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Happy Friday dolls, how are all of we!?! Now, I know you are most likely looking at this wish list and thinking 'I'm not pregnant, how does this list pertain to me'?? Well, I'm not big on maternity clothes, I usually think their ugly and look like big plastic bags on most ladies. So, I decided to have a browse on the interwebs and find maternity clothes that I or most other women would consider wearing even if their not pregnant!! (If you're lost as to what I'm talking about, see my news here)
After browsing loads of sites specifically aimed for maternity wear, I saw an advert for Asos & decided why not and headed to their site! I hadn't really realised that they have a section for Maternity clothes and I was quite surprised by the varied range and prices they offer as well. Lots of pretties on sale straight through to the more expensive items. So, every budget is met and for me every type of style is met as well. Not only do they have dresses as I've picked here, but tops, trousers, leggings and under garments too - everything! And it gets delivered to your door, for me that's a huge bonus because there is nothing less fun than waddling on sore feet around a over-heated store trying to find something nice to wear when all you want to do is sleep, go to the bathroom (for the thousandth time), feel sick or want to eat a whole red velvet cake to yourself *wink* 
I love Asos, my orders always come so quickly and I've never had any problems with them what so ever. Quality service like that is always what makes me return to them again and again. Plus, their sales are awesome too. Like, I said at the start, I picked items that I or other women would/could wear without being pregnant as the sizes start small and go larger - which I think is another awesome bonus. So, without further ado...here are my fave picks!!

{Note: this isn't a sponsored post}

1. Shift Dress with Star Embellishment £55.00 - when I first saw this dress, I thought no way is this maternity...but it is indeed! The sequins and edgy rock n' roll kind of style are exactly what I would wear even whilst not being pregnant and I've seen this style on a lot of gals going out with friends, so I was pleased to find this...it's a definite top fave!

2. New Look Maternity Unicorn Tshirt £9.99 - On most days when I am doing errands, house work & school runs, it is a lot easier to throw on a pair of leggings and a tshirt & of course as most of you know, I would definitely get this tshirt & I do actually have this tshirt, haha! I bought it straight away, it's so cute, especially since I am crazy for unicorns. This one a non-pregnant women might not want to wear unless they have a quirky sense of humour, ha!!

3. Bluebell Maternity Lace insert Bodycon dress £25.00 - I don't have many red dresses and even though this one isn't wild or anything, I loved the subtle details on it. The sleeves and lace design at the top are delicate features that do a lot to make the dress stand out brilliantly. So gorgeous :) 

4. The WhitePepper Lollipop Midi Dress £22.00 - Now, this one one below isn't actually a maternity dress, but I wanted to show this any ways because I love it so and it's in the sale. You don't always have to buy strictly maternity based wear. This dress in the sale is only available in the largest size, now if you were trying to save money and at the beginnings of pregnancy or just a women who's bump isn't that big - this would be a smart option too, because after you could get it altered to fit and not every women goes back to their original sizes, so having something cute & 'you' to wear at the time is a relief! And who doesn't like rocket lollies on their dress!?! 

5. Velvet Skater Dress £38.00 - I'm a big fan of velvet & I thought this was so cute, it reminds me of something my friend Andini would wear, so that's why I chose it. I'd definitely wear this without being pregnant, velvet never goes out of style and you can wear this anywhere - dressy or relaxed. And of course velvet feels great on the skin and many pregnant women get skin irritations as they expand, so anything soft on the skin is a great benefit.

6. Bright Floral Print Skater Dress £21.00 - There must always be a floral dress somewhere - always!! And I have a dress a bit like this in my wardrobe that obviously isn't maternity, so I miss getting to wear it. Floral in the winter is such a tonic to me because I love spring and flowers bring happiness. So wearing this would be a joy. It's bright but not too bright and the pattern is just right. No one wants to actually look like a blimp even if you might feel like one!! So dainty and sweet.

7. Bodycon in spot print with cross front £30 - Crazy for dots! I didn't even think on a dress with this shape for maternity, but the material of this dress is stretchy and accommodates a growing bump. I have a dress like this in pink, so wearing something like this would feel as though I never changed anything in my wardrobe at all. I love it, perfect for going for lunch, church or just dressing up to feel great! 

8. Bodycon dress in funky foil star print £25.00 - Another funky number with stars...this is so brilliant. The colours and design chosen is perfect. You can throw on a jumper and stuff to keep warmer, wear with dress shoes or sneakers for comfort too. It's quite versatile.

9. Embroidered Folk Skater Dress £45 - I chose this one because it reminds me a little bit of a dirndl and I am quite obsessed with those traditional dresses (I will have one, one day) Plus, I love bright colours against black, they always pop in such a fantastic way for me. The top is slightly structured and fitted, whilst the bottom flows freely to accommodate a growing bump or a food belly, haha! I would keep wearing this forever pregnant or not pregnant, it's such a cool dress!

10. Shift Dress with Bird and Floral Embroidery £68 - This dress is on the more expensive side, but these embroidered flowers and birds were too beautiful not to love instantly. I love this colour as well, the whole dress reminds me of wallpaper you'd find in some old château somewhere. A shift dress that will mould itself to your growing shape, could pair it with colourful tights or shoes for work or play. Adore it!

11. Bodycon Dress in Floral placement £24.50 - Last, but not least! This snazzy arty designed bodycon dress here. I have never thought to wearing a bodycon dress whilst pregnant, but this design appealed to me. But, it's a soft touch stretchy jersey and this to me, sounds like it would be quite comforting but not restricting. Some women as their bump grows need extra support as you can get a lot of aches and pains as your ligaments stretch and the idea of bodycon material that is supporting but not restrictive sounds great. Great for working women too, bold but not too distracting in print or colour! And it's blue, I love blue :)

So, there you have it. My little ASOS Maternity list...would you wear any of these designs pregnant or not pregnant!?! Which is your favourite...let me know if the comments! Have a great weekend my sweeties.

