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"Spring will come and so will happiness, Just hold on. Life will get warmer"...

A lovely Monday to you beauties, I was super busy last week and unable to get to the blog really, but if I am ever not on my blog know I'm always on instagram. Which was just as well because the weather was absolutely terrible and pictures were a no go, which is why I ended up taking these in the house, which is never my favourite as I like to be outside. We're expecting one last blast of winter, but hopefully it will go quickly. Though, thankfully the sun shines in between the cold moments.
I bought these earrings some time ago after I wrote a post about Abbie Gaiger, their ridiculously cute. I had thought they might be too heavy, but actually I can barely tell that I have them on as their so light, ha. Which, I love because I get migraines too easily. She makes them herself, including the colour, which must be seen in real life as these pictures don't do them justice. I'll definitely be getting some more because I love being able to wear earrings without getting migraines.
My choker - which is the Bubblegum Choker is the cutest and the perfect piece to wear as spring comes into bloom once more. I actually won this on Instagram from an etsy shop called Candy Flower, UK based, they make the sweetest accessories for fashion dolls to send world wide! Lots of different chokers, earrings and necklaces to choose from, I definitely need some of the little pom pom earrings, fabulous! 
I hope you enjoy & feel free to check them both out. Have a great Monday lovelies,

Loves & Loves

All Photos taken by Gorgeous Gavin. Please do not use without permission.



  1. Wonderful Make up, the Colors are adorable! Great new Header <3

    Happy Monday, kisses

  2. Morning Kizzy! Both earrings and choker are utterly adorable and bright, love them, so perfect on you! Looking fresh and beautiful! HAve a good week, kisses! xo

    1. Morning lovely! Thank you very much! I hope you have a great week too. kisses! xo

  3. Gorgeous earrings indeed...and I think they match the choker quite well. Your make up is absolutely flawless. This whole look makes me think of spring and unicorns, or in the words of Powerpuff girls: sugar, spice and everything nice.

    You look so beautiful!

    p.s The weather isn't much better here. We woke up to a rainy and cold Monday.

  4. Everything about this look is so magical, I love the matching colour scheme! Beautiful Kizzy, you always inspire me to play around with more colourful makeup <3

  5. Those earrings are seriously fabulous and they coordinate beautifully with that pretty choker and your lovely makeup! I'm so over the cold. I hope it goes away soon and Spring arrives for real.

  6. We too are getting a last blast of winter here! I need spring already! These beautiful accessories you are wearing are sure getting me in the mood for spring though! I absolutely love the earrings! Such cool pieces!


  7. The earrings are super fun. And I love the quote at the beginning. I'm waiting for spring patiently.

  8. I love these colors on you and you look Magnificent!!

  9. What lovely pink details kizzy! They are perfect for the warmer and lighter weather on the way!

  10. I'm loving those earrings, even more if they're light!, You look gorgeous!

  11. These earrings are lovely, Kizzy!
    I love the chocker too. You should definitely go back for more of this style.

  12. Oh those earrings *-*
    Lovely to see this blog is still running :D


    Love from Paris,


  13. I love those earrings, really stunning!
    You look so pretty :)



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