Dainty Friday Favourites!

Ahoy dear dollipops, finally Friday & all is grand!! So glad it is Friday as now I can stay inside and not have to go out as it's been snowing and gotten much colder. Although, I may go and do some sledding should it stick a bit. But, what I do have for you are a few of my favourite things from the week to share, I hope you enjoy them. Monday is 'Share in Style' once again and the topic is Tartan, so feel free to join in. Have a wonderful weekend my dears, do let me know what you think of my Friday Favourites!

Loves & Loves

This amazing painting above here by Julie Filipenko, called 'Chocolate Soul', I am completely smitten and in love with!! This face and collar, everything is just too perfect. I can't stop looking at it and feeling lots of happiness. Please check out her other works because she is ever so talented!

This is my dear dear friend Jenny from SheLovesDresses, I love her so much!! She had a fun little giveaway on her blog of this stunning dress she is wearing here and I WON!!! Hahaha...I forgot I entered and so there you go. But, now it's mine, It is handmade by the amazing British designer Alexandra King, stunning red lace. This will be my first red dress really, so I am excited. I'm also excited about the project Jenny and I are teaming up for. I say 'Doll Power' a lot on Instagram and in life in general & I came up with the idea of actually doing something with it, I won't say anymore than that as I'd like to keep it a secret until it's ready and worked out in full details. But, it's going to be amazing and it's already catching on for people on Instagram to say 'Doll Power', which is super awesome!! I will let you know when it's ready :) 

My sweet friend Ivana from A Little Place to call my own drew this picture of me with my pink fluffy coat on, it's so cute, I love it!! Ivana does drawings of many blogger friends and features them on her blog. I really enjoy her art works and blog in general...she's the sweetest girl...so do pop over to her blog and say hello if you can. Thank you so much for this art piece & the other one you did of me as well, love them :)

This 'I Heart Unicorns' is just perfect for me, haha!! I first saw it on my sweet Sara's blog & instantly had to have it. I could buy perfume all day if you hadn't noticed already *wink* It's made by a Husband and Wife team - A Beautiful Life and it has notes of lemon, peppermint, pomegranate, and frankincense. Designed to provoke memories of the 80's and 90's!! I love the bottle as well and sure do want to try it :) 

Above: These amazing Ballet Bae platform shoes have had my eyes for a long while now. They are from Dolls Kill and come in white, black or pink as seen here. I love the laces, just really cute shoes!! I'd fall over in them, but I love them still :)

And lastly....I stumbled upon Ulyana Sergeenko's SS2015 Couture line and instantly - as usual became smitten with every item. There isn't any piece I wouldn't wear. I particularly loved the billowing on the cape of this one, it's just so perfect and thought it somewhat echoed the effect of a bustle skirt without being a skirt. The pink is so sweet as well :)

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  1. Gorgeous picks as always *__* I love the artwork and the pink fashion favourites are so dreamy! I can't wait to see you in that Alexandra King dress! <3

  2. I always love your Friday's picks...and I'm super happy that my illustration is one of them!

    I do really like that Julia Filipenko's painting, so innocent and sweet...makes me think of my childhood...and UIyana always has such feminine pieces! Her over the top dresses are so over the top in the right way:) I'm sure they can make any woman feel like a princess and we all need that sometimes.

    I'm excited to see what Doll power is about. I really loved your Wonder Woman series, very empowering...so I'm pretty sure this will be great too!!!

    ..and congrats for winning that red dress!


  3. Ohh I can't wait to see you in that red dress Kizzy ;-) Happy weekend lovely,

  4. Morning Kizzy! Ah, the snow sounds magical! Here rains cats and dogs, pretty gloomy! Your friday favs are all gorgeous, love that painting too, very sweet. Well done on winning that giveaway, the dress will suit you! Ahah, an unicorn perfume? Looks so nice! I love the Ivana's sketch too, she is really talented and kind. Hope you have a marvelous weekend my dear and enjoy the snow, many hugs! xo

  5. Hi Kizzy! I think we should start a Unicorn Club. You know, like that in Sweet Valley High :D Happy Friday to you darl! So sunny here in London right now, can't believe the contrast. But it's still cold! Off to dinner tomorrow. Still a post-birthday thing. I think it will spill over to Feb. Hahaha. Have a lovely weekend indoors. Heard there's more snow to come! Keep safe and warm! x

  6. that painting is incredible and I love your dress

  7. Oh yes thank god it's friday! It hasn't been snowing at our place recently and I am too glad that it aint. Winter is just not my cup of tea.
    The pink Plateaus are to die for. Maybe I would pick the black option but it's still too lovely.
    Have a great weekend doll.

    xx Lori

  8. Lovely painting!!! And Ivana's sketch is so cute!!!!
    Have a lovely friday!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  9. Then Painting looks very soulful and pretty, Your illustration is amazing! Happy Friday.

  10. i am going to visit The I love unicorn website now
    congrats for the ddress

  11. Such beautiful pictures! The art works are fabulous, how great that you are portrayed by a fellow blogger friend :-) ! Have a great weekend dear Kizzy, see you next week xxx

  12. I'm really glad it's Friday too! That lace dress though is amazing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  13. love seeing your friday favorites and things around the web that have inspired you during the week. the painting is adorable as well as the sketch of you. enjoy the snow sweet friend! ... "doll power!" (love this)

  14. Julie Filipenko is a really great and talented painter :) I love her pictures!
    You've won a very pretty dress, you so lucky...
    Have a nice weekend, my dear.


