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Queen of Swords....A woman like me has a sword for a tongue, night in the heart and room in the body for only the mysterious - the impossible, unfathomable things. Segovia Amil.

Happy Monday cherubs, how was your weekend? Here it was absolutely glorious outside, so I spent the weekend taking pictures and relaxing. Today is a little rainy but, it's refreshing after the heat we had. We're still busy finishing up our house to put it up for sale once these things are allowed to happen, there are a few places we like the look of, so hopefully all will turn out ok. Summer has really gone by quickly for me, I'll be preparing for my girls to go back to school at the beginning weeks of August, it's strange. But, as long as we keep covering up, taking precautions where needed, we can get through this virus. I have a bunch of photos that I need to share, more than what is in here but, they'll get a separate post. 
The first pictures are just me playing around, I like to make silly faces, I don't really take myself seriously. One of the pictures is different to the ones on my Instagram, see if you can spot the difference. I hope you'll find the humour in things this week and the days will be great for you!! For today, I'll leave you with little fragments from life lately....Have a beautiful week.

Loves & Loves

P.s. you can find the shop of my beret on my instagram!

My youngest Lily & her beautiful head of curls!!

My new notebooks that I'll use as journals that I received from my bestie. They are BTS notebooks, inspired by their song Spring Day, which is one of my favourite songs. I'm already looking forward to Spring again, let's just hope it's better than this year's was.

Some new face products that I started to use, I had never tried this brand Wow You Beauty before. So far, so good and they smell amazing. But, I'll give a full review of them once I finish them, these are a sample/travel size box, as I didn't want to buy full sizes having never tried them before.

As the months go on, let's continue to keep on the momentum we started with all the protests, there is still so much to do and fix. 

I won these rose gold earrings from Rain & Star Jewellery, I love anything to do with the stars or the moon, so I was super happy to have won these. Will definitely treat myself to more beauties from them soon! Shop here.

This beautiful was on my stairs, so I quickly took a picture of it before it flew away!!

Beautiful flowers blooming in my neighbourhood. The lady who's garden this is always waves to me every day when I pass by on the school run. She's really cute.

And lastly...learn and know your worth & please please, stop giving people discounts that never give you full price! You are priceless <3

With love from The Dainty Dolls House<3


  1. Very beautiful post, I have fallen in love with those pics of your niece hair curls, earrings and flowers. They really made me smile.
    Have a great day <3

  2. Beautiful photos and inspirations. I love that first collage of you, so playful and fun.

  3. This is such a great post! The photos are amazing
    Thanks for sharing.

    Infinitely Posh

  4. Oh these shots of you being silly are great! And love getting a glimpse of your daughter and yes indeed we do need to keep the momentum up for sure! And yes curious about Wow You, keep us posted and love the nature shots!

    Allie of

  5. Oh my gosh those earrings are adorable! I love huggy hoops right now, I can't get enough of them xo

    Makeup Muddle

  6. What lovely inspiration to start the week. Love the photos of you goofing around. So fun! And your Lily looks like a beauty just like her sweet Mama <3

  7. Hahahahaha i really like you making faces and I love your beret. Now I'll check instagram to see the difference !
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. I love the images, they're really fun! It seems crazy talking about kids' schooling this year with everything going on. Lily's hair is so pretty! x


  9. So many inspirational things in this post! Lily's has beautiful curly hair! I love the rose gold earrings! Wishing you a wonderful week Kizzy!

  10. Making faces is just too Kute my Dear!

  11. Lovely photos of your fabulousness and humour!, and also lovely to read your words and feel inspired!

  12. I love your little pretty fragments dear!


  13. Your earrings are so cute! Well done on winning them. I like your new journals from your generous friend too. I like the fun faces best of all. Have a great week lovely lady!


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