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As most of you know by now, I'm not a huge fan of trousers & jeans! Well, that’s usually because I find them boring and plain sometimes. I do wear them when I need to clean my house or whatever, otherwise I never wear them. But, when I was younger, I had a floral pair that I practically lived in until they fell apart - so to speak. Why wear jeans that look like everyone else’s when you can have something different!?! Wild Pair have denim with style and character!!! What I enjoy about this company before even looking at their merchandise is knowing they are a privately owned, New Zealand family run/owned business. Started in April of 2004.  They offer fashion forward shoes, clothes and accessories. I've included below some of my very favourite denim jeans, so let’s check them out:

WildPair Website

           Anyone obsessed with wallpaper or William Morris like I am, will love these! I quite adore them!! 
For those ladies that live a colourful life, these are sweet!

For the rock chick in you, love the stud detailing 
Just over the one pocket, it’s unique and makes a statement. 

Of course, we need flowers somewhere & here they are!! 
There are other floral patterns on the site as well. But, I loved 
These colourless ones for something different. 

I really think Wild Pair offer something different and stylish without providing the same style as everyone else. They offer a range of ways to purchase, fair returns/exchange policy and do their very best to ensure you are one satisfied customer. Be sure to check them out on their website,  facebook or twitter pages. They deliver all over the world. And offer free shipping on all Australian & New Zealand orders.

*This is a sponsored post for Wild Pair, written by The Dainty Dolls House.



  1. I can picture you in all of these! I'm not a huge trousers/jeans person either but these are pretty cool xo

  2. The second ones are soooo fun! I went through a phase of only wearing dresses and skirts but since they started making jeans in fun colors I've gotten back into wearing them. I've got a red pair from Primark that I wear all the time..

  3. WOOOOOW! These are definetely different jeans!! I like the first and the last ones!!
    BTW today I've posted about Bohemique on my blog and have mentioned you. Hope you don't mind!! ;-)

  4. these are all great! i love pants that are this unique. i love the studded ones!

  5. i'll take one of each, please! i love the designs on each of these...especially the first + second pair. and like you, i would choose a pretty skirt or dress over a pair of jeans any day! enjoy your day;)

  6. Timbarika, I quite agree with wearing dresses over pants any day, but if it's a must, then let them speak with personality! This is a personality plus selection!! When I was younger we had a chain of stores, carrying similar fashion, named the Wild Pair. Happy to see a family take the similar name and make a fashion mark for another generation. I liked them on facebook, and am following on bloglovin'. Have a beautiful day!! xoxo

  7. I admit, I love jeans and I like to mix them with stilish blouses. I'll check that site of yours.
    Beijos, querida.

  8. Loving these Kizzy! They are jazzy! I want a floral pair!

  9. Well, jeans aren't really my favorite piece of clothing either... ;) But I really do think a pair of jeans and a T-shirt can look really good on people! These ones are cool - as long as they're worn with a plain colored top... ;) xoxoxo

    1. Yes, we are dress girls :))) Vintage beauties! I agree with you...keep it simple. xoxoxo

  10. Great jeans, really nice.


  11. Lovely patterns , I love the second and the black ones with studs :)

  12. These are awesome Doll, love these and love the slight David Bowie reference as well haha!

  13. I have never heard about this label, but with this pics I can say that it's a really great label!!!
    kiss my doll!

  14. That first pair is definitely my favorite! I love the print!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. wow I loved every single piece, so my style.. have a great week

  16. All the pants looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing

  17. My favorite are the black studded ones!

  18. They look so fun!I especially like the black studded jeans...

  19. Hi darling! I really love your blog :) If you want we can follow each other!
    Let me know :)
    Timeless Mode

  20. I didn't know this brand, thanks for sharing!! I love the black studded pair. I appreciate online stores that ship worldwide :-) happy new week sweetie!!


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