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So here we are, my first fashion post of the year! They were actually taken in the last week of December, but we won't dwell on that. It's been quite dry here and cool, which feels strange for a January. I've actually found it too warm for all the layers I had put on in the morning. But, I won't complain, I love it. I bought this Coco Fennell dress just before finding out I was pregnant with Lily, so this is only the second time I've worn it as I quickly grew too pregnant to fit into it. I was nervous wondering if I'd be able to wear it again, but alas it fits just the same - which I'm thankful for as I didn't want to have to part with it as my oldest daughter had already swiped my heart print Coco Fennell dress. I absolutely love how fun the print & shape is, vintage-like yet modern. 

With that vibe, it led me to style it in the two different ways. One with a fun colourful modern twist and the other more vintage like. The 60's vest I bought from a seller on Facebook, there are a ton of facebook groups that sell fantastic vintage pieces at great prices. I found a local gal selling this and snapped it up quickly. The gold thread design makes me think of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, he was quite a decadent dresser back in the day, so I'm happy I found this gem, I wear it with so much stuff too - modern and vintage pieces.

I have to admit taking pictures of myself again was a little bit daunting as I kind of forgot how to have my picture taken, haha! But, as I was scrolling through the photos to choose, I had to tell myself more than once to just shush that noise because I had done just fine! Sometimes the little voice in our head doesn't reflect truth and we need to hush it and just work it as RuPaul would say! I had fun, which led me to sit down and write a long list of outfits & ideas to work on, haha! I hope you enjoy & wish you a fab day ;)

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Dainty Boudoir: Dress - Coco Fennell ; Unicorn Earrings - I'm Your Present @ Doll Season ; Coat - Ebay ; Vest - Vintage. Pictures taken by Gorgeous Gav.


  1. wow amazing dress and fur jacket:) Fantastic look:)
    Have a nice day!


  2. Morning Kizzy! This dress is simply mesmerizing and it suits u so well! I like how u paired it with the faux fur, a bright yet cool combo. Have a good day dear, hugs! xo

  3. Wow, I love dots and you look fab Kizzy!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.
    My Instagram

  4. Dreamiest dress ever, love the print and fit! You've styled it perfectly too! You look absolutely amazing in all these photos, totally agree with ignoring those doubtful voices <3

  5. What a beautiful dress - both the fit and length are so flattering! The bright pink lips match the jacket perfectly too :)


  6. such cool jacket
    Keep in touch

  7. This polka dots dress is so stunning! It's really amazing and it fits you very nice ;)
    Perfect my doll!


  8. you are a royal beauty in this dress! I absolutely love the polka dot print. It makes me think of flamenco dancers. You know how often flamenco dresses are dotted? Plus, they are always long. Naturally, I can also see it belongs to the sixties...and I do love that era.

    I love both ways you have styled it. The first one - with the vest, brings folklore refrences (something I always love) and the second one with the faux fur makes me think of the eighties...you wear both stylings so well. I have to say I missed seeing your outfit posts.

    p.s. How cute are those earrings!!!!!!!

  9. Love the dress Kizzy. How wonderful that it still fits. It took me forever to lose some weight when I had my son and combined with the love of chocolates I am still blaming the baby weight ten years down the track lol. Hope you had a great Christmas. xo

  10. Haha yes the colorful polka dots on this dress definitely bring Twister to mind ;) How wonderful that it fits you again because it looks amazing on you Kizzy!

  11. Love your pink fUr. It's absolutely gorgeous.


  12. This dress not only suits your playful style but it looks great on you, doll! happy New Year and it's nice to see a post from you. Hope you are enjoying the first week of 2017. xx

  13. Is there anything cutest than you? You look like a candy! Happy new Year princess! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  14. The dress is so beautiful, and it turns magical with the waiscoat and the fluffy pink coat.
    Glad to see you back, my dear friend

  15. Glad you hushed that noise because you are totally rockin' this fun look. I love it with the pink fur!

  16. So gorgeous!! Love that pink jacket so much. I go through the same thing every time I take photos of myself....it's so hard! lol.. Wish I could clone myself so I could just stand there without having to go back and forth to setup the darn camera. Whew...

    Margarita Bloom | Modern Vintage Beauty & Fashion
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    INSTAGRAM: @margaritabloom
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  17. Beautiful as always! Happy 2017!

  18. That dress is everything! <333 Flawless makeup, too! You look stunning, babe! Way to ring in the new year! :D

    - Anna


  19. Amazing dress Kizzy. Do you know that wearing polka dots in New Year is good luck and will bring prosperity? I know you didn't take this photo in January but it's your first post for the year. It's all symbolic. Wishing you a prosperous and happy New Year!

  20. Amazing, i adore your Style! All looks so perfect together :)

    Happy New Year <3

  21. love your dress. Looks perfect on you!


  22. Such a beautiful dress; you look so chic and elegant and that pink furry coat is just too gorgeous. Happy new year.

  23. I Love this dress on you and that touch of pink is just Adorable. Hey. . your face is flawless and the pink lippy is TDF.


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