Loves & Loves


  1. I imagine you'd be the most stylish pregnant lady around Kizzy, can't wait to see your maternity style, all these picks are so amazing! And I was literally just eyeing up the regular version of that velvet ASOS dress, you know me so well! xx

  2. Morning Kizzy! Love this site too but didnt realize they got a maternity section either. The wishlist u created is awesome, have to confess I wish myself some of those garments, like the unicorn tee, the red dress and the velvet one, those would be also so cute on u! Have a wonderful weekend my dear and tc, lots of hugs and kisses! xo

  3. That velvet and folk dresses are just amazing and I would love to wear them even now when I'm not pregnant! When I waspregnant, I bought only maternety jeans and tried to do my best with what I already had n my closet. Luckly, I love oversized clothes! :)))))


  4. TGIF Kizzy!! Hope you're well and hanging on.
    Loving all these picks. Surely something I will wear when I'm not even pregnant. Love!!
    Have a good weekend.


  5. Amazing selection, lovrely dresses!!!
    Happy friday hun!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  6. OMG that maternity shirt is too cute :) Hoping for a unicorn :) LOVE IT! Have an amazing weekend friend! xoxo

  7. I have a friend who's pregnant. I will recomend this post.

  8. The last bodycon dress is my favourite. Such a pretty style too! xx/M
    Holiday Style

  9. The lollipop dress is so funny and chic! And the other polka dots is PERFECT.
    I used to think that the pregnant's clothes are ugly, but in this moment I'm surprised...
    Have a nice weekend, future mom :)


  10. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. totally loved colors, patterns and embroideries
    Keep in touch

  12. Love your taste. The dresses are not only chic but versatile and great to wear even after you have your wee one. Great choices!


  13. So true that you don't have to restrict yourself to maternity wear when you're pregnant. ASOS has some really cute dress options. I can totally picture you in that lolli dress Kizzy :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. I love them all Kizzy, but the one that is my favorite is the one with the stars (the first one). And the velvet one is too cute!!! Beautiful dresses, and you would look awesome in every one of them! xxx

  15. Such a lovely taste.
    I hope the rain goes away and lets you have a sunny weekend with the family.
    Mil besos from the sun

  16. Beautiful! i am in love with the super gorgeous red Dress <3 :)

    Happy weekend, lots of Hugs

  17. Haha, I thought you were going to say you were expecting then ;)

    Corinne x

  18. Honestly, I can imagine you in all of these...and I'm sure you would rock them. I was planning to say how that 'unicorn' tee is so you and than I read you already got it...so cool:) I'm hoping for an unicorn...very funny one:) The selection is gorgeous and as I said I think all of these would be so perfect for you, but I have a few favourites...first one is that skater velvet dress....I'm sure it would fit you perfectly and it has that romantic vibe I really like....second one is the bodycon one with polka dots....so stunning...and I feel the same way about the floral bodycon one.

    Have a fantastic weekend!!!

  19. Aw! These are so amazing. I can't wait to see how you change but stay fab. Totally excited to follow your prego journey, :)). I love the floral dress.

  20. I love every single piece **

    The Cutielicious

  21. They are all,pretty and stylish dresses. They will look great on you Kizzy.

  22. i guess maternity wear would be a challenge for someone new at, or has not yet experienced, maternity. but i think once you catch the groove it can be really lovely, because not only are the clothes pretty (i love all of your picks!), the person wearing it radiates that pregnancy glow which would level up the entire look. :)

  23. I did not know ASOS had a maternity collection! That is so cool. You know I love that unicorn maternity tshirt.

  24. Ah! These are cute maternity wear! Happy shopping.

  25. These are all such gorgeous maternity pieces! I love that maternity clothing is so fabulous now! That embroidered dress with the bird and floral design is absolutely amazing!


  26. These are such cute styles for a mom-to-be. I don't see why pregnant women should dress in baggy, ugly clothing. I think these finds are fantastic. The first dress would be a great pick for the upcoming holidays! All my best to you!


  27. Hi Kizzy, omg I had no idea that maternity clothes were so beautiful I'm loving all your picks. That "unicorn" tee is so amazing :) and I looooooove the velvet dress. Velvet is always a good idea. Shopping isn't fun nowadays. I think you have forgotten to mention all these awful annoying people doing their X-mas shopping ;-) I hope you're not feeling to bad. We painting the walls and I had no idea that sucks so bad :D Happy Sunday doll!


  28. These are so super cute!~ I especially love the first one and the unicorn tee! Great find Kizzy!!
    June Wants It All - Indian fashion and lifestyle blog

  29. Beautiful dresses! Have a great weekend!

  30. Not sure my comment went through! Anyway, love the one before last shift dress! Much love Kizzy dear!!

  31. OH my God, these dresses are so beautiful, great selection honey. Have a great day <3 Kisses and hugs <3

  32. Wow I just read your news (I missed your posts while you were away)! Super congrats! I agree with you about maternity clothes generally but these are the exception. I love every single one, absolutely perfect. I especially love the stars (often say there should be more star print around) and how fun is the unicorn top.

  33. The black velvet dress and 'hoping for a unicorn' piece are both so cute - your maternity-wear selections are gorgeous Kizzy, they must be so helpful to pregnant readers! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  34. The lollipop dress and unicorn shirt are super cute for anyone!


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