Friday Favourites!!

Hello my beauties! I hope you are well!?! I am positively beaming because it has been so sunny and warm here this week, so excited. I love when the sun comes out to play. Also, my laptop has been fixed, for months now I've been using my laptop through my tv because the laptop screen was cracked, so it stopped working. It was a strain using it through the tv, which contributed to my migraines most times. But, now I have a new screen and can use it properly, so I'm super happy!! I shall leave you with some favourites from the week, while I go out and enjoy this weather!! Woooo!!

Loves & Sunshine to you all,

My newest handbag! I'm on a roll with handbags just now, this one is made by Joanna Pybus, she was having a little sample sale of monster bags & I got this one! It's just too precious, I love this fluffy monster & the colours make me happy :) I'll have it in an outfit post soon! You can check out Joanna Pybus on her site, as she also does clothes too. I'll need to name him (yes, I name my bags sometimes, lol! If you have a suggestion, let me know)

My favourite Outfit/Look lately...from my marvellous and colourful Sara from Sara is in Love With!! When Sara posted this look, it was still grey and rainy, but this made me smile tremendously and feel sunshine and you know, shortly after Sara posting this, the sun came out more and it's been sunny ever since!! You can create sunshine around you even if it takes the sun a bit to catch on. I just love it so, the print on the trousers is amazing!! Always so colourful and bright Sara is!

This dress from Oh My Honey styled by the amazing Twinks Burnett whom I adore. The bright pops of colours put together is marvellous and fun!! It gives a different edge to a vintage style dress without looking that typical vintage style way. There are like 9 other dress designs to love, I can't chose a favourite, would wear any of them. So check out Oh My Honey here to see the rest! 

Last, but not least!! A little life wisdom...I find these three things sum up a lot. When we love completely, we leave no room for the opposite. When we dream, we create, we grow and become closer to the person we were meant to be. When we live beautifully, we respect ourselves and our needs, but also respect others and their needs too. I find that lacking in today's world, we don't respect others enough, you only have to switch on the news to understand that. When we change our mindsets, our actions will gradually change. But, we must be willing to put in the work.


  1. such a beautiful post Kizzy! I'm glad your laptop is fixed, I have problems with my laptop and I so wish I could just buy a new one because I had this one for almost a decade.

    You know, your little fluffy monster makes me happy too! That bag is super cute....we need such items in our life, things that make us smile.

    I like both of the outfits you selected, they are both so full of life and positive energy.

    Finally, I just love your words of wisdom. I agree with you...we need more love in this world, more respect and genuine tenderness. Where there is love, there is hope!

  2. So glad for you Kizzy - happy happy weekend to you my friend xxx

  3. Morning Kizzy! Sun makes me happy too and as u, have got some troubles with my laptop recently, still have to fix mine, is so annoying! Btw, love all your fri favs, your new handbag is so fun and cute, first time I saw it I laughed! I love also that dress from Oh My Honey and the last quote is very inspiring. Have a marvelous weekend my dear, many hugs and kisses! xo

  4. hi Kizzy, I'm glad you have sunny days over there now. Thanks for sharing your colourful world with us. It makes us happy too.

  5. I didn't know you get migraines. I hope you don't feel as bad lately. Glad for you that it's sunny in Scotland! :) It's sweltering in London at the moment but can't complain cox it never lasts :) Have a lovely weekend xxx

  6. I love that oversized bow and can totally see you rocking it!
    I saw the little furry guy on Instagram - too cute!
    Happy and SUNNY weekend wishes to you and the family!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Hello from Spain: happy sun friday. Lovely proposals. Keep in touch

  8. Lovely handbag

    New post :

  9. Hi Kizzy,
    I am glad you are enjoying the sun. It's been raining by us day after day now, but we had a lovely Wednesday. I really love that dress with the huge bow.
    Enjoy your weekend, love.

  10. Happy Friday doll! I love sunshine, so hopefully more of that will come. The bag is so great, and definitely reflects your style. <3
    Summer Entertaining

  11. So sorry for your migranes...
    Love these colored outfits :)))


  12. Your new bag is so fun! Yay for your laptop being fixed and hopefully this means no more migraines as well. Happy weekend Kizzy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. such fun colors!

  14. Great post Kizzy and you are so right about that quote. I am glad you have some sunshine over there now.
    Have a happy and lovely weekend.

  15. i like your friday favourites the yellow dress and the style is super
    and nice that your laptop has been fixed
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  16. I love sun Kizzy and I love your pics too!!!
    Happy WE doll!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  17. Happy Friday, Kizzy! So happy that you got a new working laptop. It must have been tough using the TV screen.

  18. Aww....the bag is super cute. Love all your friday faves, and Sara's look is amazing! Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, but the exams season is starting and I've been insanely busy :P
    Have a happy weekend<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  19. It must be a relief having your laptop back and working - I can't imagine trying to blog through my TV! A lovely set of colourful looks again in this blog post :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  20. I think that most of us love sun... I tend to feek down when there's no sun... especially during winter period! I love your favorites! That monster bag is supercute and when I saw it on IG at first I didn't relised what it was :D Adorable, what else could I say! Have lovely weekend and big kiss to your little ones! xoxo

  21. What a super cute little Monster ,look at it make me smile <3

    Happy weekend wonderful Lady ,lovely Greets :)

  22. The yellow dress is super! Happy week-end

  23. Love the quirky photos! Im glad to hear about the laptop working, too. My power keeps being funny on my laptop and that's distressing!

    Corinne x

  24. Love the vibrant color of this post and im inlvoe with your new monster bag <3 so cute ^_^

  25. Amazing post dear!

  26. Oh very cute favorites
    I love it the last pic

  27. That bag definitely needs to be named. It has soulful eyes on its own! I initially thought those eyes were some photo stickers! I cannot imagine working on your laptop through the TV screen. It would be too big and would also cause me bad headache. I'm glad that it is fixed now! Have a good weekend!

  28. wow.. nice inspiration.. i like your hair v much

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my earlier post :)

    I've jotted down my **JuNe FaVoRiTeS** Come Have a look :)

    Follow me on Google Plus


  29. The outfit by Oh my Honey is Oh so fabulous! And yes that bag needs to be named, I choose to call her 'I-fur'. Can't wait to see how your style her.

  30. SOOOOO AMAZZZZZING!!! SOOOOO COOOL!!! LOVVVE LOVE LOVE your rainbow colorful inspiration! Those cullottes above are next level!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  31. I love this burst of colors. :)

  32. You are just as beautiful and colorful as you your lovely tastes. These would be just about anyone's favorites too. Love your new purse.

  33. oh my goodness, your fluffy handbag is AMAZING!!!!

  34. I hope your Sunday was lovely!

  35. Let us know the name you pick for the bag! Curious!

  36. Your newest hand bag is so tricky and playful!!! What a cute piece! :)

    Have a nice day! :)


  37. So glad you guys are finally getting some SUN! I think everyone in the UK shares your sentiment Kizzy because they've been sharing it in their posts today. I love what you wrote at the end. So beautiful.

  38. Your favourites are super Kizzy! That bag is a total cutie! Sara's outfit is charming, and oh that dress!! I would love to go around in that dress!! Thank you for sharing your wise words darling, they are so true and inspiring!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi


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