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Hello dolls & I'm back!! It's been a very long time, but I am happy to return to my blog & to all of your blogs too. My posts might be sporadic for a while, but I will be here! Today, I'd like to share with you a marvel that delights my eyes so much - Kabarett der Namenlosen!! I have to admit I had a fan girl moment when Le Pustra asked me to create a blog entry for his magical event. I have been admirer from afar for so long. I absolutely adore everything he does. For those who may have glimpsed pictures of Le Pustra and marvelled at the wonderful artistic imagery, this will no doubt lead to intrigue to see into this decadent world. A natural desire to peek and delve a little deeper. That I must confess was how it was for me. For those unfamiliar with whom I refer then I hope this brief summary will help paint a picture and whet the appetite for you to discover more about this talent and his accomplished entourage. 
The Kabarett der Namenlosen (Cabaret of the Nameless) was one of the most disreputable Cabarets in Berlin (and later in Hamburg) from 1926 till 1932. This marvellous enchantment was created by Erich 'Elow' Lowinsky and the format consisted of short acts, skits, and songs performed by amateurs or 'The Nameless'. He promised them fame & fortune, only to trick and humiliate them onstage by unforgiving audiences baying for fresh blood...
After a celebrated premiere in March 2016, La Pustra's Kabarett der Namenlosen returns for a second run this September in Berlin. His strange and surreal production diverts from Elow's format (it incorporates the original title only) by including a voyeuristic and contemporary interpretation of Weimar-era Berlin. Prepare to have your senses tantalised, with a heady haze of hedonistic delight that awaits you as you enter the domain. The performers will make you laugh, cry, gasp and perhaps blush a little. If you've ever wanted to let go of your inhibitions - even for just one night, this is the show for you! The programme will deliver dashes of delicate decadence, though it is the performers' personas that will intrigue, draw you in & leave you mesmerised. 
There will be beautifully imagined vignettes, performances from curious bon vivants, scandalous flickers adorning the sinful walls, a set design of decaying elegance and selected songs by Frederick Hollander, Mischa Spoliansky, Willy Rosen and poetry by Kurt Tucholsky.You will be seduced, shocked and spoiled by fantastic artistry. If you like such an experience, then be certain to lick your lips and be present for the Kabarett der Namelosen! How I wish I could be there *wink*

Have a great day dolls

The venue for the Kabarett is the historic Ballhaus Berlin in Mitte (dating back to 1905) providing an intimate and seductive setting. Artistic collaborators include the quirky Hendrik's Gin and the successful event producer, Else Edelstahl from Boheme Sauvage. Styling influence for the show comes through by the British make-up artists, Pat Mcgrath and the fashion of John Galliano. Famed hairstylist Nina Butkovich-Budden will be creating wigs for the cast and Italian illustrator, Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola will design the artwork for the show.


Dates: 16,17,18 (not 19), 20, 21 September 2016
Time: Door at 7pm  / Show at 8pm

Address: Ballhaus Berlin, Chausseestr. 102, 10115 Berlin


Le Pustra

Bridge Markland

Vicky Butterfly

Julietta La Doll

Mama Ulita

Lada Redstar

Charly Voodoo


Miss Annabel Sings
and more...


  1. I'm happy you're back:) Beautiful pictures:)

  2. Hey welcome back lovely doll, hope you and the gorgeous family is keeping well :)
    This looks amazing - love the look and imagery.
    Take care and look forward to catching up.

  3. So fab!

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  4. welcome back! I would love to attend this show and be seduced by its artistic decadence! This Namelosen show has an interesting history, thank you for sharing it with us...I'm sure this new incarnation must be really interesting. If I ever visit Germany, I will keep it in mind. I absolutely love these photographs you shared here.

  5. Hi Kizzy, this is a very nice presentation. So chic and stylish.

  6. from the cast, to the set design and styling, this is sure to be a production to satisfy all the creative senses! would love to see this!

  7. I´m so happy you´re back again!!! It looks like a lot of fun, I wish I lived closer .....

  8. Welcome again! It's fantastic that you're here finally :)


  9. Good morning Kizzy! I hope the baby and the whole family is doing great. What an interesting story! I love the costumes and the makeup. Such beautiful pictures. Too bad I cannot attend. Happy new week doll!

  10. I did not know! Thanks for the intro! And welcome back! So good to see you here again!

  11. Welcome back Kizzy!! So nice to see u here, hope life is treating u well and everything is going fine by your side! Love this kind of art as well, his work is just amazing and inspiring! Have a good week and take care, many hugs! xo

  12. Welcome back! It looks like the cabaret would be so fun to watch - the set and costumes are divine!

  13. Welcome back Lizzy!!!!
    Such an amazing show, great pics!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  14. Welcome back dear Friend ♡
    The Costumes are adorable, it looks amazing!

    lovely greetings

  15. Hi kizzy welcome back! Today I am discovering something new, I knew nothing about this amaaaaaazing Cabaret!

  16. What a wonderful post to come back with, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I am so glad to see you back blogging, my dear Kizzy

  17. The Kabarett der Namelosen sounds like it will be quite a fun spectacle! if only I were in Berlin. Welcome back Kizzy! You and your blog have been missed. Hope you and your family have enjoyed a lovely summer!

  18. Welcome back doll, and what a great new post to read. This is marvellous art and the costumes, of course are my favourites. Love Pat Mcgrath as well! x

  19. This looks absolutely magical, I wish I could see it too! So happy that you're back to blogging, have missed your posts <3

  20. Welcome back, dear Lizzy!!!! I hope you are well!!!!
    Beautiful photos and post!!!
    I have a new page of hats in G+, I follow you too (MGM hats)

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  21. How fantastically glam, and what wonderful costumes!
    Bethany x

  22. Wish I was in town to see that one!

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  23. First of all, I'm so happy you're back. It's always lovely to read your posts.
    Secondly, I had never heard of this, but wow! Looks intriguing and super cool. I wish I could have seen it!
    Have a lovely week!
    Much love,

  24. Welcome back doll! You have definitely sparked my imagination with your post - but then, you always do!

    Emma |

  25. Lovely to have you back - looking forward to more of your beautifully flamboyant posts! Also, totally in love with how you describe the set design as 'decaying elegance' :)

  26. I love all these costumes. Want to see something like this in person!

  27. Wow! This looks amazing!

  28. Great to see your back and the costumes here are magnificent. Enjoy September!

  29. Oh you're back! Saw your comment on my post after so long.
    Great post hon! x

  30. It looks like u had the besssst time! WHAT A SHOW!!! Incredible! WOWOWO!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  31. So good to see you back! I enjoy your posts and this one is super cool. What a show! And congratulations on being asked to do an entry, that's so dope!


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