Merry Christmas Dolls!!

Merry Christmas dolls!! I hope you have a wonderful time with all of your loved ones and family. I know I've been away for along time now, but I shall be returning properly in the New Year and visiting all your blogs soon. Having a new baby and other two children and everything else that I must do just took me away from here and I'm not upset about that as I've loved every moment of baby Lily, she is super and now going to celebrate her 1st Christmas, these are the moments that aren't worth missing as they go so fast!!
But, I will return and maybe just post once or twice a week to make it easy on myself. But, I have missed you all and will bring lots of great things with me as I return. I have so many things i want to do, so it's going to be great - I have piles of outfits to snap!! Eat lots, be Merry and love one another, because that's what this world needs is love and understanding!!

Loves, hugs and kisses

P.S. Comments are disabled, go enjoy yourselves, get off the computers, enjoy the moment in real time, not internet time!!

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