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Happy Friday dolls!! As told, I am back with my New Year goals, stuff I would like to achieve this year! Mind you, I never really do this, but I thought I would try something new in 2017 & jot down some things I would like to work towards, not in a 'I have to do this or my year will be ruined' kind of way, but just a focus that can be altered or thrown away at any time in the circumstances!! These are blog & life goals, Do you have any goals this year?? Let me know what you think & what your goals might be this year!! 

1. Blog more regularly!! I didn't get to blog that much last year being pregnant and having a new baby, not that I'm mad at myself for that as I'm not, I enjoyed the time immensely and am glad I took the break. But, now I want to get focused again and have more regular posts - including personal style posts, art posts and whatever else I might think to share with you. If there is anything you'd like to see here, let me know :)

2. Read more books!! Ok, so I have a stack of new books and I haven't even opened them. If fact, they are collecting dust, so I need to get reading. I'd like to at least read one book or more a month. I'm a fast reader, so I may be able to fit in more than one. What books have you enjoyed lately?

3. Eat Better & Get outside more. I admit to having a sweet tooth and when you have a small baby getting a proper meal during the day is the great struggle, so I sometimes grab the first quick thing I see which can often be a chocolate bar (But Twirls are so yummy *wink*) and a pack of crisps (chips for my American friends) So, I'm going to go on a break from junk food and start eating much healthier...try to, ha!! Also start my fitness back up. Not to shed weight (before anyone shouts about that) but to be healthy!!

3. I would like to learn Ribbon embroidery! I love this craft so much, so I really want to sit and read more of it's history and learn how to do it myself. It's a great skill to have. I've bought some books and things, so I'd like to get started on that. I'll be a ribbon ninja in no time, ha!

4. Go see new places. This doesn't necessarily mean travel far away, as one doesn't always have the money. But, even just venturing to places I've never been in Scotland itself. Perfect time to do it as Lily is getting bigger and learning all the time. So, I'm going to do some research and make a list. I'll also try and take videos of the places I venture to, so that I can share them on the blog. Also see more art, there is always time to see more art!

5. Be more confident & get out of my comfort zone more. This should be at the top I guess, but that's ok. I've come a long way from where I used to be, but I know there is still room for improvement. I have signed my girls up for classes, so that will make me have to be more forward and confident in myself to speak to people. But, I could do with being more assertive when others say things or when I need something. Also, in taking my blog photos & personal style too, I still tend to get nervous taking pictures of myself, so I'd like to improve & be more confident in what I wear or what I'd like to wear.  

6. Self-care! I really need to do more of this. I keep on top of everything but myself. And as a mother, it's not always easy, but we really need to take care of ourselves better. People in general need to do this. Self-care isn't selfish, it makes you a better person. You can't take care of others properly, if you're struggling yourself. You'll feel better that you did. 

7. Build my blog up!! I don't mean I want thousands of readers to feel accomplished, but I would just like to keep expanding it and also discover new blogs/bloggers to read and befriend! As it makes blogging lots more fun. But, I will admit to wanting to get my numbers to the 'K' category, like on Instagram, purely because my name begins with a 'K' and having '1K' followers will give me a 'K' like my name, hahahaha!! I know, that's silly, but I'm silly *wink*

8. Stop giving my time to people who treat me like rubbish!! I tend to do this a lot as I don't like hurting people, but then I end up taking a lot of people's rubbish behaviour and it leaves me feeling horrid. Some assume because I'm positive and happy most of the time, that it's ok to dump things on me, but it tends to drag me down, so I have to stop making excuses for their rubbish treatment and leave no space for that in my life! Like it says...Stop planting flowers in people's yards, who aren't even going to water them!!

9. Just Be Happy & grow as a person! Yes, if I can accomplish this, all of the other goals will work out in their own time!! Because not many people live each day & can truly say their happy. If I can become kinder, more loving, giving and whatever else that's good & find happiness, love myself & others..then I will be rich & full!! 

I hope you reach all of your goals and more this year!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Loves & Loves


  1. Fantastic goals Dear, great post:)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Morning Kizzy! Love these goals and I do share them too! Lets see if we can do them during the year! U know, Ive decided to embroider again, I only know the cross stich one but Id like to learn more, is very relaxing. Happy weekend dear, hugs! xo

  3. Great post! Have a nice weekend! :)

  4. Lovely goals for the New Year! Self-care is a very important one and cutting out those that drag you down sounds like a very good idea :)

  5. Perfect goals Kizzy!!!Have a lovely WE!
    Kisses, Paola.

  6. Good luck with achieving your goals! #6 & #8 are big for me as well. Happy weekend Kizzy!

  7. great post! have a nice weekend :)


  8. Happy New Year, Doll!! These goals are right on point and I pray you enjoy the process whether you stick with them or not. I like to have rolling goals that I set since I am a work in progress, I like to look at goals that way. I allow myself space to flex with life with 3 children, 2 teens in that mix as well a hubby that travels weekly. This give me freedom and alleviates stress.

    All the best,

  9. Great goals for a SuperGreat Gal, all of which you can accomplish. . .Kudos!!

  10. I absolutely loved reading your goals. You have inspired me too! I love your attitude about things. I also want to work a bit on my fitness, not to change the way I look, just to get a bit healthier. I spend a lot of time sitting down so I think I should work out a lot more to avoid backache. I want to grow my blog as well, not in term of followers but in engagement with other bloggers and sharing more things that inspire me.

    btw I didn't know about ribbon embroidery. I have to try it. I love regular embroidery- even if it hurts my back- but it is so worth it:)

    I'm looking forward to seeing more art and outfit posts on your blog. I always enjoy your posts.

  11. happy new year dear....
    keep in touch

  12. Good resolutions Kizzy! I totally agree with you and I wish you a very happy new year! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  13. Amazing Post! I love what you say and also the Quotes are so much inspiration!

    Happy weekend <3

  14. You are doing a super job. Briging up children well is not easy task and we forget ourselves. I know I did, but they grow and there is time for everything. Start little by little.
    leaving the comfort zone is my best advise. Difficult, but worth it.
    Much love always
    Must meet

  15. I am right with you, supporting you all the way :) Oh, and I agree about read more books - I seem to be falling behind myself :)

  16. Great goals! I like that your goals are real and significant ones. They are healthy goals, that everyone should have in their lives.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Much love,

  17. Wow these are all things I want to work on this year too, except the embroidery thing. Ha!! Hope we can achieve this together dear friend. May God help us do this. Cheers to the new year. :)

  18. Great post dear, I hope 2017 treats you well!!! <3 -

  19. Hey Doll! Thanks for my birthday greets, and for always leaving comments. I have so many things in mind to do this year, but I'll tell you one of them: to go back to reading my blogger friends's blogs and posts. I have been away for so many reasons. Anyway, I hope all's well with you and your babies. Cheers to 2017! xxx

  20. lovely post and lovely new year goals, most of them are in my notebook too!, I think everybody needs to take care of herself and eat healthy!, and don't let negative people have any influence in your life!
    besos & best wishes

  21. I want to be happy and grow as a person too. Having 1k does not sound too bad, although my name does not start with a K. Reading is definitely on my list. I wish you the best, Kizzy. And I like your goals for the blog.


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