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Wow, I really had to come in and do some dusting since I had been away so long. I actually didn't mean to leave this blog for so long, I sort of over time became numb to it. I didn't feel like going and taking pictures, I didn't want a camera near me, I didn't want to get annoyed with blogger for not saving the words I had typed, I just wanted away from it. I sort of evolved into a couch potato and then became really unhappy with myself. I found leaving easy but coming back harder, one day went by and then another and soon months. I didn't even realize it until I was looking for a link on my blog and checked the last date posted. I got comfortable doing nothing which is unlike me as I have to be doing something creative or otherwise and eventually I just felt unlike myself.
I went to a BTS concert in London on June 1st (post on that soon) and had so much fun that I realized that I wasn't really putting my all into living really. My anxiety was keeping me from doing what makes me happy. I was being too much in my head instead of actually doing the things I was dreaming of. It took a little bit after that to finally get myself going and here I am - back again. I've missed everyone that stops by here, although some of you have kept up with me on Instagram but, I've missed being able to write thoughts out in a more detailed way rather than just a small note on Instagram.  
I've got loads of ideas in mind so, I'm excited. I'll do a life lately post soon too, so you I can tell you more of what I've been up to. I wanted to keep this a tiny bit short, so that I have time to visit all of your blogs. I really appreciate the messages asking after me as well. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Loves & Loves

Dainty Boudoir: Lace dress - Asos ; Earrings - c/o The Happiness Boutique 



  1. I think we all need to take time off from blogging sometimes, then we can come back with fresh ideas. I'm happy to see you again. Sorry I didn't keep up with you on Instagram, I ended up abandoning my account there.

    This is a gorgeous lace dress you have on. You look fantastic dear.

  2. Oh I totally feel you on this post. As you know, I was away for a while as well. I enjoyed my time away, but it has been nice being back. So happy to see that you are back and I'm looking forward to your life lately post. Also, what a gorgeous outfit here!


  3. Welcome back Kizzy! I hope the time away has put you in a better place and headspace. I get it that sometimes you need to take a break from blogging and just go out and live your life. Less screen time and more me time as I like to say. You look fabulous and it sounds like it has done you good.

  4. Sometimes it's just smart to take a break and come back. I tend to take breaks regularly, it helps me to have balance with enjoyment in life instead of stressing about the blogosphere. The true and genuine readers always come back. I totally understand. Welcome back & thanks for your sweet comment, doll! x

  5. It happens to me constantly, I am struggling with my blog, I hate taking pictures and editing them, so I know what you mean! Welcome back kizzy!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. I loved your honesty here! I think we've all fallen into traps of days becoming weeks or months of us meaning to do something and letting time slide away. A break may have been exactly what you needed. Glad to see you back. I'm looking forward to seeing what's coming x


  7. Many bloggers are taking time off from blogging and it is really a Good thing to do. I Love this lacey number on You and enjoy seeing you on the gram too.

  8. Ooh! The two tone lace design of this dress looks so lovely on you!! Hope you're having a fabulous week!

    aglassofice.com x

  9. what a nice photos :)
    do you like to follow each other?


  10. Such a gorgeous look. Beautiful dress, dear


  11. Hi Kizzy,
    I feel the same way about blogging too sometimes. You look radiantly beautiful. I love the lace on lace look.

  12. Such an amazing quote. I completely agree with it. Welcome back and I can't wait new posts. You look so beautiful and your photos are gorgeous.

    New Post - http://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2019/07/1st-anniversary-of-exclusive-beauty_9.html

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  14. I totally feel you because 3 years ago that was also what I felt that's why I left blogging. But it's great that you're here again. Can't wait to see more of your style and looks <3


  15. Welcome back Kizzy! I think a break from blogging can be good. I took one a few months ago, and when I came back I felt refreshed and focused. You look stunning! Have a great week!

  16. I am very happy, because i love your Photos, Inspirations und great Words. Welcome back!

  17. I've missed your fabulousness, your pictures, your words, and I'm glad that you still enjoy blogging and decided to embrace your own creativity!, sometimes all we need is a pause and then we recover our 'mojo'.
    You look gorgeous in lace!


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