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Happy days darlings!! How's the week going for you so far!?! I hope it's well :) You all know by now that I am a huge lover all things fun and quirky, it's a given!! It makes my life more fun and keeps the child in me happy!! The world is too gloomy and needs more fun :) A little while ago I was followed on Instagram by a shop called Adventure Land, I loved the name, so I quickly had a peek and saw how fun their items were & had to follow back - honestly, I saw unicorns..automatic love!
The idea for Adventure Land was created by Lo, while she was shooting a princess fairytale book. She wanted girls to keep hold of that special feeling you get from dressing up. These are affordable pieces to bring a little fairytale magic into your life & I just love them so. I bought myself the pony earrings with the tassels as their just too cute - though mind you, I have to keep them hidden from my two girls, haha! Will share them when they have pierced ears ;-) So lightweight, I barely feel as though I have them on, which is great! Superb customer service, as I was allowed to pay by paypal at no bother & they arrived quickly! This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share how pleased I am! As you can see below, I have them on, soooooo love them! You'll be seeing them again in an outfit post soon & I will most definitely be shopping there again, below you can see my favourites...be sure to check out Adventure Land & say hello. Have a great day darlings!

Loves & Loves

~ Adventure Land ~
Website / Facebook / Instagram

They ship worldwide, so treat yourself and enjoy!!

And here's me & my ponies!! Came in this precious shell with a sweet little unicorn friend, that I love! Sweet added details like that make me smile!

~ Dainty Doll Favourites ~


  1. wow, the shop looks like its a dreamland, i must check it out soon
    those earrings are too cute
    keep in touch

  2. Morning Kizzy! I know well your passion and Im not surprised at all you soon fell in love with this shop, their stuff is utterly cool, fun and so you! I SO love your pony earrings, lol they are so sweet! I imagine if your kids see them, would fight for them!:P Looking stunning with them, I also like the unicorn rings, very very cute. Many hugs Kizzy, happy Wed! xo

  3. So cute!!! I love your earrings!!!
    Happy wed!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  4. those are cute and so playful! my guess is you may have to order more as i'm sure your girls will want to wear them too. and i love the handwritten note that was included with your order. a very nice personal touch. happy wednesday!

  5. Oh my those earrings are super adorable! Sigh, I miss My Little Pony now!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. Lovely and cute things! The flamingo bag is really cool, you chose earrings ideal for your style <3 Have a nice day doll!


  7. What girl doesn't like a little fairytale in her life. You look gorgeous and they are so pretty.

  8. Can you believe I never owned a My Little Pony? I do like the fun earrings and the gold ones you featured too.

  9. Awwwwww how many lovely things in this post *O* I love so much your new unicorn earrings!! Very sweet...


  10. They have such supercute stuff! And so totally you!! Love it!
    Keep in touch

  11. i have a pen like that with a big pink fluffy ball at the end ;) it's so fun to write with!

  12. Everything to look like a mermaid, great post :)

  13. How fun! Your earrings are just fabulous and the packaging was wonderful as well!

  14. oh this is such a lovely concept....loved the unicorn earrings
    keep in touch

  15. Ok I need to check them out stat, so many cute things! The pony earrings are just adorable on you, love what a quirky statement they make <3

  16. Adorable! Love all the wonderful Items <3 :)


  17. My absolute favorite is the flamingo bag! Your earrings are so cute! Hugs xxx

  18. Hello from Spain: I love these mini horses. Very cute. Your earrings are very cool. Keep in touch

  19. I think we all secretly wish unicorns were real. Love your earrings.


  20. so cuuuuute and adorable!!!


  21. The earrings are gorgeous, so cute! I love the wee shell too. My sister has bought me loads of those 'blind bag' ponies with the jewels on them, I love them.

  22. Wow everything is gorgeous, I completely adore the flamingo bag. What is especially perfect is the unicorns in the shells. Being a lover of unicorns, I would be the happiest person ever if I received that.

  23. Those earrings are so cute! It's such a fun site :)

    Corinne x

  24. this made me think of my childhood and how happy I had been when my parents bought me a unicorn toy:)
    the earrings are lovely and they do look great on you!


  25. Wow, you find the most amazing things. The unicorn earrings are fabulous.

  26. Looking amazing lovely!

    Love the earrings !!

    Hope you will stop by to check out my new posts!


    Mr Maroosh gift set for men
    Ready for a luxury phone?

  27. 100% in love with this collection!! I mean look at it?! How is it possible to have this much cuteness in one shop, it makes me want to scream with glee! x

  28. This is your kind of shop sweet Kizzy! The earrings are beautiful, unique! I'd love that flamingo bag. I think that loving fashion equates to loving dressing up, in a way or the other! Tons of love dear!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  29. I agree, it can be wonderful to focus on the bright, fun and happy things in life - there's too much doom and gloom! I hope your week is going well.. and is full of quirky, happy things! ;)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  30. Holy moly they are the cutest earrings I have seen. They have many wonderful jewellery at the online shop. I have fallen in love with a pair of dolphin earrings. I'm surprised how the affordable they are. I have to check if they ship worldwide. I haven't worn earrings for ages and started again last week. It was quite painful hahaha. Now it's alright again. I'm so sorry that you guys have snow. It's cold over here but at least the no beep snow. Have a happy Thursday doll!!

    xx glamdevils.com / miradevils.blogspot.com

  31. These earrings are beautiful and one of a kind!

  32. Adventure Land is such an adorable name for a shop. Your earrings are so adorable and I love the other fun items you shared too.

  33. It truly is a dreamland... I've never seen such a thing! I love you earrings as I already told you on Instagram and now when I see them on you I love them even more! You two are just made for each other! :)))

  34. I love the name of her shop!!! That is so cool! Those pony earrings look awesome on you Kizzy! I love the pom pom pens. Girl, you wear metallics well! That eyeshadow looks awesome on you. Those colors never do me justice! It's your beautiful hue.

  35. Super cute! I used to have pop-pop pens when I was at school, everyone loved them!
    Trying to catch up on all your posts that I've missed recently, bear with!

  36. I understand why you daughters like those earrings... Haha! They're amazing! :D I also love the set in the bottom pic! I instantly get photo shoot ideas when I see things like this, and I'm a master of buying things I only use for shoots, so now I have to check this store out... :) xxxxxx

  37. So cute!!! I love those sweet ponies.

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