Fragments | Christmas Catch-up & Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday - How do you like my light box sign above? So cool :D I've never really done a post like this after Christmas, but I thought I would share with all of you some of the pressies that I received. I love Christmas and I must admit, I prefer giving presents than people buying them for me, I don't even let anyone wrap my presents. I prefer to watch my girls and husband open theirs, it brings much more joy than opening mine. I don't why, it just does. So, mine just stay in their bags in my room and I get them out after Christmas is over. Any clothes I know about as I have to try it on, but other gifts are a surprise. I love wrapping paper and ribbons and all that!! 
So, for today to leave you in the weekend with, here are some of my presents and other things from the Christmas time, I saved other presents as you'll see them in other posts. Wish you a marvellous weekend dolls, have fun :)

Loves & Loves

My Marie Antoinette beret above comes from Beauxoxo, I won it recently, so I thought I'd share that with those of you that don't follow me on Instagram (tsk tsk) It's so fantastic, I love it. I'll be wearing this soon in an outfit post, so you can see it on me, but do check out Beauxoxo because it's fantastic :)

My 1950's vintage needlepoint floral bag, it's so pretty. Have wanted one for so long and now I have one!! Perfect! From a lovely vintage shop called Candy Says - I got a vintage dress with this too for Christmas, will be on the blog soon too!

These next few pictures are jewellery pieces that I received from my Mother-in-Law for Christmas. They are so lovely, can't wait to wear them. Will have them in posts as well, so you can see them on. Love how the light glitters in them. The heart above, I call my Unicorn heart!! :)

My purple velvet boots, they fit so nice, I love them so. Might try and find a pink pair sometime. They came from a shop called Ego, they have some really fantastic shoes on there!!

My new makeup brushes!! Am so in love with them. The handles are unicorn horns and they have little unicorns imprinted on them. So amazing!! I'll have a full post on these sometime later for you to see them better!! They come from Unicorn Lashes and their now sold out of these original ones, but they have an updated version available soon. 

My sweet treat that I like to have every now and again! I try not to eat too many sweets, but I love these. So good!! Usually these come in a box of chocolates with different flavours, but these are my favourite kind and my husband noticed a box of just this kind in the store and got me some :D Happiness!

Family time out at Loch Lomond, wasn't really cold either. Just peaceful and calming. I love it! Definitely worth going to.

One of my new vintage bed jackets that I got. I love it so, my favourite colour and so many ruffles!! I got this from one of my favourite shops Effie Butterworth!! Pictures in them soon too. I have a list of things I'd love from her shop <3

Evening time picture taken in Glasgow on my way to the panto with family. It was a fantastic night and we had a great time!! Everything is peaceful when I'm near water :) 

And last but not least, some beautiful art to leave you with <3 Illustration by Kay Nielsen for In Powder and Crinoline: Fairy Tales retold by Arthur Quiller-Couch (1913).


  1. Everything you received is just so magical and so you! Absolutely in love with the beret, boots and those unicorn makeup brushes, just wowwww <3

  2. Such beautiful presents. The beret is so cute and those makeup brushes are pure magic!
    Have a great day xx

    Tea |

  3. You got some truly fabulous pressies! Your light box sign is TTDF! Happy weekend Kizzy!

  4. In love with your purple velvet boots!!!
    Happy Epiphany!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. Hello Kizzy! Those items are so u! I in love with the light box sign, so cool! And also super love the floral bag (I want one!), the velvet booties and the brushes, I mean unicorn makeup brushes?!! Have a good evening dear, hugs! xo

  6. All your gifts look lovely!! Those brushes look amazing!

  7. That make up brush is just so you! Love!

  8. Amazing! I love the Brushes and the Bag :)

    Happy Weekend <3

  9. Your Christmas presents are all fabulous. The velvet boots, your unicorn heart and make-up brushes are gorgeous. Enjoy!

  10. Yay! I love when you combine a ton of inspiration together - the mint green bed jacket is lovely!

  11. Lovely post!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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