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Happy Monday dolls!! Today I wanted to share a lovely shop that I stumbled upon some time ago called Rosita Bonita. When I first set eyes on her work, I thought it was metal work or something like that, I didn't realise for the longest time that these beautiful creations were made from luxury printed leather. For me, I found that amazing, as I had never seen anything like that before. The vivid colours and designs were so transfixing, I just had to keep looking at them. I'm so impressed how each piece takes on it's own life, the dazzling colours and accents of gold, it becomes almost exotic in vision. You can wear luxury without the luxurious prices. Such exquisite vision and execution has brought these creations to life, that they almost dance on the wearer. Completely striking!
Rosita Bonita was created by the beautiful and talented Rowenna Harrison in 2010. Screen-printed onto leather and cut out to bring it to life so it can be worn on it's very admirer. Her life-long love of drawing and making equipped her to make her vision into reality, one that is both charming and decadent. Finding influences in glamorous fantasies of past times and faraway lands, encompasses realities and dreams. What I love about them is that they are so tangible and they make me want to run my fingers over them and hear their stories as they delight my eyes wearing them. You could wear them on a night out or even for jazzing up some casual clothes. I just love them so!! So, which do you like?? I hope you have a peek at more on her Website, she ships worldwide, so go on and treat yourself *wink* Have a great day dolls.

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  1. They are definitely very unique pieces of Jewelry.

    Have a great Week.

  2. Wow, I can't believe that those are made from leather. The designs are so detailed and whimsical. Thanks for sharing dear!

  3. Happy Monday Kizzy! I dont know this label but already like it! Her work is amazing and she is so talented too. The last pair of earrings are my picks, also loving that makeup look in the image!:) Have a good week ahead, hugs! xo

  4. Great post!

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  5. Sooo amazing! Love all the designs, can't believe that's leather either <3

  6. beautiful
    Thank you for sharing
    New post

  7. Omg these jewels are AMAZING!!!! I am totally in love woth the first set!

  8. WOW! It's so stunning *O*
    I'm fascinated with these pieces...


  9. Sweetest Kizzy, I love all of the fantastic independent shops you find, so cool and quirky. Hope you are all well,

  10. She is a great designer, I love all of these pieces. They are so unique....beautiful necklaces.
    The models are stunning too!

  11. These pieces look so charming and vivid! Love finding out about such talented designers.

  12. Oh wow, they do look like metal! They're fab. Love the style.

    Corinne x

  13. Wow! They really are very beautiful. I think it looks like metal too! I can't believe it's leather.
    Cool post!
    Much love,

  14. They do look like metal and I bet they are so lightweight on the ears. Thanks for the intro. .

  15. Good morning doll! I thank thee for all your likes on my Facebook page. Isn't it the most rewarding thing when you can turn your vision into a reality? Beautiful pictures and creations. Happy new week my friend!

  16. Printed leather?! That's incredible! I particularly like the white collar featuring gold roses - it's SO beautiful :)


  17. These jewels are made from leather? They look fantastic.


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