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"I can't think of any better representation of beauty, than someone that is unafraid to be herself"

Hi dolls! I hope the week has started off well for you all, spring is a little behind is some places, so I've been wrapped up and trying to keep warm. But, I know it's always chilly around Easter and then gets better, so I'm not worried. I'll have a outfit post for you on Friday, I was able to get out and quickly take some photos before the rain poured. But today, I thought I would share some fab items that I've been intrigued by lately - 

Top Photo - I'm sure I don't have to say who these beautiful clothes are by, but lately I've really been obsessed with Gucci! I love all the jewel tones and sultry floral dresses. Every season they just seem to top the one before and I never get bored. I would love to have this dress & belt too, it's so ethereal.

Second Photo on the Left - As you know, I rarely wear trousers, but I'd really love a bright coloured suit in either red or green and with the added neck tie it's so striking and chic. Of course another by Gucci, but they are brilliant with colours!

Third photo on the Top Right - Obsessed with colour combinations just now. I was on Pinterest and randomly came upon some and then got hooked. I guess with everything so grey and dreary around here, I am in deep need of some colour therapy. What are your favourite colour combinations? This pink and turquoise is so lush.

Bottom right photo - Lastly, crazy for neon signs again. This time word ones instead of a specific shape. I think it would be so uplifting to come home at the end of the day or wake up each morning to see one hanging up that had something really happy and positive to read like, 'You look marvellous' or 'Go for your dreams' I think they look great in any type of home. I want one in different colours...obsessed.

Well, there you have it, a short post of things I'm finding inspiring lately. I'll be back on Friday with an outfit post to end the week. Have a wonderful day my dears, keep getting inspired by everything around you!!

Loves & Loves



  1. Amazing! I love the Maxi Dress and the red Outfit. :)

    Have a happy Day, kisses <3

  2. Morning Kizzy! Great inspiration, I'm kinda obsessed with Gucci too lately, good finds! Have a good day, hugs! xo

  3. Hi Doll!
    These colors are to die for. Haha! I guess a little lipstick can fix a lot. Great inspirations, Kizzy!

  4. Oh yes Gucci has been so good lately. I've loving the lush jewel tones, retro inspiration and menswear mixed with feminine touches!

  5. Hello dear doll!! 🎀 Loving this post because I am craving some color too with this dreary weather. I wanted to pop by & wish you a happy Easter my love. Xoxo


  6. Totally with you on being obsessed with Gucci right now; they're killing it with their gorgeous, chic designs and prints!!

    aglassofice.com x

  7. Gucci is so in right now and their designs are fab ♥

  8. great inspirations. actually the floral trend makes me constantly think you. that and unicorns.


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