  15. Hi Kizzy! Omg congrats on winning that stunning little red lace dress!! I'm looking forward to see you wearing it. I love the painting too and I checked her etsy shop out. I'm sure I will buy a print. The red riding hood is totally amazing as well. It's snowing over here too. I hate the winter so much hahaha. Have a happy Friday doll!!

    xx glamdevils.com / miradevils.blogspot.com

  16. I love the painting and that ballet platform. Hope you have a great weekend.

  17. So many lovely inspirations! That Ulyana Sergeenko dress and cape are just stunning. Love Ivana's drawing of you too! Happy weekend Kizzy!

  18. Love the platform shoes so much & can you please click in the
    sheinside links in my latest post. It would mean the world to me!


  19. Happy Friday! Congrats on winning that dress! I am sure you will look amazing in it and I know you will jazz it up with some fabulous accessories too! The pink platform shoes are just so cool, they are so unique! I think I need that long pink cape! I would wear it everywhere!


  20. Cute painting of you dear. What a lovely gesture. A lovely weekend to you darling. xo

  21. Oh, I will have to try to make it to the Share in Style this time hopefully. These are great inspirations dear. Those ballet platforms are brilliant, there are something special! Happy weekend! x/Madison
    Style Files Foodie Inspired

  22. Love the Parfume and the wonderful pink Shoes :)
    Another amazing Post lovely Kizzy!

    Happy Weekend ,hugs

  23. There is something so innocent about the first image. The unspoken love. It is breathtaking! Happy Friday Doll!

  24. I love Ivana's blog drawings :)

    Also that first picture could totally be you! I could see you wearing collar and cuffs and holding a bunny, haha.

    Corinne x

  25. Your friend Jenny is amazing with that dress!

  26. Incredible painting!
    I like too much these shoes
    Have a nice day!


  27. That Sargeenko dress is so pretty!!! And I want that Unicorn Perfume!
    I'm like you: if I could buy a perfume a day, life would be grand!

  28. Ooh so many cool faves. Loving those amazing pink platforms and that illustration is oh so pretty too


  29. These are all beautiful selections and that red, lace dress you won in a Giveaway on your friend's blog is so, so beautiful.
    Have a great weekend Kizzy.

  30. Those ballet platforms are incredible!! Obsessed with the bubble gum pink and how they lace up! AMAZING!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  31. Wow, the illustration is wonderful and i love the facial expression too. Aww, how awesome that Ivana drew the lovely sketch of you! Congrats as well on winning the giveaway. I know you will look stunning! #dollpower !!!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  32. That chocolate soul painting is breathtaking Kizzy! It's so striking that it looks through you. Gorgeous! That red dress is going to look fabulous on you!!! It's meant for you. Can't wait to see you wear it! Congratulations. I love Doll Power!!! That is so cute! You can do so much with it! Good luck girl! Trademark it! Have a fabulous weekend my friend!

  33. Lovely inspirations!! Happy we kisses

  34. Such cute stuff! Love the painting and the dress Kizzy! Have a great weekend
    Keep in touch

  35. Wow, great inspirations Kizzy, I love the artwork and the pink fashion favourites are so beautiful! I can't wait to see you in that Alexandra King dress! <3 Have a great weekend dear.Kisses and hugs <3

  36. I'm overwhelmed by the whimsical bonanza! I can't believe you won that fabulous red dress, it's truly beautiful! Ivana is the sweetest girl Kizzy, I agree! I'm very curious about your project ehehe! Here it's freezing cold too and I'll stay inside as much as possible!
    Wish you a great weekend my friend
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  37. Hello Lovely and congrats on winning the contest. I love that dress, I wrote about lace today on the blog, am a big fan of it and lace, you will look smashing
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  38. Nice selection Kizzy, really love it the first picture us amazing, your portrait too is wonderful, and this Pink platform crazy me, very original, happy weekend doll!


  39. Aquí, también nieva :)

    Me han encantado tus cosas.

    Un beso

  40. Ahh look at you in your pink fluffy coat!! CUTE!

  41. OMG, the last dress and the ballet platforms are amazing! Still, I most definitely would not manage to walk in those shoes but the last dress, would really love to wear it!
    I love Ivana's drawing of you, she does the most amazing job! :) Have great weekend my darling!


  42. Congratulations for winning that pretty dress! I seldom enter competitions, since I never win. But as you've seen on Instagram I'm right now doing my best to win that star-ring with little diamonds on it, by spamming my feed with those ring-pictures every day. Haha! :) Keeping my fingers crossed... <3 <3 <3

  43. Kizzy, i loved the drawing Ivania' s drew.

  44. 'Chocolate Soul' is ever so beautiful and the red lace dress you've won recently in your friend's competition is so lovely, I'm really looking forward to seeing your post on it (if you choose to do one)! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  45. I follow Ulyana Sergeenko on Intsagram. Everything except the furs are stunning.

  46. that red dress is stunning!!!

  47. perfect outfit! and I love the last picture <3 Already following you on G+ and GFC :)

  48. Woooooow, that painting, I'm the same, I can't stop looking at it, so pretty. That lace dress looks amazing, you'll look super in it. I just blog Ulyana Sergeenko all day long on my Tumblr, LOVE her and her collections.

  49. Love that red dress (perfect for the love month) and those pretty pink dress and shoes. :D

    That painting too. Speaks so much.


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