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When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond. That's where your power is...

Though it may not look like spring or summer even outside, I'm still forever drawn to beautiful pastel shades and moods. I guess in some way they've help to lift my mood when there is so much around just now to drag it down. Life is steadily getting back to a new normal but not the same, I just hope positive changes can be found instead of the constant bad news. Finding things I like lately has been more of a challenge but, here are some that I've really enjoyed lately. 

1. Pastel suits - Obviously, I don't wear trousers that often but, I really love suits and this pastel number by one of my favourite designers Marc Jacobs (who replies to me here and there on his personal instagram page - yes, I always fan girl after, lol) It's like a glorious watercolour painting of flowers that you get to wear. I want the whole look - waistcoat, hat and all! It's so lush!

2. Crochet Rings - Especially ones that look like little planets! I was gifted this one from Mini Worlds Rings that I found on Instagram. I love it so much, Lyndsey can create one in any colour and size too. I love hand made things, so I'm definitely going to have more made, haha! I need a collection of mini worlds now!! You can check them out on their Etsy page. You can also see pictures of me wearing my ring on my Instagram page.

3. Mochi Icecream - Hello, I'm addicted, haha! I just end up wanting to eat it all the time if I have some. Usually I buy it somewhere but, I'm actually thinking of giving it a try to making it myself. That way, I can have it any time I wish, even if it's winter outside. There are plenty of recipe books or recipes online at places like Pinterest if you want to have a go at making your own as well.

Have a wonderful day flowers,

Love from The Dainty Dolls House<3


  1. These are lovely items Kizzy! I love pastels too! Pastels colors are so pretty!

  2. I'm not crazy about pastels on me, I think being really pale they often wash me out but it's such a shame because I love how they look on the hanger. That ring is beautiful! x


  3. That is such a positive way of living and definitely something we need to do in times like this. What a marvelous suit. I can totally see you rocking it Kizzy!

  4. That pastel suit by Marc Jacobs is amazing. I'd love to try Mochi Ice cream, maybe I should look up recipes. Miniworlds Etsy shop has some really nice ring design.

  5. Love this trend! Colorful pastel!

  6. This suit looks stunning! I love it!

  7. I completely agree with quote and I also like pastel outfit so much.

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  8. I have no idea what Mochi Icecream is, but it sounds delicious. I love the quote a lot.


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