! Have a lovely holiday honey, and thank you for linking to my blog - again... :) <3 <3 <3

  15. Those dresses would look awesome on you Kizzy! They're so beautiful. Those chalkboard nails are AWESOME! I would totally rock them! Have a Happy Easter doll! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday.

  16. I had no idea that you were religious Doll, hopefully you have a great Good Friday and a great Easter in general! Love that Miss Meadows post too, such a wonderful lady!

  17. Gorgeous Post! Love the Nail Design :)


  18. Your post comepletely brightened my day and attitude as it always does - I feel so stupid for writing this everytime which is why I hardly ever comment any more. But comments are so lovely and I can't think of any blogger who deserves them more than you. So I shall leave a though every time I've read through your posts! x

    Happy Easter Kizzy, hope you have a glorious off-time with your daughters and husband x

  19. Such pretty Easter inspiration.
    Wishing you & your family a very happy Easter!


  20. Happy Easter
    and enjoy!
    Love those nails.

  21. Great post Doll, I wish you a wonderful Easter as well :)

    LOVE BO,

  22. Happy Easter. Wow those two bunnies could it possibly get any cuter?

  23. Happy Easter! I'm a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin now :)
    Waiting for you...
    Big kisses
    Timeless Mode

  24. Happy Easter, Kizzy! I love that first dress you posted! Oh my! Be still my heart. I would love that too!


  25. Absolutely love that Free People dress!! Have a great Easter. xo
    Isn’t That Charming.

  26. Happy easter doll! Have a lovely spring celebration full of LOVE! xox

  27. Happy Easter Darling!

    I love the first dress so gorgeous!

    Ariane xxxx

  28. Loved this post, that is one gorgeous dress by free people. I haven't read the book but just saw an episode of Labyrinth last night, but it was pretty good!

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend with the kids!

  29. Lovely post with so much inspiration (as usual!). I hope you enjoyed your time with family and that the weather and everything makes for a highly enjoyable time off. Free People is one of my favorites - I'm constantly impressed by their designs and wearability!
    I hope you enjoy your holiday, xo

  30. happy easter! Love the links and adore free people clothes, my bank balance just doesn't!

  31. aw happy easter!! :)


  32. Hi beautiful Kizzy!!!!
    Happy Easter!!! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday !!!!
    LOVE the Free People dress!!!! They have the coolest, most unique things!!!!!
    Have a great Monday!!!!

  33. Came on over from Vintageportalen (Jessica Silversaga's Blog). Love the Free People dress in this post. The dress from Jessica's post you commented on is from my vintage shop :)

    xoxo | Rodellee from Adored Vintage

  34. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter dear. Love these great links and inspiration. Wishing you a joyful week doll! xxoo/Madison :)

  35. Hi babe! I just published a post featuring my new Oasap dress… let me know what do you think about it!

  36. The dress from Free People is amazing! Hope you had a fantastic Easter!


  37. Hello Darling girl!
    Last night we watched the final episode of the Bible mini-series....
    seeing (instead of merely reading) about the sacrifice of Jesus' life and the pain he endured for us, left me in tears. And to think of the resurrected Christ being my Friend, setting me free.... the NEW has come!

    We had a lovely Easter, I wore my new hot pink Betsey Johnson coat (with same color shoes from a thrift store) with a white lacy top and jeans, and afterwards when the family was here for dinner my granddaughter asked me several times when I was going to put on a dress.... (we play dress up often when she is here) I finally asked her why she thought I should change into a dress and she replied, "Because it's Easter, and we wear DRESSES on Easter!" And it's true, of all the days to wear a dress, yesterday would have been it!

    We had the warmest Easter ever (there were years when a winter coat was required) Later we visited the lake shore ~ in sleeveless tops and flip flops the kids played in the sand....

    Have a lovely week, filled to the brim with love!
    ~ Violet

  38. I hope that you had a wonderful Easter :)

  39. Hope you have enjoyed your Easter holidays darling! I've been with my family enjoying the warm Barcelona weather...and the typical Spanish Easter sweets!!;-)
    BTW Ulyana is also one of my favourite designers. I would wear anything she designs!!! ;-)


  40. If that FP dress were less expensive I would totally buy it. I just ate a cinnamon bun for the first time in a long time and it was totally delicious! Hope you had a fab Easter.

  41. Beautiful inspirations! hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter!

  42. Fantastic post!! I love that manicure!!! Happy Easter!

    Style Without Limits

  43. Happy Easter!!!! Love the free people dress too!!!!

    xx Marla


  44. Hey doll, hope you had an amazing Easter! Doesn't Free People always have the most beautiful things?!

    xo erica

  45. Such a lovely post with lovely inspirations! I hope you've had a really nice and peaceful Easter! And I wish you a great start to the new week!

  46. What an eclectic and rich post hun!! I could see you rocking the two gorgeous dresses. I would love them for myself too! Hope you enjoyed the movie. Let me know if you get round to having your nails chalked :-) lots of love!!

  47. I wish you've had a great Easter dolly!!

  48. I love so many of these quotes... when we fall in love with our quirks is that when we will feel free and find true joy.


  49. Aw, amazing post! I always love memes! Thanks so much for sharing =) I also really loved the Dolly links <3

    Twitter: Sensiblestylist


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