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"Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. Invest in your skin, you're going to be wearing it for a long time"

Since the beginning of the year, I've been trying more and more to use just natural products in my skincare routine. And at the start of winter, my skin became really dry and chapped from the harsh winds. So, I decided to try out some products from a small business called Andrea Garland that I had been following for a while on Instagram. All of her skin are products are handmade in small batches in Hackney, London. The cream I bought, literally got me through winter & all the way through the new year too, so with winter starting again, I made sure to have some in my drawer to be ready.
I've been using this Rose Otto Face Cream (£24/60ml) and it's gorgeous. This is my second jar of it and it lasts for months because you only need so much of it to cover your face. Gorgeous scent without being overpowering as well, perfect for someone like me that doesn't like strong scents. Soaks into the skin instantly without feeling greasy, I even wear it under my makeup as well. It has Rose Otto, Remodelling Intense, Hazelnut Oil, & Alkaline Root packed with anti-oxidants for cell regrowth, toning properties on collagen fibres, to moisturise & hydrate your skin. I really love & enjoy this cream, it calms & cools my skin, really gorgeous! One I'll definitely keep purchasing.

The second product from Andrea Garland that I decided to purchase this time was some lovely lip balm. To extra pamper myself, I bought it from the Vintage Tin Section (prices range from £16-£24 depending on the tin). Vintage tins are re-purposed and filled with a lovely handmade, cruelty free lip balm to help soothe the lips and keep them soft and lovely. These are all different one-off tins, hand poured with their small batch beeswax lip balm enriched with extra softening organic shea butter, protective beeswax, and smoothing sweet almond oil. One thing I usually don't like about lip balms is how greasy or waxy they can feel, but this isn't the case, it sinks into your lips to moisturise them, I've wear mine under and/or over my lip sticks as I use a lot of Lime Crime lip stains and they tend to dry my lips out - especially after removing the lip product. So, this is my go to straight after & even while I'm wearing my lip stick. Enough moisture without being greasy and messy. Just warm it up with the heat of your finger or carry it in your pocket & your good to go. What's also brilliant about getting lip balm from Andrea Garland as you can return the lip tin for a free refill & just pay the postage. This is a fantastic way to reduce our over usage of plastics and other throw away materials that are clogging up the earth. It also smells gorgeous too!

As a little extra surprise, I was given one of these 'Everything is Rosy' tinted lip balms. You can find this tinted balm in the Lip Balm section (£15-£17.50) and all the cases are vintage inspired. You can either get your balm tinted like mine in pink, red or clear. Each of them have a mirror inside to help in application as well, they're so cute. I carry mine in my bag, my youngest loves getting it out and using the mirror to put it on since she's crazy for lipsticks and things like that just now. This is cruelty free lip balm made of beeswax lip balm and just like the vintage tins, you can send these back to get them refilled again and again with no waste! I can't recommend Andrea Garland enough, I'm going to try some other things I've not tried before in the New Year. I also like purchasing products that I feel I am helping the environment with and not contributing to more waste. Luxury shouldn't have to come at the expense of ruining the Earth. So, please do check out Andrea Garland & treat yourself, they ship in the UK & worldwide!! Have a fantastic Thursday dolls,

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  1. Wow even the packaging is so classy! I really like handmade products and these sound just great!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. Yes, it is!! Me too, handmade products are wonderful x

  2. I love handmade products, these products sound good <3
    Kisses <3

  3. Gorgeous finds! The lip balm sounds lovely and how wonderful and sustainable that you can send back the tin to be refilled.

  4. These products are so unique. I don't like greasy products, either. Great review doll!

  5. Natural products are the best, and when they come in such a gorgeous packaging, that makes them even more precious. The fact that the packaging is recycled is a great plus, as I think make up packaging can create quite a toll on the environment so it's great news that some beauty and skincare brands are becoming eco-friendly. I do like the sound of this brand. I'm happy to hear you found this products useful. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Yes they are, these are marvellous. Happy weekend lovely x

  6. Gorgeous Products, i love the Design of the Packaging. The Lip Glos look elegant. :)

    Happy Weekend, kisses

  7. Yes I have been trying to use organic beauty products as well as staying away from fast fashion. Love the retro packaging

    Allie of

  8. These products are wonderful especially if they are natural, handmade products. The packaging are lovely too.

  9. All the lip tins are wonderful - what fun vibes! Thanks for sharing Kizzy!

  10. so cute lip balm tins, and I love the idea of re-using some vintage tins! extra cuteness!
    Glad that you recommend this small business and also glad that their products are so fab!


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