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Happy Friday my darling dolls! I hope you had a magical week...I shall leave you with my favourites loved these past days, a little something of everything really!! Enjoy & I will see you back here on Monday, I am off to see a Alphonse Mucha exhibition in Glasgow, am freaking out because I have waited what feels like my whole life to see a Mucha piece in real life & I will finally achieve one of my life goals...and it makes me fill up with tears of happiness just thinking about it, to have studied Art History and to finally get to see one my your favourites is an amazing feeling!! I will share all next week...woooooo...so excited :) Have a great weekend!

Loves & loves

♥ Well, you knew Unicorns had to be here sometimes *wink* These Quartz Unicorns are amazing & they come from Unicorn Manor which specialises crystals and all things beautiful and mystical!! I loved the shop and the candles are gorgeous too!! So do check them out!!

♥ As always am obsessed with chokers!! And they seem to have come back into fashion in a huge way. I see more and more shops selling designs of them all the time. These were really popular when I was a teenager many many moons ago! But, my love for them never dims!! These ones from Suzywan Deluxe are amazing, I have one from them that I will take pictures wearing soon and I love it so. These ones here caught my eye, so I think I'll be having a collection soon :) 

♥ Artwork that I loved this week: Jocelyn Valencia is a favourite..her work is so dreamy and unique. She has her own style and it's amazing!! I could just live in her creations, I'd love love love to be painted by her!! Not only is she very talented, she's also freaking gorgeous too...you can check out her website, I adore it, you can see one of my favourites below :)

♥ A friend of mine sent me the link to Jackie Aina's youtube channel as we were talking about makeup and she enjoys her channel, so I had a look and she is brilliant! Not only is she brilliant with her makeup skills...she is absolutely hilarious and real!! I was having a good laugh with this video, it's a must watch!!

♥ And last but by no means least...ALL of this!! Lord knows the world needs it...Let's do...Be kind & love yourselves & others!!


  1. Beautiful post and photos Dear:)

  2. lovely post! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Morning Kizzy! You seem very excited for the exhibit, I do hope u enjoy it! The quartz unicorn is way amazing, I want it! Happy weekend dear, kisses! xo

  4. Good morning doll!! Achieving a lifelong goal can be pretty exciting. Enjoy every minute of it and bring back some pictures please. And as always, I love the quote.

  5. that unicorn is so cute, I want one too. I've always loved chockers too and these looks amazing.

    Love your Friday inspiration post<3

  6. Such a lovely unicorn!!
    Have a lovely WE Kizzy!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  7. enjoy the exhibition this weekend! i'm excited for you! and thanks for sharing your faves for the week. i too am a fan of chokers and that quote needs to be plastered everywhere! love to you. x

  8. wow! enjoy the exhibit! thanks for sharing these. I want the Unicorn Quartz <3


  9. Have fun at the Mucha exhibition and enjoy your weekend Kizzy!

  10. I hope the exhibition is just as amazing as you're anticipating - I've no doubt it will be! :) You know I love your Friday Favourites, mm dreamy...


  11. Have a great weekend. I must go watch that YT video.


  12. What a lovely Unicorn, it is amazing!

    Happy Weekend beautiful Woman :)

  13. That sounds like a fun exhibition. The chokers are so pretty. Enjoy the weekend Kizzy.

  14. Jocelyne Valencia's work is AMAZING. I will follow her by Facebook right now!
    The last quote is truly...
    I hope you'd enjoyed in the musseum and had a nice weekend :)


  15. Woah, beautiful artwork, I love the style! And how cool is that unicorn?

  16. I hope you had a great time at the exhibit. Ooh and the unicorn is too fun!

  17. This is really great! Thanks for sharing.

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  18. Sounds like you had amazing plans over the weekend! Let us know how it went!

    Corinne x

  19. Wonderful links, amiga! Love the quote at the end! Xo, Elsa


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