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Hello dolls & happy Tuesday to you all!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. To say I had a great weekend would be an understatement. As most of you know (from me going on and on about it enough) I went to see the glorious Alphonse Mucha exhibition at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow. I've loved Mucha's work since a child, this was my first time seeing it in person & it was absolutely phenomenal, everything I had dreamed it would be, completely exceeded my expectations, I left loving Mucha even more. 
When you walked in, you were greeted by a low-lit ambience (much of his work is light sensitive) pale green walls and decorative aesthetics you feel Mucha himself would have chosen, I really loved the added touches of his words printed on the walls in quotes that greeted you in every turn. It felt as though he was whispering to the viewer as they were happily transfixed in his world. 
You learned of his story, how he got started and grew into one of the most influential and celebrated artists in Fin-de-siecle Paris, best known for his graphic work such as theatre posters for Sarah Bernhardt and his decorative panels featuring beauteous women. His style was harmonious with the natural forms, organic lines and a muted palette which also become synonymous with the decorative style at the time - Art Nouveau. What this exhibition also gave is the man behind the talent, it let you have a glimpse into his thinking, his aesthetic and how his ideas developed from just ideas to tangible beauty. Which is something as a viewer you don't always get to see, you only get to sit and wonder as your gazing lovingly at it's result. Not only did I get to enjoy these results, I got an understanding of what he truly thought and felt about the idea of beauty and how it effects oneself and others. 
Walking around and reading his words such as, "The aim of art is to glorify beauty" or "The marvellous poems of the human body...and the music of lines and colours emanating from flowers and leaves and fruits are most obvious teachers of our eyes and taste", it was as if someone was reading my mind and my inner most thoughts were on the wall as to how I feel about art, beauty and life. How these treasures have the ability to grasp your soul and awaken it to the beauty and blessings we've been given if only we open our eyes to it. He saw beauty - real beauty and shared it with the world as many artists do. What an amazing gift! 
Another favourite section of the exhibition was getting to see his work that he did in response to aftermath of the Russian war - do check out "Russia Restituenda" it was created as a plea for help for starving children in the aftermath of the Russian Civil War (1917-1922) I couldn't help feel it connected even to modern life for various countries of today, the lonely and frightened eyes of the woman in the poster is so heart gripping. 
The curators did an amazing job (Curator of European Art of Glasgow Museums, Pippa Stephenson & curator of the Mucha Foundation, Tomoko Sato) I'm so happy I went and I'll be going again before it leaves Glasgow to fall in love even more all over again!! I've shared a selection of my favourites here, but I'll be adding all my pictures at a later date either to my facebook page or my pinterest. If you happen to be in Glasgow at any time from now until February 19, please please go and see this, you will not be disappointed. It's absolute beauty! There's even a spot to dress up like a Mucha girl - though, I came already prepared :) I'll stop going on and on now, ha!! Have a wonderful day my darlings :)

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For more information: Mucha Foundation / Kelvingrove Museum 

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  1. Dear the last picture is so beautiful!!! I love the painting! kissssssssssssssssss

  2. You look fantastic, great photos:)

  3. Happy Tuesday Kizzy! <3 I really wish I lived nearer to Glasgow because the exhibition looks totally dreamy, I absolutely adore how glamorous and classic all the pieces are! You look totally amazing too xx

  4. Hello Kizzy! How cool, must have been so amazing being there! And u were so stunning, Im in love with ur look, so dreamy and enchanting, u remind me of a fairy!:) Have a nice week, hugs! xo

  5. wow! looks amazing! thanks for sharing!

  6. Amazing Art! i love Jugendstil, we have a lot of this in Vienna :)

    lovely Greetings <3

  7. You know: I love Mucha, this summer its exposure was in Rome at the Vittoriano but, unfortunately, I could not go to see it. So these photos and that your post is for me a wonderful gift: Kizzy thanks! Congratulations on your dress and, above all, your beauty you are really perfect for Mucha!



  8. Such a lovely place, you look stunning Kizzy, I love your outfit!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  9. Anche a Roma c'è stata la mostra è mi è piaciuta tantissimo.

  10. He is one of my favorites! I really enjoyed seeing so much from him during my trips to Prague!


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  11. Thanks for sharing your experience! This exhibition looks and sounds absolutely amazing and you look gorgeous Kizzy!

  12. Seems Wonderful to ser
    Happy evening

  13. You really do have a bit of a Mucha vibe. Lovely. I have always loved his art, too. Thank you so much for sharing the exhibit. Gosh. It would be so nice if more artists today were as in touch with the beauty of nature as he was. Sigh....

  14. you are indeed a mucha girl! the outfit was perfectly paired to go right along with the exhibit! so cool to see his broad imagination ... from art to decorative work.

  15. Great post!

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  16. Belas imagens arrasou no look, obrigado pela visita.

  17. You look so beautiful!
    Love and inspiration.

  18. I wish I could have made it to Glasgow to see this exhibition myself. I love seeing exhibition, I always feel like something special is preserved in orginal paintings....and reproductions never really come close. So, I can imagine how much you enjoyed seeing one of your favourite artists!

    Mucha was really uniquely talented. His artistic vision is so special and dreamy. I love how he painted women...with a lot of tenderness and respect, like the masters of the old. His works are, like all great art, eternal!

    You look lovely in that maxi dress and with the flowers in your hair ... I see your outfit as a kind of tribute to this artist, for I'm sure he would have had loved it (if he could see it). You took some lovely pics too. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Have been looking forward to this post, looks like such an amazing exhibition! Sounds so interesting to hear Mucha's thought processes, I do hope this exhibition makes it way to London, fingers crossed. Loved your outfit too, sooo perfect with the whole theme <3

  20. Thanks so much for sharing - this is definitely an expo I'd love to see ;) Love the Edwardian styles!

  21. It looks a really interesting exhibition and your outfit is perfect!!! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

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  22. I have been looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this since you mentioned you were checking it out! You totally fit in with the exhibition's theme and I'm so glad you had fun :)

  23. Great exhibition. Glad to know you had so much fun. And you look so gorgoeus! Xo, Elsa


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